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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Portal Test Chamber Recreations
Collection by Kauko (AndrewNeo)
Recreations of Portal test chambers using only the map editor.
The Black Out Team Aperture Science Test levels
Collection by Tizzu
A little collection of my levels. I will add amore levels when they are ready to be played
Ex-Stream's Tests
Collection by Voz
Collection of Ex-Stream's Portal 2 Custom Maps
The LeveL Pack
Collection by d3feKt
Hello and welcome to the LeveL Pack! These test chambers do not have a story or something like that, these are just simple tests made with the P2MapCreator. This pack will have 10 Levels! [2]of the are already ready for testing! 1. LeveL "One" [Ready!]...
Four Freedom
Collection by Dalaric
You are the last test subject left in my underground testing lair. For many years i've seen test subjects come and go; as in getting killed by my little puzzles. Unfortunately I have run dry of subjects, meaning that you are the only one left. I feel bad ...
Sheep and Cobb: Testing Chaos
Collection by Puha
This is the melting pot of the two mappers who go by the names of: Sheepish and Cobero. Here you will find a wide range of test chambers, hand picked from the scrawls on our chalkboards and constructed into playable tests. Good luck with your endeavor int...
Path of Balls
Collection by mrCookieSlime [GER]
At the Beginning was it easy,but you must survive in the other Chapters of "Path of Balls" It´s a collection with the maps of "Path of Balls".It called so,because in each Chapter is a Ball. my Steam-Group: TerracraftLP
Collection by colonel_bo
Frist test collection. We'll see how far it goes.
Reflex Testing [WIP]
Collection by actual gril
Rabbits Hive
Collection by Rabbit
Kollektion ist nicht vollständig. Neue Testkammern kommen später dazu. -------------------------------------------- Collection is incomplete. More Champer coming soon.
G.S.E. Laboratories Testingchambers E-Serie
Collection by Alcazar
G.S.E. Laboratories is one of the most common Testingchamber design laboratories, they are making Testingchambers since 1969. The new E serie is very modern and complicated. Designer, Jelle1137
Collection by [Kindness]❤Fluttershy❤(YAY)
test maps
Elements of Science
Collection by Xindi
I used to wonder what science could be...
Khrome Pack
Collection by E24
Chaos dimension : campaña habla espana
Collection by <Ronin>Basara
la campaña Chaos Dimension , esta advientada en el portal 2 y sera dirijida a los fanaticos de marvel comics XD Shumat Gorath a conseguido llevarte a su laboratorio de portales y es tu mision sobrevivir a esta pruebas con una cuestion ,.Hay poco suelo...
easy box
Collection by Twins of Doom
easy easy so easy
apertues adventures maps
Collection by GRIIMMdeath
Master Test (WiP)
Collection by [P2:Abyss] Pac0master
This is the Level Collection of my Master Test Serie. Work in Progress. I want to create at least 5 Test Chamber from Medium Difficulty to Insane :P. Hope you like it.
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