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My Collection
Collection by: connorpatrick
Collection by: maxalbali
Collection by: maxalbali
A Birthday Present
Collection by: Radam
I couldn't think of anything to do for my friend on his birthday. So I made these 3 test chambers. It's the thought that counts, right? Sorry I can't be there, friend. These are a few of my first test chambers, so let me know what you think.
Coop 999
Collection by: KaZze
Collection by: °=mc=°gyver
First three test chambers of the greatest coop team ever :)
Collection by: Jacob om-10
Set of 3 coop maps. Hope You'll enjoy it.
Ebbzylon - COOP
Collection by: Ebbzylon
All my Coop maps.
Fox Test Chambers
Collection by: fox1409
Here are my 5 maps to play, test and solve. These are not too hard but I hope you find them challenging enough and enjoy them.
The Mattz0r files
Collection by: MATTZK1
My first collection in Portal 2 maps, let me introduce the Mattz0r files! not too hard puzzles, made for have fun and enjoy the Portal 2!
Simple collection
Collection by: furniture
Simple but hard? Let me know!
My favorite maps (MP)
Collection by: l0i0l
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: Kraken
Add on maps to Portal 2
TG's P2 Collections
Collection by: The Generaless
Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: Autistic Banana
Portal singleplayer and co-op workshop stuff I like
Portal 2sdays
Collection by: thelilmikey2000
Cool Series
Collection by: Fryderyk Chopingid
Portal 2 Cool series Collection ------------------------------------------ At all (as far as I made) 1 : Cool tests 2 : Cool glitches 3 : Cool throw Cool tests. I love it. :D try to hack the map. I have secret place for speedruner/who can u...
It's a thing
Collection by: Force of Hobbit
Portal's Challenge: The Complete Series
Collection by: Derp Scout
This collection includes all my Portal's Challenge chambers. There are 5 chambers, and each chamber gets harder than the other. Enjoy!
Collection by: rhyse302
a collection of portal 2 maps that i really liked playing and i think you'd love then to
The Forbidden Tests
Collection by: WrenchingStar
These tests were forbidden by GLaDOS to use. Soon you will know why.
Collection by: bombo142
KampfFisch's chamber collection 1
Collection by: KampfFisch
This collection includes all the chambers you 'need' when you want to play my Megamix. I personally like how some chambers turned out and there are some I didn't want to publish at first, but decided to do it anyway so I can get some feedback there too. ...
Collection by: Dale Cooper
skill and trickmaps, some contain skills, other a little bit of outside-the-box-thinking
my portal 2 maps
Collection by: Call of duty World war 2!/TSR!
my portal 2 maps
Collection by: Zyncabol
Test Subject
Collection by: (TWD) Ben Paul
You are a test subject,Your objective is to find a way out! WE ARE YOUR BOSSES!
Joubs' Collection of Stuffs
Collection by: joubs8783
This is my collection of extra game stuffs, made interesting by the fact that I am interesting, thereby causing it to be interesting by association.
Collection by: lilgunz0713799
Portal 2 Testing Chambers
Collection by: TheGovernor
A collection of all of my Portal 2 Testing Chambers.
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