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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Epic Chambers: Competition
Collection by Gmaninsb
These tests are designed for a competition involving lots of a certain specified item. You can have two players playing one and seeing who can do it faster or just do it single. ____________ 2012 Epic Chambers inc. Portal 2
xipo n foxxy
Collection by XipoTec
Portal Testing Discouragement Initiative
5 of the hardest chambers I've made. As the name implies, they can be discouraging, but they should be pretty fun - The end of each should feel like an accomplishment. Save often in each chamber, and enjoy.
Puzzle a Day - Week 5
Collection by Sloth.ps
A collection of 7 Portal Puzzles of different lengths and styles, built by Sloth and playtested by the lovely people at http://playstuff.net.
Some Little Maps
Collection by savaka
These are my easy little maps.
GlaDos Secret Test Chamber
Collection by Platinkid
Can you test it ?
Kolakcja testow 1
Collection by MadALien
Kolekcja trudnych i latwych testow z kropelka histori.
Portal Ergonomy
Collection by La Petite Magicienne
Full Inspiration Maps Difficulty : Medium - Hard Enjoy ! And please rate the collection :)
Collection by antonzik
Test 1
Collection by Nakamo
New Portal Story
Collection by savaka
This is my new portal mappack. Each map is like a chapter. No story involved. Even though it says story. I just didn't know what to call it I guess.
Easy Test Room
Collection by MegaSchoolNagibator99_mamkuebal
my first test chambers
The MCKC Project
Collection by Ms. Celestia
My first project of Portal Chambers (seems to be the only one too). Maybe it is bored in the beginning, like the tutorial... but, I am just a starter in making Tests Chambers. Don't worry, I will improve my design for my Test Chambers, this series a...
Revenge Of The Turrets!
Collection by Festive_Deathwing
The turrets return to get you for hurting them.
Collection by EndLessHippopotamus
This is an Aperture Laboratories Initiative to see how test subjects react to being propelled in the air.
Collection by BloatedMonkey
A series of tests, starting easy and becoming progressively harder.
XVII: Prepare to die
Collection by XVII
Some maps of Aperture Science Test, designed to really test the candidate. Warning: Some maps may be very difficult and deadly. You'll have to try several times before you pass the test of skill or the puzzle. Difficult: Hard and deadly.
Lore of Aperture
Collection by Dom44
This mappack contains 4 clean styled maps, which were created in editor and edited and detailed in hammer. Dom44 - level design, editing and detailing maps EljanoCZE - level design We hope you will enjoy playing our mappack! Feedback and video pl...
The Seven Trolls
Collection by jasonm144
7 maps of fustration, but completable. Can you finish them all?
Target Aquired Collection
Collection by iEatwe
Description: A row of turrents block your path to the exit. The only way through them is pushing them down. Work your way up from "Easy" mode to "Sucide". Questions and Answers: Q: How many games will you be having in your collection? A: Six. I'm w...
Testing Chaimbers 1-22
Collection by Prof. Pamone
I have Made my attempt to Make my own Storyline Testing Chaimbers.
The First Time Around We're virgins lol!
Collection by raydew
Just a few puzzles we put together. Not too complicated but true head scratchers! EnJoy!!!
Experimental Science
Collection by Domino Eleven
Imaginative Chambers
Shade - Mindless Entertainment
Collection by Shade
This pack contains four maps that are simple but fun. Three are normal Portal chambers, and one is exploring the engine (inspired by Pechinko). I hope you like them :- )
The Split-Up Co-Op
Collection by DragonX
One person goes left. One person goes right. Work together while apart in this collection of portal maps.
The laser, the cube and the stickman SERIES
Collection by BonacimBR
All the maps of this series.
Saturday Seven Part 2: Frustration Test
Collection by nhenrica
Welcome back to the Saturday Seven. Unfortunately, this series won't neccesarily be every week, but it will always be on Saturdays. This installment features some tests where a little bit of luck may be required. But don't worry, skill is required too....
Dragonol's Collection
Collection by Dragonol
Simple experience mais les maps que je vous propose sont fonctionnel, amusez-vous!
Collection by ICE BEAM
The Aperture Science Enrichment Center requires you to complete these three test chambers dealing with Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill and its mechanics. Sign up and do your part for science today at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. At...
Zody's Gellange Chambers
Collection by Zody
These gel chambers are absurdly difficult and can take nearly 30 minutes to finish the first chamber.
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