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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Cube Logic
Collection by: ▇ ▅ █ ▅ ▇ ▂ ▃ ▁ ▁ ▅ ▃ ▅ ▅ ▄ ▅ ▇
Description: Using 2 Cubes and logic, try and solve these puzzles. Each puzzle is solvable, so don't give up! Difficulty: Each puzzle varies in difficulty but, people with Portal experience shouldn't have any trouble at all.
easy levels
Collection by: чунга-чанга
3 easy levels
The Doom Files
Collection by: Nexo
The Doom Files are a collection of test chambers Aperture Labs did not dare to put into operation. Act 01 This test chamber (including a precedent showroom displaying the most common test devices used in The Doom Files) was not put into operation be...
Mapa Paja
Collection by: Tomasmate
D: Prueben los mapas, ojala que les gusten.
The Rishi Maze
Collection by: Schweitzer
You are acomponied by your Companion Cube in this series of maze-like levels.
Atlas 23s Workshop
Collection by: MasterSword
Very Awesome
Portal 2 New Maps #1
Collection by: NightAngel
New Maps #1
Collection by: Korris
This is a collection of 2 singleplayer hubs.More maps in the future. In each HUB you must unlock the way and open the exit door. The third HUB map will arrive very very very later this year (it will be a coop map(i hope)).
Collection by: PEGI Cailloux
10 maps sur les faisceaux à particules transporteurs ( l'histoire ce trouve dans les commentaires - même si elle n'est pas si importante que ça )
Collection by: Helena. Chyba mam zawał!
This is epic!!!
Collection by: Chaologist McMinehouse
All the McMS testing chambers.
Windows: iNeed a Reboot
Collection by: ModernME
The games begin.
Ban's Aperture Science Laboratories (Alpha)
Collection by: ONVIA
Ban's Test Chamber 1~3
The Rook
Collection by: Justin Hopewell
The Rook campaign for Portal 2. Can you make it to the top of the Rook? ( Background image by Gryphart - http://gryphart.deviantart.com/art/Sunset-Tower-159113802 )
Companion, franken, cube, turret
Collection by: P-Body + Atlasherman
Well, in each level you either abandon a frankenturret or a companion cube.
Tests Volume 1
Collection by: Bob the Weeping Angel
Don't expect anything hard. All were made by me.
Minute Series
Collection by: bEN
A series of quick test chambers. Feedback is appreciated. :) Harder Series Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=72305674
My Maps
Collection by: MrGrinder
All Maps I made (don't expect too much...) Greetz, Grinder
Umineko no Tiler koro ni
Collection by: Monkeyscythe
Welcome to Rokkenjima, everyone of the Kiwi family. I am serving Tiler as the alchemist-adviser of this house and my name is Beatrice. I was serving him obeying a contract that extended for many years but, today, Tiler sentenced the end of that contract. ...
Aponyture Science
Collection by: Tindall Berry
The fine creations of Aponyture Science can be found right here for your convenience
Cartes de Craesus
Collection by: El Diablo
Dans cette série, des cartes que j'ai " fabriquées ". Mes cartes sont simples, et pas forcément jolies ; je débute en création de cartes. Donc, ce contenu est résérvé au débutants... ou aux autres si ils veulent bien me laisser un commentaire. ...
You're Back, Aren't You?
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
Sort of like a "Portal 3" kind of story.
Alpha Test Chambers
Collection by: ‎‎ֺTEZC | Droidster
My first workshop collection, you will be tested using a range of different obstacles. Still WIP, expect more levels soon!
Pixel Are Still Alive
Collection by: Eul Mad Dok
Map de l'émission Pixel Are Still Alive d'At0mium sur youtube.
Now you're thinking with portals
Collection by: jacob
This is a collection full of things that I will use in my Portal 2 maps
Sewer Rat Mini Maps
Collection by: Sutter Cane
Franken Cube rats infest these dank sewers. Try to escape, or become rat food! These are mini maps with one puzzle each.
Flip These Puzzles
Collection by: Skyferret
A collection of puzzles themed mostly with flip panels. Some are just basic portal flinging from one panel to another, or multiple flinging using more than just 2 panels. Some involve panels, portaling and laser redirecting as well as directing funnels. T...
Three Wolf Moon
Collection by: Shadowstorm
My Three Wolf Moon Searies of Chambers
Collection by: Just Nutty
It is all the creations in one awesome collection it includes Creation,Creation 2,and Creation 3. All of them proboly have different ways to solve them (not sure about 3).Can you find the all in this new awesome collection?
Jacob's First Collection of Meaty Tests
Collection by: Shrodo
What makes this collection interesting is that it's the first chambers I've created. That's prettymuch it.
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