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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: SEANINATOR436
This will rock your world YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting more up soon ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Premiers tests
Collection by: Sovereign
Ceci sont mes premiers tests. Bon jeu!
The return of Aperture
Collection by: Kennox
Just my first five maps i created. Pls tell me what i could do better.
SuPa DuPa
Collection by: SuPa Fly Ho
The Ice-H-Chambers
Collection by: Argenta [Ice Holly]
Story: You are the only survivor of your small hometown, who didn't die due to the new ice age, caused by the global warming. While searching for a place, where it's warm, and while searching for other survivors, you stumbled upon a small hole in the gro...
Test Chambers by P@r@noiC
Collection by: P@r@noiC
Um, hello! I'm glad to see you here, robots now almost completely replaced the people here, even no one to talk! About Me: I do not know how I got here. I used to work at Black Mesa, at the time of the incident, I ran out of there. Ran, ran, and, havi...
Groets Testing Track
Collection by: groet
This is a testing track made by my. Work in progess. Download it, play it, rate it, tell your friends about this chambers and have fun!
Panda's Maps
Collection by: InvisiblePanda
Turret Hunter
Collection by: Radient Apocalypse
Hunt turrets to escape.
Chamber One
Collection by: Kizzycocoa
My collection of all Chamber One maps I have made! This collection will grow as and when I add to it, and make more maps public. The concept of Chamber One, is to play through the exact same chamber. but each time, the chamber will be tweaked to mak...
Collection by: 
A series of maps made by w1200441
Collection by: chinook
fly ,fly ,fly fly
La pyramide
Collection by: Nomanoclass
Des pièges, des portails, des cubes(c'est bien ça les cubes) et des pièges(oui c'est très dangereux), après avoir traversé un simple couloir vous atteindrez la pyramide.
Portal Party
Collection by: PO!SON
My new collection, Portal Party is a pack of 5 test chambers. I hope you enjoy it and... ...can you do it? Thanks for playing
Project Neok
Collection by: [ZЄ₲] KỊЄЯ∆И|NЄØKMϾ
Contains the Project Neok collection of Test Chambers
Test Map Pack 2
Collection by: Rand0mNumbers
My second map pack. Each map is, more or less, a proof of concept built using Hammer from the Portal 2 Authoring Tools.
Collection by: Gijjers
Trial and error is always an issue, but my tests showed a lot of it. Be sure to look around before you do something stupid. DONT BE GAY ABOUT IT!
The New Disaster
Collection by: MrMeows
Glados told you to go make a new disaster. And so you will. Take your portal gun and your companion cube, show up late for work at your new job, and cause mayhem and destruction!
just another collection
Collection by: Dan The Man
Corainarn Chambers
Collection by: Corainarn
A collection of chambers I have created for Portal 2's Perpetual Testing Initiative.
Portal 2: Still Alive
Collection by: Wilbos World
Remake and new revamped Portal 2 levels based on the Portal: Still Alive chambers made for the xbox 360. Status: NOT DONE.
Fun with Funnels!
Collection by: George, o travesseiro inoportuno
These are my first test chambers. They're based mostly on easy to medium difficulty mechanic challenges and observation rather than brain puzzles. Go ahead and try it, having fun with funnels is, well...fun!
PeTI: Welcome to the Multiverse
Collection by: HarassmentOnion™
You are one of the first to test the Multiverse and hence have been given a few basic tests to start you off. But be warned, if you leave designated testing areas, it wont be a Cake Walk for long...
Thomario Land
Collection by: Thomario
Thomario Land is a place where logic has nothing to do ! Only chaos and madness reign here. If you want to challenge Thomario Land's architect, your mind will probably burn. Only the bravest can survive in this asylum...
This was a Triumph - Portal 1 Remake - 7 Chambers Done!
Collection by: Freeman ag Nollaig ツ
Welcome to the This was a Triumph collection! This was a Triumph is a collection which takes some maps from Portal 1, and remakes them into Portal 2! Although the maps won't work the same as in Portal 1, it's the best I can do with my abilities. There ...
Rebuilding Broken Aperture
Collection by: TheBdude
Its amazing what a little cleanup can do to Science.
Mode imposible ON
Collection by: NocendASDF
A quien le gusten los MODE IMPOSIBLE que vaya superando estos niveles uno a uno...
stuff, stuff and portals
Collection by: [VIS]M_man_N
This is a collection maps made by M_man_N. It's quite a random difficulty and it's not yet finished. It's probably going to get around the 15 maps in it. Good luck with playing and please rate and maybe a command with some tips or bugs (like making it ...
Пройденные годные карты
Collection by: d@N0n
Все хорошие карты, которые я прошёл
Test Sequence 1- Introduction to Portals
Collection by: DragonBorn926
An easy introduction to Portals. Ideal if you're new to portal. Or stupid.
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