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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Diamant
Enigma est une collection d'énigmes très dur à surmonter, qui saura même faire galerer les plus grand comme Dieu, Chuck Norris ou Sherlock Holmes, si vous ne me croyez pas, constatez-le par vous même, digne d'un Portal, ces salles de testes seront tr...
The Narn Project
Collection by: ✪ cas ✪
The Narn Project --------------------------------------------- Skill : low - mid Maps : 4 Design : good Final : Yes All maps without turrets ! Feel free to write feedback after play ! And let me some green thump up !! Greetz piT ...
Pandemic Laboratories
Collection by: Pandemic
Differents kinds of room test. Make with love made for science! Enjoy & give me feedback if you like or not :) Pandemic.
Instinctive Testing
Collection by: Traslogan
Welcome subjects, to the Instinctive Testing Chambers! In this series of tests, you will be tested on many test chamber skills that you will require for future testing, so think with portals and get out there and test! Current Test Chambers: Cham...
The confidential testing chambers
Collection by: CriticalChris
my tests are updated at random times
Donut World
Collection by: Miphois
Test chambers made on Donut World - 19-part campaign. - Tricky maps and good ideas. - Absolutely not for beginners.
Cave Johnson's Finest Chambers
Collection by: Jarrett sucks
Cave Johnson here, it's come to my attention some idiot's decided to pretend to be me. I will let you know that the test subjects behind this have been fired, forever. Okay, now that that's out of the way I can tell you why I'm here. I'm here to introd...
This time... We will Test Glados
Collection by: Dimitard234
Tired of u getting tested on? How about we give the doctor his medicine tehn :3
Don't Make Lemonade!'s Simple Collection
Collection by: rag33
A collection Of Simple Maps By Don't Make Lemonade!
Damn It! They Have Her! Lvls. 01-04
Collection by: Zaqueo
> Employee: Ahh! .. Ohh! Sorry, I freak out.. I didn't know Mr. Johnson sent you to this creepy chamber too.. I heard that it was designed by some disgusting and horrible monster.. > Test Subject: =/ > Employee: Anyways, Hi! I'm employee #2097152, but ...
Series 1 - Tests 1-10
Collection by: Mooney
This is a collection of portal 2 maps, both hard, easy and somtimes fun :D Please dont hate, but please play, and tell me any bugs or ideas for the next series or maps
The End Of The Beginning
Collection by: Soulary
This collection will only be interesting if you find it interesting, and as such i hope that you find it interesting! :D
Crazy Joe tests
Collection by: sanek157
MuMulle Project
Collection by: MuMulle
Voici mes différents projets, Je partage mes cartes créer via l'éditeur du jeu. Venez nombreux tester mes cartes et donner vos avis !
Challenge Set
Collection by: Frederick
A set of challenges that should make you think of some new strategies while improving your speed and reflexes. I will continue to add maps to this pack, hopefully daily. If anyone ahs a better image for the collection contact me, or any comments or other ...
Collection by: Vanakine
Maze at work! thank for you patience
Useless Test
Collection by: Dimensio
This collection is a series of Awesome and useless test !
Test course 1
Collection by: Oceansbloo
This is a collection of maps that will(or would be) grouped together.
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