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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Testing Initiative T94
Collection by timmc94
Aperture Science Testing Course T94 is comprised of 20 chambers, placed in an order that is meant to progressively get more difficult as you go on. Many of the chambers share characteristics that can help you anticipate the solutions, yet every course is ...
Underground Ideas
Collection by Vikent8
Looking for idea for your Portal 2 new-awesome-great-wonderful map? Well, Underground Ideas is perfect thing for you! Here you can learn some new things for Portal 2 Puzzlemaker. - requires BEEMOD
Escape from Aperture
Collection by Anachronistic ALLOS
In another multiverse, you are Mark Bendest, a test subject who volunteered at Aperture for an experiment to turn people into three-dimensional manifestations of two-dimensional figures. Wheatley has just broken you out of stasis, under the glaring eye of...
Rise of the Turrets
Collection by Samwich
testing contines in the enrichment centre after the events of portal 2 but behind the scenes rouge turrets and franken cubes are up to something... easter eggs in every level (or side quests)!!!
Collection by [Ps:Mel] Lpfreaky90
New Beginnings
Collection by dragons1blood
My first chambers.
From underground to surface by Ashkore Dracson
Collection by Shadow
Just gathering the maps done by Ashkore Dracson, entitled From underground to surface.
Collection by shitassm
Welcome to Aperture Paranormal Science. APS LABS. Scary Powers.
Co-op Adventure
Collection by VOX_43ab
This collection includes the three parts of >Co-op Adventure< maps. Awesome testchambers with secrets.
Collection by Just Nutty
It is all the creations in one awesome collection it includes Creation,Creation 2,and Creation 3. All of them proboly have different ways to solve them (not sure about 3).Can you find the all in this new awesome collection?
Security Protocol feat. R03|\|793|\|U5
Collection by UbuntuRox104
Security Protocol ----------------------------------------------- SECURITY PROTOCOL ENGAGED Please note that all Aperture Science employees must evacuate within the 6 minutes of warm up. All neurotoxin generators become fully operational after every...
The Lambda Cooperative
Collection by Łαđұ Łαмвðαðєłтα
The Lambda Cooperative is a collection of testing chambers designed for two players by the Lady Lambdadelta herself, creator of such singleplayer chambers as "The Lambda Chambers", "Lambda v2.0" and "Squarefall".
Conversion fun
Collection by ĐĖĄĎМĂŊ
Fun COOP Maps
Collection by Parker
Sewer Rat Mini Maps
Collection by Sutter Cane
Franken Cube rats infest these dank sewers. Try to escape, or become rat food! These are mini maps with one puzzle each.
Catishcat Labs Tests
Collection by _-_Catishcat_-_
// Here are two + one (I can not say this stupid number) tests. Tests: Test 1. Test 2. Test 3. //
The Humans are Dead
Collection by Eruiongyll
Xydium Industries
Collection by Xydium
This is a short collection of maps I will be putting together over the next few days. Your primary objective is to complete the tests and escape the facility! Play this set of maps Hardcore Mode (Death = End of map playthrough)
Somewhere Underground Episode One - Broken Aperture
Collection by Vikent8
Well, you are here again. Again with GLaDOS. Testing again. But Aperture Laboratories has changed... -Requires BEEMOD
Collection by Solid Jim
These maps aren't particularly lengthy when you know what you're doing, but you may find yourself needing to re-examine the way some testing elements interact. It is effectively a "best-of" selection of my test chambers (in my opinion; yours may of cou...
A Companion's Tale OPEN BETA 2
Collection by Spitfire19
On this 12 part adventure you meet a friend and go along with and adventure with it. Who knows what will happen by the end of the adventure?
Onimia: CO-OP
Collection by Beepity-boop
New maps will be done soon
Legacy one
Collection by colinob77
just starting let me know what you think
Alphabet Tests
Collection by Twotlet Sprekle
26 tests, one for each letter.
Flip These Puzzles
Collection by Skyferret
A collection of puzzles themed mostly with flip panels. Some are just basic portal flinging from one panel to another, or multiple flinging using more than just 2 panels. Some involve panels, portaling and laser redirecting as well as directing funnels. T...
App Labb Originals
Collection by MrMarkeyMark
The best roller coaster collection Portal has ever seen.
ExoLab - The dark side of Aperture Laboratories
Collection by Fatalys93
Una raccolta di 9 test di facile-media-alta difficoltà! Sia single-player che co-op! Divertitevi!
The Power of Two
Collection by Herr Warthog
Co-op maps Still under developtment, but working.
Three Wolf Moon
Collection by xox KG xox
My Three Wolf Moon Searies of Chambers
PeTI Test Cycle 06: Excursion Funnel
Collection by TestSubject069
Dear [Subject Name Here], So the way this multiversethingamajig works is that in some universes gravity pulls people onto their ceilings or where Sentry Turrets shoot lolipops. Having said that, on Earth Prime, Asbestos is harmless. Now we may have gotte...
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