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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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[COOP] Hakuna Matata
Collection by: DrFauli
Hakuna Matata - "no worries"; - map series with estimated difficulty: medium/hard - no ninja skills needed - you do not have to die to solve these maps - if you lose your portals, it is easy to get them back
Collection by: Nathanor
I made up a story, a kid get put in a dollhouse and given magic powers to make powers..... you may do the 10 parts with friends or alone. =)
Introductions Are In Order
Collection by: Huggermugger
A simple introduction to gels and the like, with more coming in the future. I would be more than happy to take any and all recommendations.
New Technology
Collection by: FacePalm
20 Destroyed Test Chambers
Deep in Aperture: Map Pack
Collection by: Boba Fett from StarWars
A slightly more scary take on what is happening beneath aperture where Glad0s' control can't reach.
Superfoo Alphabet Track
Collection by: Superfoo
A collection of test chambers created by Superfoo, with one for each letter of the alphabet. Will add more chambers as I work through the alphabet.
Gomarian Inventions
Collection by: Kyrios Gomari
My first coop level pack, difficulties vary from very easy to very hard
Portal 2 En Güzel bölümleri
Collection by: [D&N] [TR] Livcon
Portal 2 atolyesinde yapılan haritaların en güzellerini sizlere sunuyorum. Bu haritalarda ilginç tuzaklar ve çok güleceğiniz yerler olacaktır. Livcon
Epic hard chambers!!
Collection by: 총장입니다
Destroy the turret machine
Collection by: ‎ ‎
All of the turret machine parts.
Grand Theft Chambers
Collection by: Ben o0
Singular Maps
Collection by: Spooky Stranger
This is a collection containing all of my "Singular Maps", or maps that don't have a series of their own. More to come soon hopefully!
Collection by: Spooky Stranger
This is a collection containing all the maps in my series called "Observation". There's actually more than one reason why I decided to call it "Observation". First of all, sometimes, in a way that's impossible to explain kind of, the observation rooms giv...
Collection by: Wheatley
These are my FAV portal 2 maps! :D
Circuit de test solo- S.U.E (Sphère Ultra Energétique)
Collection by: Void sphere
Ce circuit de test est basé sur les S.U.E (Sphères ultra énergétiques) présentes dans portal 1 et non le 2. Test 01- Test simplissime permettant de comprendre le système des S.U.E (pour ceux qui ne les connaissaient pas). Test 02- Test visant ...
my own p2-rooms ;-)
Collection by: Addi 88er \ o . iz afk__#'
ääääähm... bloß nicht mit der Maus hier drauf gehen -> we need more drugs !! *-* :D Welcome NewFag ! Obvious troll is obvious *jk
The 24 Tests
Collection by: AndyCLive
The 24 Tests in Portal 2. 12 Co-Op, and 12 Singleplayer
josepezdj's PTI Challenges
Collection by: josepezdj
Кооп камеры для игры Portal 2
Collection by: Yogurt
[COOP] This is Teamwork
Collection by: DrFauli
Easy/Medium maps with great teamwork, mostly using two main elements to create puzzles.
Collection by: Uroconsult
Sendificate series
Collection by: HMW
There are lots of puzzles where you need to use cubes to redirect lasers. How about switching it around for a while and use lasers to redirect cubes instead? A custom gameplay mechanism called the "sendificator" does exactly that. In this series of map...
The Portal Cube
Collection by: Technocheater77
Portal Workshop Chambers
Collection by: <Valarean/>
Pneumatic Diversity Vent
Collection by: Mr. Price
Testkammer [COOP] (W39) PACK
Collection by: Boris
Alle meine "COOP W39" levels für den Mehrspieler!
Test Kammer (W39) PACK
Collection by: Boris
Alle meine "W39" levels für den Einzelspieler!
Turret Escape
Collection by: Klawzilla
You've had enough of testing. There's only one test left; escape. But he's not going to let you do that. He won't go down without a fight. Turret maps are fun, so here's my collection of them I made for you guys. With a little added storyline, you know...
Collection by: Ranger89ish
Thees are chambers that I made.
Portal 2 Cube Throwing Levels
Collection by: Something Else
This is a small collection of levels made for practicing cube throwing; I hope you like them!
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