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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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T-bus's tests of moderate DOOM!!!
Collection by: T_bus
These tests of moderate DOOM!!! do exacly what they say on the tin with only minor risks.....
Medium Difficulty Map Collection
Collection by: Seppo
A few of my medium difficulty maps, I add new ones from time to time. Have fun!
My friend
Collection by: Nex
2 Keys 1 exit
Collection by: Inferno
The 2 Keys 1 Exit series has made by me, 0n3-M4n-4RMy Well some of you know me as Kaancak. The way is simple, find 2 keys (mostly button lol ) to unlock the exit, go thru it. Parts will became harder, watch out.
Collection by: Poweno
Thirteen Lucky Hardcore Test Chambers
Collection by: Baby Mays 2015
The Title Explanes Everything
Random Collection
Collection by: Riddick
The Aperture Alphabet
Collection by: waitohooru
An ever-growing alphabetical assortment of stages that guides you through the ABCs of Aperture Science! Current status: 3/26 levels complete!
Cubes and Goo
Collection by: StonewareSlayer
Use the Goo and Cubes together to complete these quick and easy tests.
Collection by: Burixer85
¡La mejor coleccion de puzles que hayas visto nunca!
Enerccio's campaign
Collection by: Moni
Just a collection of Enerccio's maps, to play in order.
Collection by: RedertBubi
I made this in my freetime. For fun. And for testing. Have fun! Ich habe das in meiner Freizeit erstellt. Und für das Testen. Viel Spaß!
Pointless Test Chambers
Collection by: TheGodCraftMaster
This is a collection of some absolutly stupidly pointless test chambers. TRY THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Collection by: Skinny_Chef
A few tests that get longer and progressively more difficult. These are very tedious with several steps, but do not get discouraged. Just work your way through it, step by step. Photo credits go to: (http://www.weightymatters.ca/2012/04/it-doesnt-need-...
Lethal Mazes
Collection by: Tildi1
The Complete Collection of my Lethal Mazes: past, present, and future! Subscribe to get the latest of my devious ideas!
FornaX Air Maps
Collection by: ~Fornax~
A set of maps complete by long aerial time and portal accuracy. These maps are not puzzle type because you will quickly find the way to complete them. The execution of the jumps is the challenge.
Collection by: SCAR <')++<
This is a Collection of my Test Labs
Mad Skillz
Collection by: FanMAN
[EASY] Trigger's Chamber Collection
Collection by: SuckOn
Once or more a week I will be adding more easy level testing chambers to this collection of my own creations.
Collection by: Lasko
Collection of tests ranging from gravity to almost anything. Have fun!
Broken test
Collection by: iroks1
Glados start operaiting but don't kill evryone. Not now....
Xin's Levels
Collection by: Xindaris
All my levels that I've made for Portal 2.
A Load of BS
Collection by: The Tatami Blutspender
A Load of BS is simply a collection of chambers that I created. Most of them use lasers in combination with all sorts of other testing devices.
my maps
Collection by: SycSorrows
All my maps!
Fun with Portals
Collection by: newsuperyoshi
Have some fun with Portals.
Collection by: Diamant
Enigma est une collection d'énigmes très dur à surmonter, qui saura même faire galerer les plus grand comme Dieu, Chuck Norris ou Sherlock Holmes, si vous ne me croyez pas, constatez-le par vous même, digne d'un Portal, ces salles de testes seront tr...
Ex-Stream's Tests
Collection by: Voz
Collection of Ex-Stream's Portal 2 Custom Maps
Collection by: Sato21
Las pruebas que al Joker no le harían sacar su sonrisita al jugar. Solo para los mejores detectives del mundo :D
Collection by: Hex
Креативная и красачная
Eric's Planet Of Doom
Collection by: Breadfish
Well, hello there. My name is Eric as you can see. My collection will basically blow your mind away. Techniquies that will shock you. Brain teasers. If you can find what's wrong with the image, you are on the right way young butterfly. But remember - w...
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