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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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My maps for Portal 2.
Collection by: FMYury
Testchambers for Portal 2 :)
Test levels
Collection by: 战神
This folder contains all the intro levels and test levels.
So much test
Collection by: Ascheriit
Début de création de salle =)
Lil' Gideon's Collective Collection
Collection by: Lil' Gideon
This collective collection collectively collects all of my (Lil' Gideon's) Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Test Chambers. Portal, bounce, speed, and fly through (CHAMBER AMOUNT HERE) exciting test chambers!
The Great Disaster -The KING Turret
Collection by: Pingas Man
When chell go and pass 70 years GLaDos was replaced by the evil King Turret. He gets started killing much test subjets, you Wake up by Frankencube a cube Core He is something like Wheatley...b -Complete 7 Test chambers and 7 parts *One part have 2 te...
Co-op master collection (m-trex' pick)
Collection by: m-trex
Collection of collections of co-op maps, simply click "Subscribe to all" to get them all. Let me know, if I missed a collection.
31 октября
Collection by: 31 октября
Коллекция содержит только мои собственные карты.
from the desk of the co-captain
Collection by: captn_g
1396 pt 2
Collection by: captn_g
1396 pt 2 collection - Portal 2 co-op
Stage 2
Collection by: Alioth
This collection contains more pretentious levels. The solution is hidden and you have to be tricky to find it. Enjoy. Diese Kollektion enthält schon anspruchsvollere Level. Die Lösung ist meist versteckt und du must trickreich sein, um sie zu ...
Enter the 36 Chambers: Part 1
Collection by: ThatChapFromUpstairs
Solutions available here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTSA0eBSMMAKMlDGotVvDW_oCsRQZJX5K Feedback would be much appreciated.
Collection by: FrankTheTank
Plorta Test Chambers
Collection by: It's0wen [mage]
My Collection of hard as buts Plorta Test Chambers (made with Bee Mod)
Robo Riot!
Collection by: Sarcasmateur
That idiot, CAVeDOS, is running Aperture Robo-Science into the ground. The leader of the Robot Resistance, GLaDOS, has tasked you, her second best team of agents, with eliminating him. To reach his chamber, you'll need to head through his personality pr...
Collection by: BEN
Hello fellow test subjects! I'm making a collection of all of the minigames I make. If I have 2 designs and have enough room, I'll probably fit that right into that test chamber! I'll try to keep the difficulty balanced. If I could do that. I don't have a...
Portal 2 Minecraft Maps
Collection by: Szczur Gutek
Collection by: Miimaster
Hurricane Chell(HAhahahaha) left milliond of Companion cubes without a home. GLaDOS now want's to get rid of them. Help save The Companion Cubes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before it's to late. Part 1 Finished Part 2 Finished Parrt 3 Being Tested By YOU!!...
sp_80s [Original Collection]
Collection by: Ultiman9711
This is my Sp_80s collection. This collection will include all installments of the series, from part 1 to the epilogue. The basic premise is, GLaDOS has a ton of random tests for you to clear so she can get rid of them. Part 1: You make your way thro...
Collection by: Dr. Mike
Big, grandiose, but with purpose! In-game editor used for all maps, but pushed to the limit. Play tested extensively in an attempt to eliminate any easy shortcuts or spots you can get stuck. Threw in some artistic quality and tried to make them somewha...
[Coop] Work Together Collection
Collection by: 1'or'1'='1
Work Together Collection by Nexus A collection for coop with Cave Johnson!! Old Style MOD + HMW MOD Reflection Gel used. Enjoy :) Part 1 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=102304913 Part 2 Coming Part 3 Coming Par...
PC Gamer: Best Portal 2 Singleplayer Maps & Campaigns
Collection by: Aradalf
PC Gamer's top Portal 2 singleplayer maps and campaigns, available here: pcgamer.com/2012/11/03/the-best-portal-2-singleplayer-maps-and-campaigns
Platform Pack
Collection by: Haraigoshi
This level pack tests your platforming skills. I will update with new levels. They will get harder the further you go. Prepare for walljumps, and jumping around corners ;)
If you're bored.... Play theses.
Collection by: MAAStheHOSS
A bunch of chambers I made to give me something to do. Yes.... I am that bored.
Momentum: The Test
Collection by: revrad65
This is a series of Test Chambers that I made which demonstrate advanced Portal momentum techniques. To advance through these levels, you will usually need to find a way to put a little extra "oomph" into that "double fling" of yours. Of course, not all o...
Rei's best Portal2 Chambers
Collection by: Reiman
Each map has it's own charme and if you got their clue, you know why the title tells you so. They are not cheaply done, tested well and if you think you stuck - that never shall happen - please leave a comment and I will give you a hint to get further. M...
[SP] Laser Collection
Collection by: 1'or'1'='1
Hi YES. It´s a collection about lasers. Enjoy. Laser Funnel Laser Bridge Laser Catapult Laser Fizzler Laser Conversion Gel Laser Bridge 2 ★Laser Turret Laser Intro
vbear2000's Collection of Testing Chambers
Collection by: Nihctook
Collection de kevin052000
Collection by: Destiny Modopro
Tout plein de salle de test
High security jail
Collection by: Xue Fang ツ
The highest security jail in the world is making a test to find failures in the security system. The good news is you will find failures, The bad news is you will go on place, alone, make a complete check up. -Good luck-
$ Test Luxary
Collection by: SlothByDefault
It's just one chamber thogh... and its pretty basic... but you'l allways have one more room to try :)
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