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A Companion's Tale OPEN BETA 2
Collection by: Spitfire19
On this 12 part adventure you meet a friend and go along with and adventure with it. Who knows what will happen by the end of the adventure?
Collection by: incrementor
Collection of Portal PuzzleMaker concepts designed to reinvision the Portal universe but still keep the same systems. Many of these levels require the player to understand the context of the re-positioning. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. They're not stand-alone Po...
Tom's Collection
Collection by: Tommy
Starting collection
Collection by: Squirtle
Lame maps made by me
G.S.E. Laboratories Testingchamber
Collection by: BruineSnor
G.S.E. Laboratories Testingchamber - S001 G.S.E. Laboratories is one of the most common Testingchamber design laboratories, they are making Testingchambers since 1969. The S serie is a very fun and challenging Testingchamber. Designer, Jay1137
security chambers
Collection by: alens11223
security levels gets harder and i think theres a boss at the end so beware at the boss the turrets defend the boss >:D get ready portal 2 users
Collection by: iNaZuma
My new way is the better way
Камеры для двоих
Collection by: kuzЯ
Мой первый опыт в создании камер для двух игроков.
JM's Portal 2's Peasy Course
Collection by: Eurico Jurandir
My collection of the first test chambers I made for Portal 2. They might be unbalanced and not regulated by difficulty. Since they are my first ones, Im not sure if they are too easy or too hard. This is why I would love if you played this and commented a...
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