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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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My First Test Chambers
Collection by: KMichael
These are my first attempts at creating custom test chambers. I'd love to hear any feedback players may have!
Simple Chamber
Collection by: Mamo
fullinterest's colloction
Collection by: Zatsune No Mokou ざつね の もこう
Juvortus' Chambers
Collection by: Juvo
Welcome test subject! I see that you have found this page, good! Now you have a mission. Finish every chamber that you can find here. If you do I will be soo proud of you. If not, then you have just wasted my time typing this piece of text for you! I ...
Collection by: FIRE ASH {***** MARKET}
The suit
Collection by: Kaito Key Yamdai Werkey
Metaconscience: The Return of Caroline
Collection by: UbuntuRox104
This is not an end, not a road taken. The test is now over. Reality takes over. My metaconscience is trapped in eternal darkness. There is only one who can save me. I now depend on you, science Crock Pot'. Fate rests in your hands. Help me from my ever li...
Compact Tests
Collection by: HaborymCC
Un jour, je m'ennuyais, et j'ai décidé de faire, une salle. Un moi après, Cycy s'ennuyait, alors j'ai refais une salle. De là, est parti cette collection de salles. Ce sont des salles, avec des énigmes simples, mais très compactes. One day I w...
Collection by: jakers1403
this is awsome
Collection by: nayre_trawe
This is my first collection which was a great deal of fun to create. The maps that are included in this collection are: Welcome back (for the first time) Have faith (in your aerial faith plates) It’s over (when it’s over) - complete with a nice ...
Tales from a Software Developer
Collection by: Delta
A collection of maps inspired by a place some of us spend our lives in, attempting to make other people's lives better. Usually at our own expense. You know, helping us help you help us all? Occasionally we get cake, but for some reason people always insi...
Redemption (1-11)
Collection by: Sage
The collection of 22 test chambers made for the specific reason of testing just one person's skills. You know who you are. Contains chambers 1-11. Yes, this is only half of the gauntlet. Complete it for directions for the second half.
Collection by: Teermit [RUS]
Yet another mappack
cameron labortories coop
Collection by: thesonicmew
a co-op testing course made by cameron (and veemon)
most shoking
Collection by: cdavis21
Just You and Me
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
These are my Co-Op stages.
The Ultimate CO-OP Tests.
Collection by: danialinthelionsden
This si my first CO-OP collecton hope you enjoy!
Collection by: BumDiBum
Alles Co-op
The Darkness (co-op)
Collection by: epic luke 4
Collection by: Anal_Catfish
Monoportal Collection
Collection by: MrLux
This is collection of maps by Gig, his chambers have content from BEEmod. His first and exellent map named as Monoportal: Rescind. Download and play his chambers.
Portal 2: Custom TestChambers
Collection by: JSGamePlayer
My own TestChambers in Portal 2.
The Jumper
Collection by: OWL
My collection for everyone :D
Kiddies Playground
Collection by: Leafett Silverwolf
This is a map pack I am working on for my 7yo.
Encountering Turrets
Collection by: The Cake Nazi
Turrets, turrets, turrets. They're everywhere. They won't stop until you've been terminated. Evil robots. We all saw this coming, didn't we? Anyway, each encounter comes with its own fun ways to kill those killing machines. Have fun! :]
Hitori Laboratories
Collection by: Homusubi
Welcome to Hitori, test subject. You have been selected to take part in a test. Or maybe we just stole you from the Aperture warehouse. The Hitori labs perform fewer tests annually than the Aperture labs, but actually make more profit, as their tests a...
Innovative Maps
Collection by: KennKong
These are maps I've found which introduce new mechanics or other ideas not found in the original game, While some are just proofs of concept, most are excellent maps to play notwithstanding the innovations. Feel free to suggest other maps like this, a...
TWP 2012 Contest Entries
Collection by: KennKong
Separate collection just for the 2012 mapping contest.
Collection by: G0LÐÊN §1LVËR
The Defi series is full of gauntlets. Sort of. Well... I really don't know what you would call them, but they are what they are.
Project Lemon
Collection by: STD Fruit
Weclome, Test Subject. You have been selected to participate in a variety of tests. Each chamber has a specific goal, and we will observe your progress. Keep in mind-respect the cubes.
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