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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Gent's Chambers
Collection by Gent
A set of Test Chambers.
diff maps
Collection by TicTac3369
Collection by smartmrbill
pass it along
TOP 10
Collection by Stuntmanmyke
Collection by Master Yoda
Cosmo's Portal 2 Stuff
Collection by Super Cozi Prower! [SGB]
This is a collection of all my Portal 2 workshop items I have worked on.
Adventures of an A.P.E.!
Collection by Bloodspeaker1
E-AI: Welcome to Aperture Science! I am your personal Employee Artificial Intelligence or E-AI. Or you can just choose what to call me. Whichever you perfer. I'm here to be your guide through the difficult life of an A.P.E. Player: Ape? As in bananas and...
Will & Iwan's P0rtal 2 Co-Op Maps
Collection by Iwan_4_
This is a collection of the maps that me (Iwan) and my brother Will have created
matty will kill you
Collection by matty70988
Laser Beams
Collection by Winnie The Pooh™
A Laser Beam Themed Map Series, Enjoy :D
CastingExplodet Test Chamber Pack 1
Collection by Trust
CastingExplodet Test Chamber Pack 1 -Hazy Mazy Test Chamber
Elric's Lab
Collection by EpicElric
A collection of levels created while I was learning how to use the level editor. Some are fun, some are easy, some break. It was all for fun.
Mine baner
Collection by ANTONY KLOPP
Mine baner
Portal Co-op
Collection by AshRock
Portal Co-op
Portal 2 Single Player
Collection by AshRock
Portal 2 Single Player Maps
Woop portal
Collection by vsprieto
Testing Labs
Collection by Lunar Nightpaw
all of my downloaded testing labs for Portal 2
Portal 2
Collection by BACON MAN
Portal 2
Death's Dungeon
Collection by rjyukich
Cash's Tests
Collection by Cash12121
Kingsizedmidget's Test Chambers
Collection by andrewstecher
Have fun :D
Collection by cartabuny95
Tutorial de portal 2 per gamers que no hi han jugat mai. Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSOW6GicHkI
Collection by krat0s-
Nivells de Portal 2 del treball de Psicologia.
Gel Test
Collection by TurretMaster97
All four maps in the Gel Test series by Bill.All four focus on gels ,obviously, with other things. Might add more at some point. Have fun.
portal tests
Collection by Aleksander
Collection by UbuntuRox104
These tests are intended to be difficult, yet fun. —-----——------—-----—-----— The year is 2021. You are a test subject in Aperture, going through several tests. You are aided by an unknown figure that has some knowledge about Aperture, a...
Collection by Alioth
A collection of all my cooperative chambers.
Escape from Aperture
Collection by J_WiP
A collection of test chambers designed to replicate the feel of the Portal games.......but with a twist. WARNING Chamber 2 is incredibly hard and may be skipped.
Companion Cube Needs Help!
Collection by Barack Obonis
Welcome! This is the place where all the "Companion Cube Needs Help!" levels for Portal 2 will be. Enjoy, and there will be more to come as you guys support the levels!
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