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TOC Division
Collection by: ThirdOfClubs
Hello, test subject, and welcome to the TOC Division of Aperture Science's Perpetual Testing Initiative. We here at the TOC Division are proud to say that we aim to give you the most enjoyable, and non-lethal testing experience that the Aperture Scienc...
Max Powerz Puzzles
Collection by: Max Powerz
Max Powerz Puzzle Pack, This is my first portal level pack, 5 Chambers Puzzle No.1 "The Pit" - Quick get to the exit. Puzzle No.2 "Portal Commando" - It's time to burn. Puzzle No.3 "The Chamber" - 2 Weighted cubes, 4 Laser cubes, 1 edgeless saft...
William And The Angry Birds Portal Deja vu
Collection by: Soda
My Portal Deja vu
1 Of My Portal 2 Dreams
Collection by: Soda
Its Cool
Awsome Ways To Kill a Turret
Collection by: Soda
Pea Shooter Levels Portal 2
Collection by: Soda
Welcome To The Pea Shooter levels
Shadow's Tests
Collection by: - FGR - Deadly_Shadow
All Of My Tests In One Collection!
My Maps
Collection by: Derp Sauce
All my maps so far :D
Puzzles I forgot to backup and now cannot edit!!
Collection by: Jethro Q.Walrustitty
Because I am an idiot, when I needed to reinstall steam and portal 2, I didn't back up any of these puzzles and so now can'#t edit them in the PTI editor. I have saved them on the workshop and in this collection simply so I don't lose them completely, may...
Portal 2 col
Collection by: oscarbayo
Colecion para portal 2
My maps
Collection by: buiv311291
Just sopme maps
.BASiC Collection
Collection by: SamXt
A series of small chambers going from Basic to Extream (more maps will be made in the future)
коллекция, проба
Collection by: 1[RUS]
Lusu´s Workshop
Collection by: Lusu
Portal 2
Collection by: Zahmbe
Portal 2
Collection by: Noname - WTS Fiendish
Field Of Dreams
Collection by: Soda
Enjoy This BEEmod Creation Field Of Dreams
KniJa and Creeper Knights collection
Collection by: ☆☯KniJâ☯☆ (MCT)
This collection is from Creating our Portal 2 maps
I Hope You Like Long Falls
Collection by: Scouter953
This here Collection contains all of the maps from the I.H.Y.L.L.F series. It's all in one place, so don't expect to miss out on a map or two.
TesCO-Operation series
Collection by: Dr. Hax
The collecton of the TesCO-Operation maps.
12 Angry tests
Collection by: Larthienn
mapki CaretCaret
Boop boop
Collection by: Phill
stuff for thing
Collection by: mmanestar13
Collection by: Alexey Dolgirev
Несколько хороших историй.
Macintosh Laboratories
Collection by: ModernME
Welcome to Macintosh Science! Pick up a portal device to begin testing. That's what they all say. At Macintosh, there's a lot more going on than you think. There's just too much to explain. So, they just kept it shut for a decade. Now, someone decid...
Collection by: BEN
Hello fellow test subjects! I'm making a collection of all of the minigames I make. If I have 2 designs and have enough room, I'll probably fit that right into that test chamber! I'll try to keep the difficulty balanced. If I could do that. I don't have a...
portal2 pályák
Collection by: tuzgrif
itt vannak a pályák multiplayerhez
Collection by: gabriellis
Portal eh daora
Start Wreck: The Wrath of Timothy
Collection by: Linking-Yellow
This collection includes both parts of Start Wreck: The Wrath of Timothy
Portal2 coop 基友撸起来
Collection by: Lilo
for friends
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