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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Kolekcja map by Jozko
Collection by: jozko15_pl
Tu są wszystkie moje mapy(komory testowe). Miłego grania!
Tricky Collection
Collection by: Miiika
The combined maps of the two mappers m¹nd and Samus2! Until now: 4 great maps. These should bring you a lot of time puzzling. Try to find the right way to the exit. Cake may be at the end ... ... everyone likes cake!
Sherlock's Puzzles
Collection by: Leeroy Jenkins
This is the puzzle that even Sherlock Holmes can't solve, so good luck and have fun!
Logic Tests
Collection by: Jimmy T. Malice
A series of tests that are focused on solving a puzzle in a room rather than traversing it. May contain fizzlers.
Le sujet de test
Collection by: loto974
Un sujet de test est surveillé par GLaDOS dans des salles de test toutes plus sadiques les unes que les autres. Mais savez-vous qu'en cliquant sur "S'abonner", ce sera VOUS, le prochain sujet de test ? Aperture Science a besoin de volontaires, mais malhe...
Shane's Collection
Collection by: shane716
The greatest exhibits of all time
Collection by: The Unlocked
This Gallery presents the greatest of all of the exhibits in the one and only multiveral greatest museum of all time.
Collection by: Wheatley36
All of the chambers are tall.
Test Chamber Collection
Collection by: CaptainJoeCake
A small collection of Test Chambers i have made. Nothing to big or challenging, but should satisfy you.
5 Logical Tests
Collection by: Freeburger
Starts with a few simple tests, but some people might find the last one's kind of challenging. Good luck.
Collection by: Graysinn
Rescue the Companion cube from the re-animated remains of Aperture run by the Turrets!
Portals o' Fire
Collection by: Firefox365
Collections Of Cutom Portal 2 maps by Firefox365
In sane test's 1-10 and 50
Collection by: T-38 (Akulze Warbird)
Th is is my first collection There are 9 more level's on the way!!! The test's that have "easy" on them don't count though!
The Quest of Pancakes
Collection by: Pancake Obama
One day you woke up out of you're detention chamber wanting a gigantic stack of pancakes. Normal testing chambers will not get in the way of you're desire. You will find those pancakes and complete you're destiny!!! IF APERTURE LIKES IT OR NOT!!!
Diversity Mappack
Collection by: ColorCubeMan
A mappack containing 4 tests in which the player will solve some GLaDOS chambers, escape from her facility and explore the old Aperture Science.
Open The Door 1&2
Collection by: MasterSword
Very crazy......There are 2 levels in this mappack and both you have to open 1 door.....Its simple! >:)
Enerccio's campaign
Collection by: Moni
Just a collection of Enerccio's maps, to play in order.
Linkuss's Chambers
Collection by: Linkuss
These are my test chambers. Not the more awesomes you'll ever seen, not the hardest either. But I think they are quite good anyways.
Tests The CatWorld
Collection by: The CatWorld
Ensemble des salles de tests à description "Salle Suisse."
Your In jail
Collection by: Portal 2 GLaDOS
Your In space jail You must Excape! but how???
Collection by: stremfighter
Collection by: LoggOff
Its a bunch of test chambers. i will add more when i make more!
Collection by: -=DFG=-CoreFu$ion®
Collection by: G0LÐÊN §1LVËR
The Defi series is full of gauntlets. Sort of. Well... I really don't know what you would call them, but they are what they are.
Collection by: macman1111
Collection of my favorate maps
Collection by: StephenC
This is a collection of my favorit maps by other users.
Samuel's Test Chamber
Collection by: Handsome Samuel
This Is a series of my Test Chamber,It call "Scarlet's Test Chamber". Any test have a Introduction about that Test what use and need to Carefully In That Test. In my Test,have Fun Mode Test,Serious Mode Test and so on... Any test have different Dif...
Collection by: [GWJ] kexx
A series of chambers drenched in darkness. Use the cues to help you navigate and finally exit!!
shoop's maps
Collection by: TheAndy9297
Missle Anus
Collection by: PolarBear
It's just stuff
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