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fun puzzles
Collection by Marthtwo
these are my first 5 puzzles i made starting with the maze of death, death row, tower, high times, and death falls(a fun just walkthrough kind of puzzle no thinking needed well not alot) and yes im making more just thinking of ideas
Crafterman's Lab Test Chambers Series
Collection by CraftedPbody
My Series of Test Chambers (single player)
From underground to surface - by Ashkore Dracson
Collection by Jay
From the very underground to the surface.
My Best Levels
Collection by Russty
A collection of my best single player and co-op levels. Not as good as anything done in hammer, but I am proud of them.
Paranoia Collection
Collection by Over8001
Looking to get scared? Don't worry, you're in the right place. This series of test chambers is designed to keep you looking over your shoulder as you traverse dark, ominous passageways, some of them innocuous, some of them... a little more than they see...
LucasSM16 Map Collection
Collection by Darius Vulkius
My collection of maps! Are you ready to play it?
Somewhere Underground Episode 2 - Parallel Universe
Collection by Vikent8
Ready for test? Go ahead - to the parallel universe! May it help you or it will murder you? No one knows. Except G.R.E.G. Except Aperture.
Maps by marKiu
Collection by marKiu
A collection of all my maps! Have fun playing them... If you're getting stuck at some point please check out the Thinking with portals forum for solutions or hints. Good Luck marKiu
Cave Johnson's Lost Chambers
Collection by mikebeza
Travel back in time to "Old Aperture" and explore the Lost Chambers that Cave Johnson could not test because they were too dangerous!
Tiny Maps
Collection by KennKong
Good Things Come in Small Packages These puzzles have the most elements in the smallest spaces. Most are easy, but not all. Have a little fun!
Aperture Mazes
Collection by The Cube of Hearts
Aperture mazes is a collection of maze puzzles. Each maze has different elements and focuses. Some mazes may focus on the errie feel, while others may foucus on the puzzle aspect, and some will just be about aimlessly wandering around (okay, I will pro...
Gel 'n' Laser
Collection by mice304
Gel and laser. That's all I can say. It's not very hard test but you can play it just to kill time. Have fun!
Collection by Solid Jim
Compact, brief and simple - but there may be more to these tests than meets the eye. Possibly.
Prettiest Maps I've Found
Collection by KennKong
Sometimes you just want to stop and smell the flowers.
Fast reaction
Collection by FrozenStriker
Be fast, don't stop
Co-op Android Ranges
Collection by PortablePorcupine
A couple of Android Ranges I made for Co-op.
Turrent chambers
Collection by Combustible Lemon
Can you be still alive?
My beginning chambers
Collection by Combustible Lemon
They are simple
HLN's chambers collection
Collection by matthewhln
This is the collection of my chambers Some of my earlier map (2,3) have little bugs and cannot be fixed Please have a look at the description first ---------------Update------------ [6/6/2013] All single player maps had been published [6/6/2013] Se...
Collection by ohpotato
Loads of easy tests that play around with awesome objects added in portal 2 (like the gels). And some of them don't have any of that stuff, they're just plain easy.
Hidden exit!
Collection by Fatalys93
Per ora sono 4 test di cui 3 difficili! :D
Triggernometry and Other Bee Mod Maps
Collection by UbuntuRox104
Welcome, if you want to play these, I highly suggest getting the Bee Mod first at www.portal2backstock.com/bee Triggernometry: The Enrichment Centre is required to remind you... <Hey, is this thing on? Okay. I shouldn't really be telling you about this...
Custom Music Contributions
Collection by vanSulli
These are workshop submissions that I wrote custom dynamic interactive music for. Fun stuff.
The Four
Collection by Bala's Left Toe is trading knife
It is always revolved around four cubes
Testing Initiative T94
Collection by timmc94
Aperture Science Testing Course T94 is comprised of 20 chambers, placed in an order that is meant to progressively get more difficult as you go on. Many of the chambers share characteristics that can help you anticipate the solutions, yet every course is ...
Underground Ideas
Collection by Vikent8
Looking for idea for your Portal 2 new-awesome-great-wonderful map? Well, Underground Ideas is perfect thing for you! Here you can learn some new things for Portal 2 Puzzlemaker. - requires BEEMOD
Escape from Aperture
Collection by Wacky Wallace Breen
In another multiverse, you are Mark Bendest, a test subject who volunteered at Aperture for an experiment to turn people into three-dimensional manifestations of two-dimensional figures. Wheatley has just broken you out of stasis, under the glaring eye of...
Rise of the Turrets
Collection by Samwich
testing contines in the enrichment centre after the events of portal 2 but behind the scenes rouge turrets and franken cubes are up to something... easter eggs in every level (or side quests)!!!
Collection by [Ps:Mel] Lpfreaky90
New Beginnings
Collection by dragons1blood
My first chambers.
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