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The Changed Tests.
Collection by Road to 200 mmr
It is a collection of the changed tests from 1 portal. Это - коллекция измененных тестов от 1 портала
12 angry tests
Collection by GameMaster455
This collection is made up of levels by caret caret.face obstacles! Shoot portals! Have fun! Credits given to Caret Caret
Wheatley battle redux
Collection by robert5
A collection of all the wheatley battle reduxes
Challenge Chambers
Collection by BobbyB
Collection by tlranf7
Gazzoboys Mini Series Collection
Collection by GazzoBoys
A collection of my mini series
Catley's Portal Shit
Collection by Catley
Marcktop Subs.
Collection by marcktop
The Simple Chambers? Collection
Collection by GazzoBoys
A collection of Gazzoboys (me) simple chamber? series
The New Portal Collection
Collection by YUUKUN
Automatic Center of Development.
Collection by Road to 200 mmr
ENG - It is my collection with tests on a basis Automatic Center of Development. RUS - Это - моя коллекция с тестами на основе Автоматический Центр развития.
Portal 2
Collection by Flauschi
Red's Originals
Collection by RedSilencer
A collection of independently inspired maps by me. These are puzzles with elements that may or may not already exist on the workshop already, but that I have designed purely on my own. Although I do produce many remakes and remixes of other maps, I'm alwa...
Collection by Blbll
A series of maps in no particular order that aren't very long, but only allow the player to place one portal and manipulate the location of the other portal using testing elements.
Collection by Hinjonkla
The Collection of Tests that I Find and Like
Portal 2
Collection by Mr.Inkognito
Good Luck Have Fun
J's Turrets
Collection by De_bomb1
Collection by benbrookeyo
just fun portal levels
never alone from darkbenny
Collection by darkbenny
all my cooperative puzzl
My Most Popular Test Chambers
Collection by echoplex
Just a collection of my popular tests, which have five stars.
Portal 2 - High Advanced
Collection by FLooper
This is a recreation of the Portal 2 testchambers. In fact, these are a lot more challenging than the original tests. I hope you enjoy this collection and the upcoming testchambers ;)
ben likes nipps
Collection by sinclaymore
Collection by Xuxetuman
Chambers made with own and/or stolen ideas by our Rusty★Designers. Chambers 96-01 and 96-02 do not exist so don't ask for them!
The old Laboratory.
Collection by pavel8986
You last subject which went to pass the tests. You have to pass the tests starting from 1950 to 1980. All tests 15, but they can be long in passing. (Some tests like from Portal 2). Good luck in passing.
My Collection
Collection by genesis76978
Its a collection.
Collection by Nextej
Cognative Portal Tests
Collection by JCreep
A bunch of portal tests /** I Will Be Adding More Tests */
Active Test Subject
Collection by The Cig Smokin' Sniper
You are a Stock-Piled test subject, just now being waken up for testing. There were a few others before you, but you'll find out what they did sooner or later. In Active Test Subject, you follow a fresh-awakened test subject through their struggles in...
Collection by Captain foxy
Them tests
Collection by Hikarol-chan
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