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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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A3600 Testing League
Collection by [EqDI] Tempered Steel
Welcome to A3600 Testing League! Slate Johnson, the Grandson of original founder of Aperture Psygnosis (AKA Aperture Liverpool), is holding a contest to all test subjects willing to match their wit and speed. The goal, reach the exit in the shortest amoun...
Memory Loss
Collection by Kanade
Memory Loss maps.
Fun Portal Contests
Collection by Nino7771™
This Test Chambers are for having fun with friends or with yourself... Some of the tests are only co-op
Collection by zoomer d. duck
NASA-Test-Area (NTA)
Collection by PoThEaD
We from the NASA wants to test whether you are suitable as an astronaut. Are you ready for the challenge? This collection includes a lot of Maps, and new ones arrive constantly. So please check out this Collection, we hope you like the testchambers. -...
Caroline's Mind
Collection by Unknown Scientist
Aperture Science Innovators. While all the center is testing, there's a woman, thinking of test chambers to create. She writes her ideas on a book and hide it somewhere in the Aperture Center. Her name: Caroline. Many years later, the Aperture Laboratori...
The Pokemon Project
Collection by PlainsPraetor
sargantana (1)
Collection by sargantana
Collection by Collin_patrick
Test Collection: Gold Eition
Collection by Hellbender228
Collection by pwdyson
first collection
Dragoon's Quick Draw: Mini Series
Collection by Dragoon
Do you have a portal gun? Do you have long fall boots? Do you have the will to left and right click the mouse? YOU ARE HIRED but if you said no to one of these YOU ARE FIRED! The exit door is twenty feet to your left just past that massive hole in the gro...
Lambda v2.0
Collection by Łαđұ Łαмвðαðєłтα
Lambda's back and it's time for 2.0. Can you do it again?
Portal 2
Collection by Dank Beets
Stuff that I have made for Portal 2.
Perpetual Testing #1
Collection by scipioafricanus
A few rooms selected for use with the Perpetual Testing Initiative.
Near's collection
Collection by Near
Welcome to my collection of Portal 2 test chambers. Included is an eclectic collection of puzzles and challenges of varying difficulty.Thanks for reading and thanks for playing my creations!
Collection by FrozenStriker
This collection shows how portal 2 maps would have looked like in the past
Fontys GD&T GLD nj2012
Collection by luque'
Portal 2 levels done by students of University of Applied Sciences Fontys
rcmero's Mazes
Collection by [EP] rcmero
This collection includes all my test chambers created with the help of the Lab Rat program, which can be found here: http://www.kyleschouviller.com/labrat/ I recommend using this program if you need a first aid when creating chambers, as it creates ...
The Jumper
Collection by OWL
My collection for everyone :D
Aperture room
Collection by Check™
My collection of rooms where the style of Aperture. Here you can find the rooms quite complex and interesting. There will be a large collection of maps for both co-op and single player. It all depends on you. Good luck with the passages made!
Drowning Cube
Collection by Undies!
Portal Test Chambers: All Tests revolve around a 'Drowning Cube'
This might be slightly hard
Collection by Lord William J
I'm trying to push the boundries of portal 2 test chambers
Onimia: map collection
Collection by Beepity-boop
My favorite maps!
Collection by ApertureRiot
This is a collection of my favorite maps I've made so far. Some took days to make, others were happy accidents, and yet others were made exactly the way I intended them to be.
Metaconscience: The Return of Caroline
Collection by UbuntuRox104
This is not an end, not a road taken. The test is now over. Reality takes over. My metaconscience is trapped in eternal darkness. There is only one who can save me. I now depend on you, science Crock Pot'. Fate rests in your hands. Help me from my ever li...
Collection by VisualBacon
Large Port 2 Testing chambers.
Ceesers Testkammern
Collection by Ceeser
eine Sammelung von Karten, verschiedene Ziele, möglichkeiten und Objekte.
Flight Of Fancy
Collection by Le_Serenite
I introduce my works of Portal 2 chambers. This works i done because of most boring maps in workshop. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to Subscribe and i bring to this collection more interesting chambers. Thanks to Valve for this tool that i can rea...
Collection by BANSTRI - Oscar Nominated
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