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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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For TheUselessMouth
Collection by: Жиравфик Рафик
testi dla Usele
Logic Gates
Collection by: Shadark
WIP of diverse types of logic gates and possibly in a future, more complicated electronic mechanisms.
Turrets & Cubes
Collection by: Felix the Fox
All of the tests for my map pack "Turrets & Cubes".
Collection by: BABAIKA
3 litel test
Gadgets, Machines, Switches, Timers, Logic Gates, Automation
Collection by: Veni, veni, veni
Binary logic gates, toggle switches, timers, pulse generators, clock generators, etc. These are the tools that I use to make puzzles unique and more interesting. I try to set them up so they're easy to understand and copy into your own puzzles. I also ...
Test chambers for a test
Collection by: vltr
The Butters Pack
Collection by: Butters Stotch
A collection of simple but challenging tests that you will find simply challenging. Note that this collection is mandatory for all employees grade 7-A. Meals will not be provided but you may bring a sack lunch. All liquids must be stored in a covered cont...
Aristotle: No Escape
Collection by: Killer3691kill2
This is a work in progress game I made called Aristotle: No Escape, But now I have imported it into "Portal" because the plots are the same exept in Aristotle you go thew mazes not chambers with a "Portal Devise". Now it is impoted to Portal and it is bet...
The Cave Johnson Pack
Collection by: Crooow
Enjoy custom maps designed to replicate the maps from the Chapters The Fall through The Reunion. From painting through levels with the new propulsion gun to trying to solve the insane co-op maps, this action packed map pack will deliver you puzzles that w...
Test Map Pack 4
Collection by: Rand0mNumbers
Each map is, more or less, a proof of concept built using Hammer from the Portal 2 Authoring Tools.
Portal: Advanced Chambers
Collection by: Goobertron
The Advanced Test Chambers from the first Portal game.
Test Subject Warm up Tests
Collection by: Purplecat
A small collection of short easy tests to warm up a Test Subject before going into harder tests.
"Thank You... Friend"
Collection by: XeonZach ♋
My series called "Thank You... Friend".
Collection by: Mr.[Е]нот
The Dolphin Initiative Testing
Collection by: The Dolphin Whisperer
Tests created by dolphins, for testing by humans. Mehekek, ekekekekeke, ehek, ekeke EHEKEKE ehe ehek ek ek ekekek... mehekekek MEHEKEKEK!
Collection by: HunterHD
L.A.D.D.E.R Pack
Collection by: hot knife
Hello science tester, So, this is my first set of tryouts. It is intended to be a gift for a friend of mine, which I call him Ladder. Otherwise, it could also mean a pack of chambers in which along with your progress it becomes harsh, little by litt...
simple difficult map
Collection by: Kaito Key Yamdai Werkey
Mes maps de difficulté simple a plus dure
portal training
Collection by: occullen
portal 2 training maps
Collection by: panchoo
some Labs. 01---xx
Easy Chamber
Collection by: [RU]3EKC
Набор "простых" камер для Portal 2 от 3ekc'a
daT's Set #1
Collection by: daTomoT
This pack contains five maps. Three of the chambers are of 'room' dimensions, and two are of 'corridor' dimensions. I would describe the first four as of medium difficulty, and the last one is significantly harder. Unfortunately, some of the maps haven...
Don't Drop The Cubes Collection
Collection by: _-^AGA^-_ Otto Weston
Don't Drop The Cubes Collection: Contains all four maps - Don't Drop the Cubes (HINT* At the aerial faith plate jump, there are some walls which are portable, you can't see that in the dark) Don't Drop the Cubes 2 Juggling Man (HINT* Cubes...
Encore et toujours des tests
Collection by: Babiole
Amusez-vous bien ;) Ce pack contient 6 map pour l'instant je compte en faire une dizaine. Enjoy ;) This pack contains six now, I think in ten to.
Juvortus' Chambers
Collection by: Juvo
Welcome test subject! I see that you have found this page, good! Now you have a mission. Finish every chamber that you can find here. If you do I will be soo proud of you. If not, then you have just wasted my time typing this piece of text for you! I ...
Strange Swimming Pool
Collection by: Ænima
My first collection
Collection by: Harbinger
DaNieL™ Collection
Collection by: -=DaNiéL{™}=- <3 GTA V & HL3
Nolife Perpetual Testing Initiative Collection
Collection by: guybrush1978
Liste des cartes créées par les utilisateurs du forum de Nolife
Epic Test Chambers
Collection by: runwithskizzorss
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