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Portal's Challenge: The Complete Series
Collection by WX78 S>TF2 backpack
This collection includes all my Portal's Challenge chambers. There are 5 chambers, and each chamber gets harder than the other. Enjoy!
Collection by rhyse302
a collection of portal 2 maps that i really liked playing and i think you'd love then to
The Forbidden Tests
Collection by xTcR | WrenchingOtaku [TF-R]
These tests were forbidden by GLaDOS to use. Soon you will know why.
Collection by bombo142
KampfFisch's chamber collection 1
Collection by KampfFisch
This collection includes all the chambers you 'need' when you want to play my Megamix. I personally like how some chambers turned out and there are some I didn't want to publish at first, but decided to do it anyway so I can get some feedback there too. ...
Collection by Dale Cooper
skill and trickmaps, some contain skills, other a little bit of outside-the-box-thinking
my portal 2 maps
Collection by Undead_W0lf (BO3)
my portal 2 maps
Collection by ✪ Zync
Test Subject
Collection by Golden Nutty²
You are a test subject,Your objective is to find a way out! WE ARE YOUR BOSSES!
Collection by lilgunz0713799
Portal 2 Testing Chambers
Collection by TheGovernor
A collection of all of my Portal 2 Testing Chambers.
Tout ca pour un numero de telephone !
Collection by Kixur12
Dans ces 6 salles les chiffres sont rois ! Grace aux 5 premieres decouvrez le numero de telephone permettant de finir la sixieme ! Quatre d'entre elles possedent un chiffre secret vous permettant d'acceder aux coulisses, la encore retenez-les bien pour le...
Collection by [BiZzNaStY] Shadowgenisis
Fun Chambers
Collection by ReaperDerGrabsteinPolierer
Only Fun Chambers
TheChinski's Chambers
Collection by TheChinski
Just a few chambers i've whipped together. They are all possible.
A hard Challange
Collection by ReaperDerGrabsteinPolierer
Its Hard
Maroon's Portal 2 maps
Collection by Maroon
Just all the maps I have made.
Get at me: Yolo Swag 2013
Collection by ^1zzir^6Higgzz
Pawozky tests
Collection by Pawozky
Esto es difisil.
yo sarah these are the effing levels
Collection by mrdopebunny
The best levels I created
Collection by Withered Freddy
This collection contains my masterpiece chambers created in Portal 2's Puzzle Creator located at the menu of the game at Community Chambers.
Bridge or Funnel
Collection by nintendo.erk
Autoportal maps with a pedestal button that toggles between bridge or funnel through a portal The 3rd one toggles three times : bridge, funnel, reverse funnel The 4th one toggles four times but only if a floor button is active
Goonrace - Robust Laser
Collection by Robust Laser
This probably has nothing to do with you. It's five maps meant to be raced by other people over Skype. It'll make sense later. Or maybe it won't.
[WIP] The Red Cube - A Series of Interesting (Weird) Test Chambers
Collection by [SLG] Zedrox
The Red Cube - A Series of Interesting (Weird) Test Chambers Allow me to drop you a quote from myself to explain this (wow, that was complicated). "This is designed to be a set of test chambers that are completely random and may-or-may-not work depend...
Fissure Research Facility
Collection by ~ Jules
All the FRF maps, good luck!
Gelocity maps
Collection by The Juan and only Rainbow Dash
this is the collection of Gelocity race maps.
Thinking with cubes
Collection by 8MMW
This collection features maps utilising specific tricks with thermal dicsouragement beam redirection cubes.
SDC - Woox Collection
Collection by WooX
Series of Test chambers Created under the name SDC ( Shin Doctor Chamber )
tehsux0r's chambers
Collection by tehsux0r
This is a collection of all my exploits in the Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Initiative. Please play, have fun, and rate!
Collection by yuya
My Test Room Package.
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