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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Discover the Cubes
Collection by: Dragiboules (Jaratéka)
Discover all types of cubes !
Test Attack
Collection by: njozzy
Random bunch of tests that can be fun and frustrating *Note* TS6 was bugged and not working, it will be uploaded when it works or redone.
El Farmerino's Map Pack
Collection by: elfarmerino
A collection of my first five maps, from the entirely Hammer-made Double Bill to the PTI/Hammer crossovers Jam, Oval Window and Gymnasium Parts 1 and 2. I realise the image has nothing to do with the maps, but you have to admit those are a lovely pair of ...
The Frankencube House
Collection by: atmaSurge
This house calls to me. Amidst the circuitry, lasers, and high-technology within, there is a dark and ancient secret. A secret someone wanted to keep behind bars. Haha, nah. It's just a house, or something! Let's walk around, push some buttons, and ...
The Test Chambers of an Aperture Apprentice
Collection by: Little Hats
As an apprentice within Aperture Laboratories, the world's leading company in science, Little Hats tries so hard to make Test Chambers that are good enough for distribution. Unfortunately, they always seem to be too easy. One day, Little Hats hopes to mak...
Lukes Demise
Collection by: trampmagic
A collection of my first 2 portal maps, fully tested, hope you enjoy.
Markowski's The Six Test Chambers Series
Collection by: markowski
Can you get through these test chambers? Probably you can. Do you think the same way with me? Mercy on you if you do. Get through series of six chambers and maybe you find it out. Six different types of puzzles for you to discover. Looking for little ente...
Darks Little Puzzles
Collection by: i ronry
Puzzles made by me, just out of fun. But they do honestly feel like puzzles.
Acunil's #F4F Collection
Collection by: Acunil
These are what I consider to be my best maps. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome, and will be repaid in kind. Thanks, and enjoy :) #F4F
Samueloss's Map Pack 01
Collection by: Samuel Titor
Mes 5 premières map dans un seul pack : -Samueloss's Aperture Science - 01 (Niveau Moyen) -Samueloss's Aperture Science - 02 (Niveau Moyen) -Samueloss's Aperture Science Mini - 01 (Niveau Facile) -Samueloss's Aperture Science Mini - 02 (Niveau Facile...
Wheatley test's
Collection by: Faldaxag
Welcome to laboratory of research of portals... That for nonsense I bear!? You got to my laboratory of research of portals... That!?, About isn't present!, This program dements me. Eh... all right, you one of nine... No, you are the single examinee surviv...
Learning with Gels
Collection by: Dragiboules (Jaratéka)
Problems with Gels ? This collection will help you to resolve them.
Smart Testing
Collection by: Popoill
Hello everyone. When you want testing I will give you more chambers and there are. Good luck and Have fun test subjects. (We are testing because we love it.)
The Neo-Orbital-Outreach-Basics Tests
Collection by: USCE | Smokevin
The Neo-Orbital-Outreach-Basics Tests are a series of tests formed to evaluate new recruits for the upcoming Anti-Extra-Terrestrial Squad from Aperture Science, designed to destroy the impending doom from Aliens threatening to destroy the Earth. The Al...
lzeldas Kollektion
Collection by: lzelda
Hier ist eine Kollektion, der von mir selbst erstellten Karten.
Easy Peasy
Collection by: Dragiboules (Jaratéka)
If you aren't intelligent, you will like this collection. :)
In Fred's Mind [Series]
Collection by: Fredsund
My Portal 2 maps
The CODE collection
Collection by: amaury1038
Found the combinations !! Trouvez les combinaisons !!
The S+D Labs Test Protocol
Collection by: Pixie Starlight
This is a series of test chambers by myself and my colleague to test using logic and also simplicity. Sometimes the answer is easier than it seems, sometimes harder than it looks. It's our first collection and feedback would be very helpful, and the more ...
Just testing
Collection by: KeyserSose
This is a collection of my first few test chambers. I'm still learning how to use the editor so please leave feedback so I can improve my chambers. Hope you enjoy them.
Easy Tests
Collection by: Pony-tley
You create easy test no hard
Freude am Kubus
Collection by: gazza
Für alle Kubusliebhaber
Portal Parkour #1
Collection by: |TBR|.#xXinoXx *_*
FlyBoy's Testing chambers of awesomeness
Collection by: FlyBoy
The Lost Frankencube
Collection by: Zen
You do not remember anything from yesterday... or the day before that day... you actually dont remember anything from the past. You only remeber waking up here, in this test chamber. As you progress through this and the other chambers, you will find out...
Dreamcore's Revenge
Collection by: Teabag with Green Tag
20 Years after you escaped from the Aperture Laboratories, you started to dream of the facility. Every Night a new test chamber. To wake up, you have to Complete the room to escape the dream. Is it Wheatly's Revenge, just a dream or is it even more? __...
Collection by: James "Zakkite" And Answers!
A series of chambers with the intention of getting progressivly difficult over each part.
Collection by: Dinsk
It is a bouncy ride with all the blue gell you want in every level (not) garenteed. lot of brakets () "Good fun easy levels" said camerox the owner and maker of these levels. In the depths of aputure labs in demension XXXVII.V Cave stole some test c...
The Lovely Test Chamber
Collection by: wubbzy301
The Death Chambers
Collection by: acs123acs
A series of challenging Portal 2 maps with a goal to kill you, but are in fact solvable. There will be more maps to come.
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