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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Quest for Cubix (Portal 2 Campaign)
Collection by: [The Chubby] Battered Cod
You had just esacped Aperture Laboratories with your faithful compainion cube, Cubix, when suddenly you saw a bright light. You blacked out and woke up in a test chamber, with your Cubix being held captive at end of 'Chamber 19'. Now, you must save Cubix ...
Collection by: [IPH]nxt7
edits of fighting games like mk
Time To Split Up
Collection by: Endangered CDs [R|p]
You and your buddy will be pitted to puzzles that force the both of you to be separated throughout the chambers.
exploring old aperture - session 1
Collection by: staryoshi06
these are the test chambers i made in the first session of making exploring old aperture (thats why i used my avatar as a picture) (also this is custom story cause its supposed to be a story)
A Love Story
Collection by: swisher
exploring old aperture session 2
Collection by: staryoshi06
these are the test chambers i made in session 2 of making exploring old aperture
Psanic Puzzlers
Collection by: Psanule
The Psanic Puzzlers are my main puzzles in my workshop. Enjoy!
portal 2
Collection by: NovaTitan
Collection by: PocKitMonster
Haven't you ever wanted to kill everthing with lazers then this is for you P.S lazer 1 is the hardest so watch out
Finding Cubie
Collection by: A_Weakling
When your lovely companion cube, the soul of your existance, finally was given back to you by GLaDOS, you celebrated! What sort of mentally unstable, socialpathic, braindamaged, monster wouldn't? But at closer examination...She did not give you YO...
Portal 2 creations I made.
Collection by: Marduk
I made this.
Portal 2 Collections
Collection by: ImTheHeadBitch
Portal 2 Collections
Leap of Faith
Collection by: SkyRoots
Each chamber requires a Leap of Faith (No faith plates involved.)
DarkMatt's Portal 2 Selects
Collection by: DarkMatt
This is all the maps I have created so far, arranged in no particular order, (but the order occasionally changes) and no particular curve of difficulty. Think of it as a publisher's catalog of test chambers. Most of these will probably be pretty short,...
portal 2
Collection by: Apeture Science Program
Hacker (Intro to Game Design Project 3)
Collection by: Dr. John Zoidberg
Levels created for our Intro to Game Design class. Based around the mechanic of using the Portal gun as a way to digitize yourself into computers so you can hack them and manipulate the real world. You play as Hacker who is breaking into a corporate offic...
Lock's rucksack
Collection by: TheDevilOfFallujah
Outdoor Testing Levels (and my Levels)
Collection by: smccluney_new
This is a collection of all outdoor test chambers from some of you players (and my levels). Credit to DaMaGepy, Idolon, Philly, and Dr.hismario123 Portal 2 fan for making such awesome maps!
Macintosh Laboratories
Collection by: ModernME
Welcome to Macintosh Science! Pick up a portal device to begin testing. That's what they all say. At Macintosh, there's a lot more going on than you think. There's just too much to explain. So, they just kept it shut for a decade. Now, someone decid...
Collection by: BEN
Hello fellow test subjects! I'm making a collection of all of the minigames I make. If I have 2 designs and have enough room, I'll probably fit that right into that test chamber! I'll try to keep the difficulty balanced. If I could do that. I don't have a...
portal2 pályák
Collection by: tuzgrif
itt vannak a pályák multiplayerhez
Co op maps
Collection by: George6120
Collection by: gabriellis
Portal eh daora
Portal ADV. testing
Collection by: ScaredTV
A collection of test chambers to do after you beat the campain!
Very Interesting Items....
Collection by: [KI] _Lumpy_
Ace Industries 1.0-2.0
Collection by: *Rex* acing3
Beta folders full of Portal 2 content. Ace Industries makes Test Chambers of the finest. This file holds beta's 1.0 to 2.0
Beaver's Chambers
Collection by: [Back on 20th] anangrybeaver
My chambers that stretch yor ability to think with you portals than ever before.
minigames for coop and single player
Collection by: Rosden Sh4dOw
a collection of fun mini games for either coop or single player
Start Wreck: The Wrath of Timothy
Collection by: Linking-Yellow
This collection includes both parts of Start Wreck: The Wrath of Timothy
Portal2 coop 基友撸起来
Collection by: Lilo
for friends
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