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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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my first collection
Collection by: Alpha_Bag
Hello World!
Hard...ish puzzles
Collection by: supa hot fire
Basically what the title says. Lots of different puzzles. There's some precision jumps and in some places it's pretty easy to fail, so be careful :L
Were Still doing science sir.. Pack 1
Collection by: [SS][AA][TGK]Game Breaker
Think or Die.....Your choice... Contributors liamdudas1 H.rustyfest
Portal2 Maps
Collection by: Shadow X
Portal 2 карты
Collection by: ^5CSS ^0|^7'^4'^1' ^0Vir
Пользовательские карты для Портал 2
Gelocity maps
Collection by: jewish triumvirate
this is the collection of Gelocity race maps.
Thinking with cubes
Collection by: 8MMW
This collection features maps utilising specific tricks with thermal dicsouragement beam redirection cubes.
SDC - Woox Collection
Collection by: WooX
Series of Test chambers Created under the name SDC ( Shin Doctor Chamber )
BuffaloLabs Test Chambers
Collection by: Cowrus
In a alternate universe, you play as Bendy, a lost figure trapped inside BuffaloLabs, a Testing Area inside Aperture. You are guided by the pre-recorded messages of Cave Johnson. Playing level-by-level, you learn more about the physics of Portal 2.
labyrinth collection
Collection by: Quackbar
Collection of Maze and labyrinth levels for co-op
Portal Collection
Collection by: Obladidus
My Portal
Portal 2
Collection by: elgamer3333
Day P
Collection by: LoLVix
The serial Day P It's been a long time of cooperative actions.
Test chambers
Collection by: Matt1221
This the collection of all the test chambers in my workshop enjoy
Collection by: Fresh Prince of Thin-Air
Different gamemodes to be played in co-op like the classic board game of checkers or a dangerous game of deathrun. Hope you like them!
Subject 907
Collection by: teddyinpain
Subject seems to be ready. Let's test its abilities, before sending it into the deep.
Henrys sexy beast
Collection by: RiVaL
Widget's Chambers
Collection by: JamesUrlJones
The Dawn of a New Era in Personal Computing
Collection by: UbuntuRox104
Welcome to the collection... This is a map series used for a movie I'm making called An Infringed Replication: Replication Aftermath (Formerly Portal 2™ : The Replication . Journey through the Aperture Science Joint Jason Farms Computer Aided...
Portal 2 Collection I liked
Collection by: BuzzerMan
No need more description.
Collection by: KirkBerkley
These puzzles require you to use some special tactics to get cubes where you want them. Designed for people who have played through Portal 2 and are looking for a bit more of a challenge.
Singleplayer Games
Collection by: Metal Flames
This is my Portal 2 Maps i made there awesome
Test Test
Collection by: Axis Angles
Test Test
My Editings
Collection by: GLaDOS
These Maps are ether edited by me (for other user/subscribers/whosoever) or simply made by me! Check them out. They look nice!
JimBaub's Multiple-Choice Collection
Collection by: JimBaub98
This is a collection that will include all of my multiple choice chambers aswell as some others from good creators. NOTE: YOU WILL NEED BEEMOD TO PLAY MANY OF THESE CHAMBERS; IT CAN BE DOWNLOADED AT http://portal2backstock.com/bee/ ------...
Collection by: RaptoR-X----NL
My maps (the good ones that is)
Collection by: Someone
This is a collection showing my maps. My first test-making experience was Aperture Complex Testing Section, a mappack with vast and deadly spaces, ruled by the Sentient Cloud, which would have 10 maps, the last 3 made in hammer. However, the maps had so m...
Clockwork Companionship Saga
Collection by: alancach
Halls and chambers, roads and goo, what would be, without companion cube? As time passes, chambers move, and gears and pistons all should do... Likewise clocking tick-tack-toe, and the trolls are coming too Any way, no matter case, all you want i...
Evaniar's Coop Collection
Collection by: Evaniar
Collection of maps I play with my friends and some solo maps.
portal 2
Collection by: (TWoN) Simply a table
portal 2 stuff
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