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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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tzhartman pack
Collection by: tzhartman
tzhartman's maps in 1 convenient place
Collection by: ScorchRC62
This is a collection of maps that I created which attempt to creativly include all of the elements within portal to hopefully give the user an enjoyable challenge.
Random Collection
Collection by: kingspride
This is the one and only collection of my Portal Maps. Unfortunatly, they have no story, but am i caretcaret ? :D I think i will add some more stuff the next days / weeks.
Collection by: zapirkon
zap!ping fun
Workshop Experiments by Dr. K. Wattkins
Collection by: Xenogelion
Do you have what it takes to be the best experimental test subject Aparture-Sigma? Can you look crazy pesudo science in the face and then spit in it while laughing as you plumet down a 100 ft. drop? Will you do that thing just asked? Then you do have what...
Cube Hunter Test Series
Collection by: Awesome Weegee
A series of tests based on finding and gathering Weighted Storage Cubes as a key piece in solving each puzzle
Epic's Bathrooms
Collection by: Elvee
We all know even the greatest of men have to use the bathroom one time or another, but who says their epicness stops there? Come tour the greats bathrooms~ (Warning: Some may die in attempt to see bathrooms.)
Simulations Pack 1
Collection by: Raward
This Collection contain the first 5 Maps of the Simulations Series. #12511 - #12519. Like, rate, and subscribe for more packs!
7 Tests About God
Collection by: Imaginator
Meditating on these tests will reveal something about the divine or about goat cheese; results are inconclusive. Aperture's next 7 tests take Science where it's never gone before, exploring issues like faith, life, turrets, deities, excursion funnels and ...
Collection by: deliriumdemens
The Joker Games (Easy)
Collection by: HERE, CATCH!
My Collection
Collection by: ThatActorDude
I wanna see y cry
Collection by: MadFührer
VPI Adventure
Collection by: P | Paranja
Eine Portal 2 Reihe mit vielen Lustigen Events sowie spannende und schwierige Aufgaben!
Tracking The Cake
Collection by: Rawwbin
First set of test chambers I made.
Minute Series
Collection by: bEN
A series of quick test chambers. Feedback is appreciated. :) Harder Series Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=72305674
Collection by: Fourth Reaper
The Penrose Collection features an ever expanding series of maps with a focus on the Surface Division Field. That fancy invention is a new testing element the lab boys at Aperture Science South developed to conjure mid-air portals that allow two-way acces...
My 1st Collection
Collection by: lflcorreia
My 1st Collection.
Mad Lab
Collection by: Fartfly
are you mad enough
Awesomeness Tests
Collection by: The ID GamePlay
All of the Awesomeness Tests!
Gravity sience
Collection by: [S]tatic-Xl
В данных тестах ваши ошибки могут привести к гибели.
My First Three Test Chambers
Collection by: AF2 | Subject_Delta
Nothing special, just some of my first attempts at the portal chamber creator. If I recieve positive feedback, I may create more chambers later on. Have fun and don't forget to comment, since it's the only way i know what everyone thinks.
Into the Opera
Collection by: Krowi
Into the Opera is a work in progress map serie about 3 people getting stuck in the opera lead by the turrets. Started in the PTI editor and continued with enhancements made in Hammer. Current PTI maps are being converted and enhanced to and with Hammer. T...
The Companion Cube's Charm
Collection by: bin672
Humans aren't the only ones who fall to The Companion Cube's Charm. The turrets will give everything they have and some things they don't have into defending their beloved box.
Random maps
Collection by: Vitullinen Tyä_Mies
This is collection of random!
Aperture Science Enrichment Center Meltaway Industries Funded Testing Chambers
Collection by: Jordan the Echidna
Meltaway Industries is proud to take part in testing the Quantum Tunneling Device in partnership with Aperture Science and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Please enjoy these easy test chambers, and remember, easy testing for easy results.
Tales Of The Fallen: Portal Ventures
Collection by: FearCrossingYT
My Map Pack, Also with my Weekly Chambers!
6 Odd Tests
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
There are six tests in here that are very odd. Can you solve them all?
Tests Volume 2
Collection by: Bob the Weeping Angel
Don't expect anything hard. All were made by me. Try Vol.1 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=71686042
Collection by: LegoLover98
A collection of Kakanleet's silly maps witch gives you a challenge combined with old aspect of portal maps
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