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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Technical Difficulties
Collection by jccreszMC
This collection houses my series of maps that attempt at being either enjoyable or challenging, coming from the PTi Puzzlemaker. Most of these use BEE2+TeamSpen20's addons.
Mission Impossible
Collection by Rush Bros
Do Trolls Exist?
Collection by Lokaal
Create a Collection To get started with your collection, fill out the fields below. You’ll then be asked to add items to your collection, either from a list of your own submissions or from a list of items you’ve favorited. For best results, first go ...
The Robber series
Collection by Wheatley
this is the robber series. a series of maps where the player plays as a famous robber. you start out in jail and break out. then you crack the vault. then you break the bank. if you beat all this then you are the best
Portal 2: Game Design
Collection by DokuSouSei
A bunch of levels starting from the basics to more complex puzzles.
Same Room 1
Collection by Creater K
Storm Laboratories Collection
Collection by StormMoreno
The whole set of the current tests of Storm's Laboratories
Collection by [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
Tarius Chambers
Collection by Tarius
Tarius test Chambers is collection of all chambers created by Tarius. Thanks for try it.
My Portal 2 Co-op Testchambers
Collection by Kra Z Kapin
This collection contains my co-op levels.
Collection by useless_null
Co-op с бразой
My Portal 2 Singleplayer Testchamber Series
Collection by Kra Z Kapin
This is a collection of singleplayer levels made 100% by me. With over 50 levels*, this collection will make you think deeper than ever. And it will make you think deeper into portals. But that will just put your thoughts on the other side of the room. ...
Portal 3 Map Series
Collection by igor_the_AWESOME
This is the map series of Portal 3 maps! (Note: There will be no boss at the end of all tests, because THERE IS NO END TO THE TESTS!)
Freedom finder
Collection by [GmT][DFS]trollbreeder
In this series: you explore: you find freedom Chapers: 5 levels: chapter 1: 1, chapter 2: 5, chapter 3: 2, chapter 4: 3, chapter 5: 4
Leos Portal 2 Workshop
Collection by Leo210
Eine Sammlung von Leos Portal 2 Testkammern
Scallop's Portal Puzzle Pack
Collection by ☾» SuperVieiraGaming «☽
This is just a collection of all my custom Portal 2 Test Chambers. It currently features: • More than Meets the Eye (Singleplayer) • Beams, Bridges, & Walls (Singleplayer) • Facility Station 21 (Singleplayer) • Let there be Light Bridges (C...
Collection by bonesiii
It only takes one turret in a strategic position to make deadly your easy routes to victory.
Aperture Science Innovators
Collection by KillaBitGaming
"Hello and welcome to Aperture Science. I'm Cave Johnson, the person that runs this place and you may be wondering when you will get paid? After the tests." "You'll need to complete: 1. The Alpha Test Track, 2. The Beta Test Track and 3. The Omega Test...
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