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Hacon Project
Collection by: 아틀라스
Hacon Project. Hi, I'm Hacon. and I'm korean. actualy I'm not good at English 하콘 프로젝트. 안녕하세요! 하콘입니다 그리고 전 한국인입니다 영어 잘못해요ㅋ
Teamwork is awesome!
Collection by: [LaR7] sesma
Starting a collection with my coop maps for Portal 2
pynders puzzles volume 1
Collection by: literally the worst
Tired of all the crap that has filled up the portal 2 workshop? You're in luck! 11 puzzles that are well thought out, fun, and based on portals! No stupid gimmicks! No insanely hard or obtuse puzzles! Just good old portal.
Collection by: potemsla
Present from the sky
Collection by: blefffff
Do you love to fly? Come!
better together, coop levels by fletcher
Collection by: Felixfeb the Skull Kid
Fun, hard awesome, just right colection.
LVLs for YOU
Collection by: [WF-H] Minna
Look at my other Workshops. I created some LVLs for you.
The Turret Hive
Collection by: axe11154
Some turrets have made a secret home in the facalties its time we awoke the hive
turreu's maps
Collection by: turreu
turreu's maps
13 Big Ones
Collection by: RedneckTexan
A collection of my first thirteen chambers. I tended to rub up against the entity limit in each of them.
Machina Res Judicata
Collection by: Worgeneta
Please I need you to test out the puzzles looking for problems and such - when I see that they are already well tested and fine, I'll place a small icon at their description: ✔ = Already tested and ready to go through ✘ = Needs clean up of glitches ...
Aperure plumbing - Multiplayer -
Collection by: Arcanist of Dalesdale
*BZZZT* I just got the fright o-of my l-life. S-someone was with my human test subjects! Yes, I f-found them. But I n-need you to do a different job. Don't mess this up! *BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT* "MWAHAHAHAHA!" *Tshhsss*
Portal 2: Custom TestChambers
Collection by: JSGamePlayer
My own TestChambers in Portal 2.
My Rollercoasters
Collection by: Combustible Lemon
Just have fun in big and small Rollercoasters.
Collection by: ♛ mr. J♛
Aperture Plumbing - singleplayer
Collection by: Arcanist of Dalesdale
Welcome to Aperture Science, the place that I've taken over! Now my first test subject flushed himself down the toilet to escape and it's up to you [insert worker name here] to stop him/her! Now now, these tests are veeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrry eaaaaaaassssssssss...
Collection by: maxalbali
Portal 3
Collection by: cjceesteph
Portal 3 Full Game Now Out But Still In The Maken
Escape From Hell
Collection by: Asagron
You have died and been sent to Hell. Satan has offered you the chance to return to the world of the living, all you have to do is pass his tests. Can you complete his tests and flee with your life? In This series: Test 1 - Basic Portals Test 2 - Bu...
Collection by: xX_Xanthos_Xx
Randy makes love
Collection by: JH - Hylian Gamer
Oh no Princess Cube (The princess companion cube) has been captured. Try to save her as her kingdom crumbles. Run through tons of differnet worlds to find her hidden away. Avoid the evil turrets trying to stop you from reaching your goal. Exit the castle ...
twich sniper's Laiser point
Collection by: ☆Abathur☆
Laizer point dosen't look hard take a look easy and solve the problem you can do it!! every day 1stage up loding and short mabe by-twich sniper- twitter:LiveScound link=> https://twitter.com/LiveScound
A Party of Four.
Collection by: SirArthur
Cubes are fun. companion cubes are a piece of lovely fun. But friends, are simply.... quite better than cubes. (Not companion cubes of course, just standards cubes.) This is not just a simple collection of chambers. These chambers were made as a gi...
Metal Gear Solid - Tactical Turret Espionage Action
Collection by: Vagrant
WIP of my test chambers that were ported from Metal Gear Solid into Portal 2. In overall, the test chambers are supposed to ressemble the MGS' map layout with some Portal puzzle solving flavor. I'm not sure how I'll make this all possible, but I'll work 1...
In My Opinion
Collection by: Andi
This collection is, in my opinion, the best chambers that I have made to date. Hence the title... In My Opinion. The chambers represented here range from medium to difficult and they are as follows: 1. Landlocked 2. Quantum Dynamics 3. Circumvent...
Escape series
Collection by: b0unty huntr
These are my portal 2 tset chambers yes you may think they are impossible but they aren't u just need tons of focus and a big brain hope you like my portal 2 chambers.
My Puzzles
Collection by: ChuckleNuts
All the levels I have made so far. Dont forget to rate and tell your freinds, it would be most appreciated.
Finely Tuned Set of Oddities
Collection by: Grelite
Several short test chambers made by Grelite.
Collection by: The
Just some tests i made in like 10 minutes :D
Familiarization with the Aperture Science Super Idiot Separation Tests (ASSIST)
Collection by: EN3D1X8S7S
Tests with things in it.
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