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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Combo Test
Collection by: Вr0yler
Portal 2 tests
Collection by: Static the Minun ♂
All my portal 2 tests.
The Jambalaya Map Pack
Collection by: jambalaya
My first 8 test chambers. I have two design philosophies when creating a test chamber: 1) Use a mechanic that might not normally be used in "regular" portal puzzles 2) Don't hand-hold too much: as much space as possible is left portalable so the ...
PineAppleGears Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: GameBoy96
The PineAppleGears Portal 2 Maps.
The Tough Ones
Collection by: Bilbo Swaggins
A fun collection of my test chambers "A must play" Doowus123 "Really fun" Fr0zone325
The Arsenic Catnip
Collection by: UnrealCatnip
:33< Well hello there furrends~! These are my purrfect tests i have created over the past w33k! Have fun! *Image not created by me.*
Collection by: dusuarez
Mari0 Portal (stabyourself.net/mari0) is a Mario game with Portal physics. I made these maps closest as possible to Mari0's Portal levels considering the Perpetual Testing Initiative limitations. This was the first collection to appear in Workshop, bu...
K12T6's Laser Based Chambers
Collection by: K12T6
This collection contains all of my Portal 2 test chambers that have lasers as the main puzzle element.
Test box collection 1
Collection by: Terry
Quantum Propulsion Laboratory
Collection by: BadRocketDK
A series of fun maps with medium difficulty level.
Collection by: фыва
Collection by: Eva Pamela
first collection.
The Zozone
Collection by: Zozo
Enter the Zozone. Use your Zozone-issued Frankencubes to get through your training. Do not use the Unknown-issued Companion cubes. We don't know how they got there. Once your training is complete, it's time for the big game. Quicksave is your...
A helping of simple science and testing....
Collection by: Hellsy
Just testing out the builder and built these, Hoping you will try them and test......thanks for yout time
Collection by: rombrett
If you like labyrinths you'll love it.
Pneumatic Diversity vent testing initative
Collection by: Flo2912
This is a collection of test, using the Pneumatic Diversity vent, a planed testing-element. Valve removed it in last minute, I dont know why :( Note: I haven't made this maps, I only searched for them.
Classical Mechanics as Viewed by Aperture Science
Collection by: Vortebo
A series of three maps very loosely based off of Newton's laws of motion. In each of the three puzzles, the law they're named for probably comes into play at least once. They're all fairly easy, but I'm still rather fond of them.
The Inferno Cascade Puzzle Set
Collection by: flarespire
Just a little collection where i make tests for people to have fun with.
Collection by: Arcade Fiction
Test chambers inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. I have written a poem to describe where these new test chambers came from. To be read in the style of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. Please to enjoy: POErtal Across time and space and...
Balcony Boy's wonder lab
Collection by: BEN_BRICKLEY
A collection of unusual puzzles
Collection by: SM64dragonhack | 火
Good luck
Collection by: Anden
The Dark Room Serie's Collection box.. every new Dark room Map will come automaticly here and it will be much more easy to get the newest maps.. The Dark Room Serie's was made by ''Anden'' The right's are all going to Anden.
My Beloved Cube
Collection by: PixPak
Just a collection of some testchambers i made using the power of the companion cube!
Portal 1 Chamber Remakes
Collection by: Soup Calhoun
This is a recreation of chambers 12-17, a bit of 18, the GLaDOS battle, and a bonus Wheatley battle. Dynamic background elements were used to make it more like the original while still using PeTI. -Lasers turn off when they are used. -Lasers and button...
Goon Testing Initiative
Collection by: Venom In A Durag
Maps featured in videos from the Goon Testing Initiative.
The Collection of HELLO
Collection by: HELLO23
This is a collection of all the chambers I created. Enjoy playing !
Portal 2 PeTI Kaizo Collection
Collection by: Inquisitor Warth (Vested)
Portal 2, Kaizo Style. 'Nuff Said.
The Fun House
Collection by: usethisonejack
Enter the Fun House... Enjoy the Ball Pit and escape the Bounce House to enter The Maze. Finding your way out only leads to more danger in the Haunted Hall. For those skilled enough to make it through the hall, one last puzzle locks the Slip'n'Slide. Unlo...
The 15 Tests
Collection by: Endjinn
The 15 Tests are 15 tests i put together to make this seres of nice tests for you to play
Pastry Pred's Chambers
Collection by: pastry
Donut/Pastrypredator/Irc's own levels. WARNING : These levels are in no way good in any way, to be honest. I just wanted a collection of the levels I build ( and like )
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