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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Pfisterchen
Dear test subject, if you think you are ready for real testing, try the following series of tests. If you feel headache, disorientation, paranoia, tiredness, a change of your extremities or a strange rash during testing, please don't moan too loudly - ...
Insert Collection Title Here
Collection by: [RAVE]notgoodwithusernames
Some test chambers that I made during my freetime. Please note that this is a work on progress and that I will update it overtime.
Long Distance Relation
Collection by: narF
Love is difficult. But long distance relations are even harder. These maps trap you inside a small area and force you to work at a distance. Recommended to be played in order.
fullinterest's colloction
Collection by: Zatsune No Mokou ざつね の もこう
Collection by: BumDiBum
Alles Co-op
Test #0409
Collection by: Kaihatsu
Little collection by Kaihatsu de Dragon
Super Sized Tests
Collection by: SSIops
These chambers are jam packed with calories! Get your fill here.
Archi - DeadMan Drinking Test Chamber Series
Collection by: Archi
Test Chambers getting progressively harder, For those who like a little challenge. Difficulty: Medium to Hard Time per chamber - about 3-5imns at speed - though 10mins if your slow. For most chambers. Further Test Chambers will be added over time
Glafendisch Flagendsneken
Collection by: ||Grüntherspöth||
Itoe heutkleken darflichigen klekendisch flgagedensklebeden
Giovan's Coop Puzzles
Collection by: Giovan
Coop puzzles created by Giovan
Salles de test
Collection by: Mist
Extension de portal en solo.
More and more
Collection by: deustiacci
Un test sur une map =)
Testing the Turrets
Collection by: MinerAfterlife
Take out the turrets and complete the chambers... no big deal right?
My Tests
Collection by: -[AL]- [F3] Gordon Freeman
В этой коллекции содержатся только карты, созданные мной. Прошу прощения, если некоторые из них будут скучными при прохождении
Return Of Test Chambers 1-10
Collection by: ExtremeAdventure
Think With Portals. For Science.
Ebbzylon - COOP
Collection by: Ebbzylon
All my Coop maps.
Portal 2 Brain Strain Testing Pack
Collection by: forgetful
Tired of rollercoasters, broken tests, or easy puzzles? The Brain Strain testing pack contains 13 brand new single player tests that are most definitely none of the above! You'll have to use lateral thinking, planning, and a bit of timing to solve these t...
Logical Thinking
Collection by: AD_79
These chambers, all created by me, are ordered A-Z. Give some of them a try. DIFFICULTY RATING: (Out of 10). 1/10: VERY EASY 2/10: EASY 3/10: SOMEWHAT EASY 4/10: EASY-MEDIUM 5/10: MEDIUM 6/10: MEDIUM-HARD 7/10: HARD 8/10: VERY HARD 9/10: MIND-ME...
Coop Frustration
Collection by: Mr.Quebec
Step 1: calm down, Step 2: take a deep breath, Step 3: solves the test chamber without breaking your computer, Step 4: have fun Nice hard coop chambers. (All chambers can be solved without glitches!) I thank 2Nightmaren for the video! For mo...
The Slightly Cooperative Tests
Collection by: Lunar
My first batch of cooperative test chambers, all glued together virtually for your enjoyment! Warning: Choose your partner well. Any arguements you may hold with your partner do not hold me responsible for failing a test chamber.
Collection by: ||Grüntherspöth||
Glafendisch is my Collection, I just Hope U ll appreciate.
The Return of The Riddler
Collection by: [C4K3] DarkkDuckk
The Riddler is back and this time, he's taking his hatred of Batman out on unsuspecting test subjects. Cave Johnson really did make a mistake hiring this lunaitc.
Collection by: Gamel0rd1
hey guys here is some of my favourites please subscribe. 90 subscribes = 30 more levels
CO-OP map collection 01/ ?
Collection by: borealis117
co-op versions of previously uploaded maps.
HackerHead's Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: CriticismBadger
A collection of maps I put together on Portal 2 hoping to challenge and engage people in their freetime.
singleplayer collection 01/ ?
Collection by: borealis117
difficult and interesting maps.
singleplayer map collection 01/ ? (easy)
Collection by: borealis117
My Portal 2 maps
Collection by: ZerkoZ
Collection by: CORN!
Sports Arena
Collection by: G0LÐÊN §1LVËR
Welcome to Aperture's one and only collection of Sports Arenas! Choose from 4 sports: baseball, basketball, futbol, and American football!
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