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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Test Chamber Collection - 3 Steps to Portal (by Epicmagination)
Collection by Rubens Benevides
So testing subject, you've defeated glados TWICE, you went to space and surived, BUT NOW WE GOT BRAND NEW TESTING CHAMBERS Begin Testing I hope you guys like it, check out my channel for more - http://www.youtube.com/user/epicmagination
Portal 3
Collection by ThatActorDude
My way of what I think Portal 3 should be.
Aperture Complex Testing Section
Collection by etnaD
A parallel Earth, 2029. Our Earth and the parallel Earth are both ruled by an evil sentient cloud. The sentient cloud has created a vast part of Aperture Laboratories called the Aperture Complex Testing Section. In it are the hardest tests created on tha...
The Ones With An Unreachable Companion Cube
Collection by GoldPlated
Ermahgerd, I grouped all my test chambers into a collection for convenience's sake! "The Ones With An Unreachable Companion Cube" are test chambers that are not too easy, but not too hard either! The only common point between all test chambers is that...
Cerdo's Chambers
Collection by [nIns] Cerdo
Every chamber of this collection has one single object as main theme but does not only use them. It's meant to keep testing funny! I will continue to create chambers, when I've got feedback to the first one.
Otchii Chambers 1 - 4
Collection by RaxXo
Some maps I did to try out the map editor. Enjoy, or don't!
To My Mother
Collection by GLaDOS
Dear Mum, I know sometimes I can be a right pain, but I still love you. I've been working on this collection for weeks, and since we share Steam between us this should be great for a late present. Hopefully, this should make up for the lateness. Love ...
twelve angry turrets
Collection by occullen
a collection of live fire courses for malatary andriods
Collection by SewdiO [FR]
Nine small maps, of medium or hard difficulty :)
The GLaDOS´ chambers
Collection by <<Santi.GM>>.CAT.
These chambers were created by GLaDOS, and you must make them, for science,monster.
The Forgotten Chambers I-V
Collection by SirPhobos1
Before his death, Cave Johnson created these five test chambers. They've been hidden away, in an area long thought unreachable. Well, in the interest of science, (and certainly nothing relating to the recent Wheatley core incident) these five chambers h...
Ingenior Science
Collection by Omiganox
Vous êtes un nouvel employé d'Aperture Science, et votre rôle au sein de l'entreprise est de vérifier l'état des systèmes principaux de la structure porteuse des salles de test. Le seul problème, chez Aperture Science, c'est que tout le monde est t...
Sixense MotionPack DLC
Collection by SHooTeR
This is a map of the Sixense MotionPack DLC, converted to play on the keyboard and mouse.
p0rtal laborotory(rus)(HarD)
Collection by Raser
Карты сделаны в виде компаниии советую играть по порядку. Вначале есть интро ,поэтому вы можете ничего не знаяиграть в эту коллекцию . после...
Danger portal merriment
Collection by Evgerable
Here I wouldn't have fun - me suicide to anything! Various chambers in which even the confused hole can appear the last. It can appear so that everything is clear, but not to pass. For some chambers there is a continuation. Believe, here it is...
the salle mosteur-test
Collection by Mosteur13
salle de test plus ou mpoin faciles creer par un FRANCAIS
Test Chambers PL
Collection by Makonde[PL]
Moje pomieszczenia testowe.Nie jest ich zbyt dużo,ale co z tego :P
The Test A Day Project
Collection by TechDragon
This contains all the maps I have made for my Test A Day Project
Faith Plates Chambers
Collection by [AeH] Pepp3rzZ'
Hi Guy's ! This is my unfinished collection of Faith plates test chambers all made by me. Hope you like'it :) More will come Let me know what you think of them. Thanks.
Collection by ProgSys
Just a collection of all my testchambers. Have Fun!
Blackerture Outbox
Collection by ZooC0d3
We start where science fails. Please enjoy this collection of maps - most are Easy or Medium difficulty. All are possible to complete and have been playtested many times. This collection also includes the new Blackerture mini-collection 'Chip Plant Gam...
Dried Monkey's Test Chambers
Collection by Dried Monkey
These are Dried Monkey's test chambers.
lDionis Testing Collection
Collection by [ExtremistUA] GodRage
Здесь будет коллекция моих работ с пиксел-артовыми рисунками на стенах.
Azorae's Grand Designs
Collection by Azorae
"Curves and lines of Grand Designs Against the run of the mill Swimming against the stream... We break the surface tension With our wild kinetic dreams" -Rush, Grand Designs, 1985 Welcome to my collection of Portal 2 test chambers. Included is...
Whoa Collection
Collection by Whoa Constrictor
A series of tests desgined by Whoa Constrictor
Collection by Rootus Gahr
Chrono Sphere's Testing Challenge
Collection by Pheenix Squared™
Here lays the beginning of a new testing Stage. With Glados busy with the Major Testing of potential Human test subjects, she decided to create a core to deal with the minor test subjects that are most likey to die in her more complex tests. The Chr...
Blue range
Collection by BN | Aerdr
On this collection, you can find totally different kind of tests rooms !!
My Test Chambers
Collection by Nostromos?
This is a collection of all the test chambers I have created.
Warbear's creations
Collection by Warbear
The best of my first several maps. My maps aren't too hard, but hopefully you'll find them fun and enjoyable and that there are some interesting ideas.
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