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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Test Chambers for Girls
Collection by: Silly
These represent some of the standard tests used by Aperture Laboratories for young, female test subjects aged 7-14 years. Results so far have shown a staggering one half of all test subjects testing positive to being male. Please help Aperture forward ...
...Continue Testing....
Collection by: Ti Suicido!
The Collection represents a series of chamber, each one focused on a different element used to solve it. I hope you'll enjoy it.
The Pancake is a Lie
Collection by: siberian
This is my first steps in creating of map for games. And first pancase no bad... always.
A (Relaxing) Beginners Test Pack (For all Types of Portal 2 Players; Including Hardcore Players!)
Collection by: Nikolaki8
(Please be noted that this test pack is updated constantly) This test pack is deticated to all the Portal 2 beginners out there. Let it be known, that this test pack is also ment to be relaxing, so if you are stressed, or emotional, this test pack shoul...
Checkboard puzzle
Collection by: Tyty
This set of puzzle is made from the chess's idea, so you'll see a checkboard on floors and walls of every rooms. Maybe you could be the king and defeat all turrets to solve the checkboard's puzzle!
Jacob's First Collection of Meaty Tests
Collection by: Shrodo
What makes this collection interesting is that it's the first chambers I've created. That's prettymuch it.
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Collection by: WMD
A collection of 10 (2 are back under construction - so only 8 right now) tests that revolve around the same basic room with different permutations in every test. Some of the test are a little strange, i have to admit. I tried to do a mix of stuff that wou...
Tales from a Software Developer
Collection by: Delta
A collection of maps inspired by a place some of us spend our lives in, attempting to make other people's lives better. Usually at our own expense. You know, helping us help you help us all? Occasionally we get cake, but for some reason people always insi...
Winter Collection
Collection by: Winter
A collection of fun and challenging puzzles ^_^ Please rate, comment, and favorites!
Comprehensive Aperture Science Triple-Chamber Testing Environment
Collection by: NeoRetro10K
The second of these test chambers is a challenge version of the first. Each has three rooms, each harder than the last. Can you figure them out? Play the maps in order, as starting with the challenge map guarantees your frustration. However, when you comp...
Awesome fun maps
Collection by: A_Squirrel
A collection of the most beautiful and mindblowing maps i could find. Featuring: heavy engine abuse, faithplate-rollercoaster rides, new game concepts and concept maps, birds, boss fights, sandboxes, custom visuals and sounds, average difficulty. ...
Meet the Tests
Collection by: Slowbro2
Tests based off the TF2 characters. Tests created By: Slowbro2 Test with certain characteristics of the characters (Scout's speed, Sniper's aim, and more) Glad to take suggestions
Pack 1
Collection by: Shiny Pikachu
Includes easy-medium diffuculty test chambers. The pack will be fully complete when there are five chambers uploaded.
Dylicon Laboratories
Collection by: dude2333
Dylicon Laboratories helping Apeture Laboratories for free.
Pablo's Testy Tests
Collection by: Pablo_
Just Tests
Collection by: (P-E) mistertimn
This is a re-creation of a Portal map I made in Minecraft. I used the Portal mod, if you want you can check it out here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/5-chambers-by-tvink98/ They're fairly simple starting out, and I had to make a few modificat...
Lemons for the winners...
Collection by: Memento
Challenging chambers will be added frequently.
Im[possible] Tests by Zacho984
Collection by: zacho984
Im tests are small and/or short maps designed to challenge the Portal 2 player to take a "leap of faith" into new puzzle solving skills. Some of these include; -Unorthodox positioning -Hidden walls -Trap doors -Clever gel placement -T...
The Portal Classics
Collection by: Robogineer
Do you ever have nostalgia about the original Portal, but like the Portal 2 style? Now, you can play all of you favorite, ridiculously easy test chambers from Portal! I have hand-made each level to be as close to the originals as possible.
Thunk w/ Portal
Collection by: HipstaDoge
Just Thunk w/ Portal and you will be fine. ;) MexicanWombat22
Get Busy
Collection by: buk.kake
Testchambers, medium skill level. Enjoy.
The Best Milksake Collection
Collection by: Zhurb-O
This collection includes an ascending amount of complex puzzles, not meant for the ordinary player. The maps in my collection can be stressful, frustrating, and VERY difficult. I hope you enjoy a challenge, for the most part. Feel free to skip around unti...
Easy Test- For new players
Collection by: Oxy
Easy Tests for the new players, have fun friends..
Collection by: Warrior
Left 4 cubes
Collection by: leo_morel
Flooded Chamber
Collection by: GavinTheHero
This is the Flooded Chamber pack with the Flooded Chamber levels!
The MoonPalm Science Testing!
Collection by: Raccoon99
Welcome to the Moonpalm Science Testing, Where Moonpalm And Aperture Science Work for a Golden Age of Science! Chamber 1: Goo, Plates, And a Companion. Chamber 2: This feels Similer. Chamber 3: TuRRets. Chamber 4: Sky High. Chamber 5: Chamber 6: ...
Funtastic testing facility
Collection by: Lich
A collection of maps that are meant to just be played in, fling you're self through portals, create infinite fall, play with gel, bounce with cubes, destroy turrets, and just have fun! Maps coming soon, expect maps within 1-2 weeks! Enjoy in advance...
The Cavebot
Collection by: SunSlayerKD[T-A!]
Explore a cave system in each of these maps. Do not be fooled by the Boots. They might save you if you fall, but is that always the case? While the tunnels are not endless, they still are dangerous.
Moss Creations
Collection by: Moss
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