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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Champer X Series
Collection by: MrStef12
'Champer X" is a series of test champers, starting with the easy one "Champer 1". Subschribe to all Champers to get the full experience. New Champers are added over time, so make sure to check my profile once in awhile! Feel free to give feedback in t...
Wheatleybot's tests
Collection by: Mailboss
My test chambers that start out pretty simple but they'll soon be real complex! Hope you enjoy them! Check back for more coming soon!
Dust Adventures
Collection by: Harpsichord
Dust, un hombre con unos sentimientos muy complejos deberá encontrarse a si mismo en una aventura totalmente contrapuntística.
Quick small maps
Collection by: So tired
Small quick tests
Barrygeorge's 4 Chambers
Collection by: Barrygeorge
This is collection of my first 4 Chambers. They arn't made to be too difficult, so please enjoy and leave me feedback.
RobsysGames Testing Facility - The Idiot's Quarters
Collection by: RobsysGames
Welcome to RobsysGames Testing Facility! You're obviously new here, and that's okay. We're going to test your intelligence with a few simple tasks. Once you've completed them, feel free to move on to the next level. Be careful, though! There are lasers, t...
rpplack's Test Pack
Collection by: rpplack
This is The Test Pack of rpplack
NotinsEnjest : Test Collection
Collection by: PyromenChes
Test cells were prepared specifically for smart people!
A huge mess
Collection by: -Rαźσr ツ
Heres my collection that has some of my maps.
Fredolefou's Test Chambers
Collection by: Fredolefou
Some tests with progressive difficulty but never too hard, I'll add other tests soon... (and sorry for my poor english) [FR] Quelque tests a difficultée progressive mais jamais très complexes, j'en rajouterais au fur et à mesure... Note : On...
Collection by: Lady Shinigami
She never liked the light ...
Portal Escape
Collection by: Fry98
Blargs test chambers
Collection by: .::F4G::. ☭ Lord Recon™
Welcome to Blargs test Chambers. Tips to don´t disappoint GLaDOS 1.Complete the test chambers 2.Don´t Rage or Fail 3. Eat Cake And well thats all :3 Good luck!
Collection by: Espen
This is a collection of maps that I've made using the editor. More maps will be added at a later stage. All maps in this collection will be in the range of normal - hard difficulty. If you have any bugs or exploits to report, please leave a comment...
Little Wheatly's Tests
Collection by: DiaR
Parcours 378 / Path 378
Collection by: www
Le 378ème parcours de tests d'Aperture Science / The Aperture's 378th test path Difficulté : Difficille Difficulty : Hard
Collection by: SgtPandi The Skrubslayer
APERTURE : EARLY YEARS By ATF2012 Many years before Chell. A man called Alexander Thomas made the Portal Project. This is the story of the first ever Portal Project test subject. Play a number of test chambers that has not been decided yet! The Descri...
Tales of an Orphan
Collection by: Dio Joestar
'Tales of an Orphan' is a collection of a map pack, usually, I try to update, fix and add new maps. Also, I'm open for a requests.
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