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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by savaka
It looks so easy but it's not because there's a trick.
Portal 1 Remake
Collection by MirrorPlanet
여러분의 댓글이 저에게 큰 도움이 됩니다. あなたのコメントが私に大きな助けとなります。 Your comment will be a great help to me.
Portal: Prelude
Collection by MirrorPlanet
여러분의 댓글이 저에게 큰 도움이 됩니다. あなたのコメントが私に大きな助けとなります。 Your comment will be a great help to me.
Athletic Chamber
Collection by peketrino
my test chember
Collection by =.PLwr.=Frolkin02
моя маленькая колекция тестовых камер для тестирования пишите если что не так я исправлю
Thinking Inside the Box
Collection by OldManBoogaloo
Since i'm bored, i've decided to build tons of test chambers that are constrained to a 6x6x6 radius, maybe higher or lower in the future, but for the most part they'll be 6x6x6. Have fun, or don't, let me know...
Collection by Zhurb-O
A series of chambers less complex than the original collection.
The Endless Puzzle
Collection by Hinsonator
Hello puzzlers and puzzlemakers. This is The Endless Puzzle my first series of puzzles. Enjoy!
the prisons + sabotage1,2
Collection by winggar
play all my prisons and sabotages
The Ship
Collection by winggar
play through my free stages on R.M.S. Aperture
Aristotle 2
Collection by Killer3691kill2
This is Aristotle 2, You have been stuck in a room for 1 year and the facility is broken with SHoDAN regulating the area. Try to make your way out of the area with an unknown person helping you in the begining and contine to see what will happen...
The Odd Little Puzzels!
Collection by >>MLGOP3<< Cogajon
They're odd. They're little. They're puzzles. Pretty ****ing simple if you ask me.
Apple store maps
Collection by vlood
Maps inspired by Apple stores
Prometheus stories
Collection by M1kke
Collection gives you the right story order for the maps. #F4F
portal test group
Collection by ☆Pacifist☭☮
в коллекции представлены только мои работы !!! на мой взгляд они очень интересны!!! The collection features only my work !!! In my opinion they are very interesting!!!
Collection by °=mc=°gyver
First three test chambers of the greatest coop team ever :)
Mega's leichte Testkammern
Collection by Megablackhand
Eine Kollektion die einige Testkammern für Anfänger enthält! Der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt dabei immer ein bisschen! Von leichten Rätseln, über Läserpuzzels bishin zum einsatz der Gele ist alles vorhanden! ---------------------------------------...
Bad blue cube!
Collection by TalonOut
It's a bad...Very bad...
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