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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The MoonPalm Science Testing!
Collection by: Raccoon99
Welcome to the Moonpalm Science Testing, Where Moonpalm And Aperture Science Work for a Golden Age of Science! Chamber 1: Goo, Plates, And a Companion. Chamber 2: This feels Similer. Chamber 3: TuRRets. Chamber 4: Sky High. Chamber 5: Chamber 6: ...
Funtastic testing facility
Collection by: Lich
A collection of maps that are meant to just be played in, fling you're self through portals, create infinite fall, play with gel, bounce with cubes, destroy turrets, and just have fun! Maps coming soon, expect maps within 1-2 weeks! Enjoy in advance...
The Cavebot
Collection by: SunSlayerKD[T-A!]
Explore a cave system in each of these maps. Do not be fooled by the Boots. They might save you if you fall, but is that always the case? While the tunnels are not endless, they still are dangerous.
Moss Creations
Collection by: Moss
Architectural Collection
Collection by: Dr. Glickenstine
This is a collection containing several test chambers that are directed more towards the architectural side of them, rather than the actual testing. They are done in the easy-to-use editor, rather than Hammer, so they don't look amazing, but I have done t...
Made in Serbia
Collection by: GrgoljBlaster
Collection of maps made by Portal 2 players from Serbia. Kolekcija mapa koje su napravili igrači iz Srbije. Cilj je da na jednom mestu skupimo što više mapa koje su radili naši igrači tako da, ukoliko ste napravili nivo ili dva, kontaktirajte me i...
Test Chambers by Ric666
Collection by: Ric666
A collection of my test chambers. Some may be a bit long but hopefully fun. Hope you enjoy & please leave any comments below or at this topic: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2701865 Thx :)
Collection by: SpyroCoolLP
Starring Bendy as Chell. Starring Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube as Aperture Science Personality Construct - Adventure (Rick) WARNING: Explosions may or may not appear. PLEASE NOTE: 'God Save The Cube' is not part of this collection. I ha...
The Containment Test Track
Collection by: Meu dente caiu do nada
A series of test chambers designed to follow a sequence, but with no required order to play.
Nikki H's Chamber Collection
Collection by: NikkiNiel
Our collection of puzzles for Portal 2!
Thinking with Portals: Series
Collection by: Maj-Major
In this series you play through several different tests. More tests will soon be made.
The Tobbii Campaign
Collection by: Andrea
All of the maps I've made for Portal 2, play them and pretend there's a story where I force you to test things without any purpose... Hooray!
Hyrule's Castle
Collection by: Faldown
- Hyrule' s Castle - You are Zelda, a beautiful princess.A bad guy kidnapped you. Two months later, Link saved you. Link, for his victory, played Ocarina. But this song teleported you in another time, in 2358. You wake up in a test room and a strange ...
Carpet Weaves
Collection by: Carpetbeater
the 'carpeteater' is a self-depreciating internet identity for a guy with epilepsy. I have designed and made many 2D and some 3D designs and Valve's Workshop is irresistable, as the Portal game is one of the best non-violent game softwares I have come acr...
Second Kampfkeks Sixpack
Collection by: HolyKampfkeks
Mein zweiter Sixer, der ist noch schwerer, noch kniffliger und noch gemeiner! Viel Spaß!
Variety Testing Course
Collection by: Cripion101
An ever increasing collection of maps that shall hopefully be updated regularly with new maps. The test chambers are a mix of all of the different testing elements, with different combinations in different chambers. Enjoy!
Welcome to Hell
Collection by: by_NemezidA
About the map pack: You're in hell, try to survive. Part 1:Welcome to Hell. Part 2:coming soon...
Mari0 map pack
Collection by: yunta_gohan
This map pack contains 19 levels of mari0 (sorry for the errors of map pack,mari0 engine is different of portal 2 engine) You can download the original game here http://stabyourself.net/ You can check my other files here http://steamcommunity.com/p...
SSC project
Collection by: sebbl
Hello and welcome to the Sebbl's Super Chamber (short: SSC) project! If you're interested in helping science develop lots of awesome things, please feel free to participate in the SSC test chambers! Tested already? Welcome onboard, SSC project team m...
Wir spielen mit Tödlicher Suppe
Collection by: RageNova
Wir spielen mit Tödlicher Suppe! Wie der Titel ja schon sagt werden hier Testkammern mit viel von unserer tollen Tödlichen Suppe testen. Ich freue mich über sämtliche Bewertungen und über (harte) Kritik! Zurzeit sind nicht viele Kammern vorhande...
Collection by: ANTHOBOTWIN
Toutes les maps créer par les chouals. http://www.choualbox.com
Collection by: Mozkomor
Turret s.r.o. se zaměřuje na logické uvažování při hraní . Naše společnost se pro vás snaží dělat zajímavé mapy :) Byl bych rád za jakykoli hodnocení ,protože každé dílo by se mělo ohodnotit :)
TheRightGuy's Users Collection
Collection by: solo.dev
An attempt to collect all of the rooms made by users of TheRightGuy's Minecraft server's players. Some are easy, some hard, but all in all, all are fun!
The Rook
Collection by: Justin Hopewell
The Rook campaign for Portal 2. Can you make it to the top of the Rook? ( Background image by Gryphart - http://gryphart.deviantart.com/art/Sunset-Tower-159113802 )
The Liz Project: Girlfriend Friendly Test Chambers
Collection by: OptiCrunch
This collection is aimed at the girlfriends of gamers (or boyfriends) that are not particularly gamers. These are "girlfriend-friendly" puzzles that don't require timing or have huge complicated rooms.
Collection by: _CC ᴙᴱɃᴀɴϵ (rebane) // קrionen™
This are the "small" chambers. Ervery chaber got the same base-size. Some of them won't require portals to be used, but they are all quite interesting. Of course I'm trying to raise the duifficulty for each level.
Collection by: Krebsy
Krebsy does Science! A few test chambers to be getting on with, more to follow.
Those Oh So Lucky Tests
Collection by: Tdoe321
This is a series of tests that require you to have luck in order to pass. I will continue to add to these chambers as I see fit. Have fun, and be lucky!
Cube Conundrums
Collection by: Pee_Gee
Cube Conundrums is a series that I am making celabrating cubes! As the series progresses I intend to slowly increase the difficulty of the puzzles. In all puzzles you will always need a cube to open the exit, so keep that in mind. So far there is one c...
Raniks Testkammern
Collection by: Ranik der Sensenmann
Hier werden alle Testräume von mir zusammengefasst. Besondere Räume werde ich in einer zweiten Kollektion zusammenfassen. Viel Spaß!
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