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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Financial Reassurance Initiative
Collection by: freeLANCER 960
Cave Johnson here to tell you that I know were in hard times, but if history has taught me anything it's that Black Mesa loves to steal things. What I'm getting at is that only way we can get out of bankruptcy is, to start over and hope Black Mesa doesn't...
Just Imagen
Collection by: ProwessArts
Collection by: infurnus
Can you juke? Or will you be juked? babby's first portal maps
Collection by: Qbyte 1800
A series of test chambers with the intetion of varying dificulty release on a regular schedual - at least one new chamber per week - with a specific basic structure to all the chambers: large "boxhead" rooms.
The "NO PORTAL GUN" Series
Collection by: {U}KoleKelley{U}
I'm Starting Up A No Portal Gun Series! When it Is Done, There Will Be Officially 12 Parts. Fact: Some Weeks I Will Be Off So I Cant Do Anything to This. 5/11/2012: 1st Map of The 12 Map Series Uploaded!
Collection by: MasaKre
The First Initiative Pack
Collection by: Trading CS:GO Wins 4 Booty
***Please give a like and favorite for all the hard work done by the developers!*** :) This collection is for users of any skill! I just want to start of saying I am not a professional designer, so if you're a tough critic, take that in mind. I do NOT ...
"Dark" Test Chambers
Collection by: Waillio
Chambers with one special: there is not a lot of light in it. That's all. Thanks for playing, hope you enjoy it. ___ I will add more chambers. They will be more and more hard, I hope.
Collection by: Huntsman969
Mini-Chambers is a collection of easy and difficult chambers. Lots of fun for everyone!
Bauer's Box
Collection by: [EcG-I] Jack Bauer
A collection of my current levels for Portal 2.
Simple or Insane?
Collection by: Arzt Lecker
How hard will you rage? This is just a collection of simple maps that you will find to either be as easy as your ex-girlfriend or as obscenely impossible as QWOP. Enjoy.
New Era
Collection by: [iRON] Doraro
A New Era Of Testing
Atlas 23s Workshop
Collection by: MasterSword
Very Awesome
Aperture: Quartz Mare Sciences
Collection by: Ivory "Scratch" Rose
In this Universe, Aperture Science is run by a Pony named Reese Johnson who, before she founded Aperture to provide Celestia's Royal guard with shower curtains, made a fortune buying and selling Quartz crystals to superstitious ponies who believed it woul...
Portal 2 Tutorials
Collection by: Trazixs
This is a basic tutoral to Portal 2 game play. Hope you enjoy!
Learning to use the editor
Collection by: Rodebm
Some maps that I made to test the items and the editor engine.
Abandoned Chambers
Collection by: Acemisterawesome
This is a collection of a series of chambers that have been "abandoned." I've kinda wondered why the lights in the observitories are always on, and how old chambers still worked. So this is about chambers that were just left to be un-used, but never got t...
My Levels
Collection by: HaydenII
A collection of my most difficult levels.
Turret Trials
Collection by: Coded_In_Assembly
JUST TRY AND TOUCH THAT BABY. This will pit your wits against the turret. It starts out easy but will get harder and harder as the levels go on.
The Juggler Chambers
Collection by: Mr Beans
You have to use collisions and skill to complete these maps #F4F
Mechanica Collection
Collection by: wyndstryker
The Mechanica test chambers from Multi-verse Earth 8811432. Aperture Science - Mechanica Project Collection Previous tests have shown that skill is a major factor in the completion of these tests. Scientists in the Mechanica Project have opted to at...
Collection by: Doomed Dust
This is a growing collection of maps made by me. I aim to make them brainteasing and challenging. Check back for more maps.
Collection by: Mario
uma série de mapas baseados simplesmente em labirintos, alguns simples e alguns complicados
Underland Series 1
Collection by: Wankstain
Made by two guys. Just started making maps in Portal 2, don't expect much.
Science Insanity
Collection by: Kael
Just some maps of portal 2 ... I try to make it very hard 8D
Trials of Mad
Collection by: Fappy Fapington
A series of maps made by » M@Ð$k!llz «
Collection by: Lalee
If you saw the movie "Cube" you should check this map out... You will enjoy the experiment. :) Originally, I created a big cube but it had too many items and even the "hammered" version crashed the game. So I had to cut it, creating four smaller maps, ...
Need a little operating skills
Collection by: 八方美人
The initial structure of the room is simple , and the difficulty is progressively. But i think If you are not familiar with Source Engine you will be a big headache. Maybe in this maps you will cry even if you know how to get through~ :D I ...
Lab Rats
Collection by: Shphrd
A collection of puzzles, all difficult, and all very user motivated. These puzzles will not hold your hand. Enjoy
Chamber [XXX]
Collection by: Chris/si
That's a Collection, where I will add my new "Chamber [XXX]'s".
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