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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: ᾞémaskaS
All steps of the HemaskasGame.
Parry Lee's Portal 2 Workshop Works
Collection by: Memo Rylost
All my works in one collection
Stuff worth 2 bazillion dollars
Collection by: _PArker
Stuff I actually did helped with and is worth your time
ThinkingWithPortals.com Maps
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
Before the Portal 2 Workshop was a thing, the only way to play custom maps was to download *.bsp files (map files Source Engine games use such as Portal 2) from designated website members that created them in Hammer and use the "map" command in console to...
Coop Fun times For russ
Collection by: VirRuss
private collection of maps for coop play.
Gravityfling Test Chambers
Collection by: Smallineer
These are the Test Chambers for Gravityfling!
Wanna Play?
Collection by: starlightreader0
Collection of Portal 2 chambers created by players. Have fun.
Desafio Mental
Collection by: Ovipa_Apivo
Alguns testes que podem parecer peguenos, mas, que são muito interessantes. Só espero que Gostem
Collection by: MisiatyXXL
Portal 3
Collection by: SonicMCGamer
Hey guys SonicMCGamer here and this is my collection of my Portal 3 series. If you want to know when i upload a new test then follow me and plus why not Subscribe to them so yeah guys i really hope you like them and stay tuned for new things and peace out...
Escape From PotatOS Laboratories
Collection by: PotatOS Gaming
What is 'Escape From PotatOS Laboratories'? Escape From PotatOS Laboratories is a custom hammer'ed Portal 2 series set in the custom made location known as PotatOS Laboratories, also known as my labs. CoreOS oversees all the test chambers but things star...
The Escape Parts
Collection by: TheGreySkyline
This is for all of my "The Escape" Games
Zerris' Levels
Collection by: Zerris
A collection of levels by Zerris, made to torment and amuse.
Portal Black Map
Collection by: mitazu
Collection by: pizzascience
this is all of my friends best levels (one for each freind) they all can be won hope you like them. I choose by the most liked
Collection by: Paul
Portal 2 Alle Andarrius Maps
Collection by: Andarrius
Hier könnt ihr alle meine Maps (Einzelspieler und Mehrspieler) Karten aus Portal 2 von mir Laden, ich wünsche euch allen viel Spass beim Entdecken und "Testen". ;)
LU Gaming Club - Portal 2 Test Chambers
Collection by: qq_CHARRINGxPHALLUS_qq
A collection of test chambers for the Lawrence University Gaming Club.
Collection by: Aevo
Finally got the Hammer Editor working. Decided to make a map series with it. Background plot is fairly self-explanatory... You're somebody working in Aperture in the 1970s and you're doing... stuff...
Collection by: luisbarr68
Collection by: Bogshadows
[Punched Laboratories] Alle Tests
Collection by: Karun
» Hallo! Tom Johnson hier! » Ihr kennt mich nicht? Das wundert mich auch nicht! Ich mache die Ganzen Tests und mein Bruder (Cave Johnson) handelt sich den ganzen ruhm ein nur weil sein name im Vertrag steht und mich nicht mal erwähnt!!! » Wie a...
portal 2
Collection by: ucanbe
My Portal 2 Maps : Solo
Collection by: [WAFFLE] Dragoteryx
Best of Bmaster2000
Collection by: Bmaster2000
A selection of Chambers in a random order from both of my collections (RCTI and PAST) that have been deemed to be the best of the bunch. So if you are short on time take your pick from any of these.
Multiplayer Test Chambers
Collection by: Sgt. Pufferfish
my multiplayer chambers up to date
Singleplayer Test Chambers
Collection by: Sgt. Pufferfish
all of my single player chambers to this date
Miscallaneous Tests
Collection by: An Absol
The Office Prank Series
Collection by: [PSS] Camßεn
You play as Haley, a simple employee of Aperture Science, simply going to work everyday, working an office job in the main lab area. But today something was wrong. All of your coworkers are nowhere to be found. What could it possibly mean? Venture dee...
EBRC Test Initiatives
Collection by: General Oink
An EBRC produced test collection
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