Portal 2
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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: ricardo.amadera
fase 1
No Time To Think - All Chambers
Collection by: Night
No Time To Think is a collection of maps that were made especially to test your reaction.
Der Begleiter
Collection by: micky_schwarz
Allen Testern viel Spass #BEEmod #StyleChanger
Portal 2 Custom Test Chambers
Collection by: Druark
This is a collection of all my Portal 2 Test Chambers I have created using the ingame editor, remember any and all comments are welcome as long as their constructive and not just "argh this sucks" or something similar, make your comments helpful for me to...
Aperture Gel-Laboratories
Collection by: Schnipfl
A testing campaign about gel... and lemons.. no wait.. just gel actually.
Teach Your Children Well
Collection by: Narcoleptic Canine
A series of simple levels I built to train my children on Portal concepts and gadgets.
Sums Chambers
Collection by: sumlovinclut
Start off very easy, gets more difficult as they go.
Redirection Madness
Collection by: nintendo.erk
the same rooms with minor modifications changing the puzzle :)
Complexity set
Collection by: Yotara
Complexity set of Portal 2 test chambers.
Just One Laser
Collection by: CC | Proρhϵτ
A Laser, some cubes and relays. That's... about it :D A collection of easy test chambers I'm still creating. Same base : a laser. Maybe too easy, maybe not... Subscribe to know ! :P
Advanced Companion Retrieval
Collection by: simoncrown
A set of advanced chambers to put together some of the neat things I've learned through the Portal community.
The P.O.I.N.T.
Collection by: Ale
One day I asked to myself: what would happen if someone took "Narbacular Drop", mixed it with "TAG: The Power of Paint" and then added a couple of mechanichs from "Portal 2"? Few months later, I answered that question with: The Power Of Innovative Nar...
It's All Live
Collection by: Ale
This is basically a complete remake of the Xbox 360's addon for Portal 1 called "Portal: Still Alive", which also contains slightly modified maps from "Portal: The Flash Version MapPack" "So, it's nothing new..." you might think. Well, even though I tr...
Mini Chambers
Collection by: Zhayd
A series of chambers that don't exceed 3x3x3 in size.
Rocket levels
Collection by: EBhero
Hello everybody! I create a collection of levels using: rockets! How to got the rocket launcher: 1. Go in the develloper console 2. Make the command: sv_cheats 1 3. Make the command: bind c fire_rocket_projectile Now, when you gonna press c, y...
Portal 2
Collection by: ccosgrove65
Wolf Vocies Gaming Mappack
Collection by: YNPxGreyxWolf
Collection Of Custom Maps
Collection by: James Corton
Collection by: Martini-LoZ
Collection by: ArrowFlint22
I am making the ocrown series in a pack for every part of it that comes out!!! :D enjoy!!!
Stug Collections
Collection by: Stuggernaut
Aperture Science Testing Track 01
Collection by: Timcan2904
test pack
Collection by: ArrowFlint22
This is a pack of test that I made where you have to solve tests that I make!!! ENJOY
What's Co-Op?
Collection by: re Solus
(Description of collection)
Pensando con Portales
Collection by: IronicRoyale
Noob tests #1
Collection by: Máfy
My firts collection of easy test chambers. I hope you'll like it.
Evil:Tests from Hell
Collection by: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
All over again
Collection by: The X-1
We start our science project again. Get ready for hardcore challenges! Also, we recommend play this chgallenges so long as you can and think before you do sth. 12+
Collection by: Prezombie
Next Doors Tiger (NDT)'s Test Chambers 1 - 10 (P0RTAL 2)
Collection by: Tigerrea18
Well, Well, Well, Well-come to my lair! So, you think that you can take on my test chambers? Bwhahaha You probaly can! But, still in part 1 - 10 of most of my FIRST test chambers you must tackle... - Well err... I've forgotton.... -Cubes! ...
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