Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Boot Camp by pupdad
Collection by: pupdad
This Is My Map Series Called Boot Camp.
Big Boys
Collection by: GhostMonk
The collection of my Big Boy levels.
the ten easiest tests in the world
Collection by: Wheatley «ṽ⁞ẅ»
Collection by: Rctl_Pontificator
Trick or Escape (Complete Collection)
Collection by: [CG] SpeedDemon1813
The Ultimate Collection of Chambers That Will Keep You Guessing and Guessing, Want a Challenge that is both FUN and TRICKY, well this Collection is For You, Have Fun and Remember, Play The Game, Don't Let It Play You More Chambers To Come: Part 3 / Pa...
Amazing test
Collection by: extrem
RincrizZ Laboratories - Collection
Collection by: RincrizZ
The collection of the RincrizZ Laboratories maps, more will be added...eventually. There is no real story or order these maps go in but they are just for fun...and for science, you monsters.
P2 coop
Collection by: cheti M: skinne/keysi jne
Portal 2
Collection by: CalvinTheClown
Jammy's Map Collection
Collection by: ©GoG©|Jammy
Collection by: BennyBenz
A collection of chambers
Simple Test Chambers
Collection by: The Gaming Turtle
Just two pretty easy maps. This is my first upload and maps made. Hope you enjoy!
Epic Stuff
Collection by: Laike Sadler
New Aperature
Collection by: MaS
Arty's: Portal 101 Course Collection
Collection by: Artist[syn]
A collection of my single-player test chambers. 4 introductory course themed chambers and a final exam reusing core skills required by the first 4 chambers. Great fun!
Traps Traps
Collection by: lingtau99
The title pretty much says it all.
Dunk Patrol
Collection by: Pepperpwni
"Dunk Patrol" is a series of competitive multiplayer levels. Each level challenges you to be the first one to launch your cube on a faith plate at a button to exit the level.
The Claustrophobic Chambers
Collection by: The Jester
A few short chambers I built using the In-Game editor.
Portal: A second Look
Collection by: LawlTrev
My first basic collection of a few test chambers I made that I like. Hope you enjoy.
Collection by: TJP PrychuRecords
"Sneak skill" is a series of maps consisting of ten episodes, where it counts the perception, reflexes, ability to retract and jumping.
Pack Peak ended maps
Collection by: PackSciences
What I've done and which was a success. A real peak.
PackSciences likes
Collection by: PackSciences
What I really liked as a French Portal 2 player.
Young Talent Pack
Collection by: PackSciences
When there is young talent that needs more likes to progress.
Collection by: ModernME
This collection are remakes, redo's, and original maps. The Enrichment Center has looked over some plans that were built a long time ago. Looking back helped them reconstruct what was lost and moved to the future. This collection is powered by the ...
This is Aperture
Collection by: mud one
nein... die Quantität eines Add ons haben sie noch nicht.
Portal 2
Collection by: iamcreasy
My Portal 2 Picks
Collection by: witchbeast39
The COMPACT Series.
Collection by: BasRIN
These are confusing outside the box thinkin maps. I like to call the COMPACT maps anyways good luck on your journey!
Collection by: tomoyodai
Fun House (Co-op)
Collection by: Basking_Boomer.LS
Puzzles with a fun-house theme, medium difficulty, and usually dangerous. Design: My first round of co-op maps, second round overall; playing with button and switch mechanisms.
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