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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Catishcat Labs Tests
Collection by: _-_Catishcat_-_
// Here are two + one (I can not say this stupid number) tests. Tests: Test 1. Test 2. Test 3. //
Retro Monoliths
Collection by: temp_anon
Gigantic statues of 8-bit and up video game characters and items.
kolekcja tego co zrobiłem
Collection by: Trollable a.k.a. wojqq
Wszystko to co zrobiłem będę tu umieszczał
Pack 1
Collection by: Shiny Pikachu
Includes easy-medium diffuculty test chambers. The pack will be fully complete when there are five chambers uploaded.
Buffalo House
Collection by: Kemipo
Buffalo (buhf-uh-loh): verb. to puzzle or baffle; confuse; mystify. House (hous): noun. a building for any purpose. The Buffalo House has been established as a secure environment for society's logical outcasts to exercise their otherwise wasted minds...
The Testing Is Not Over...
Collection by: Snowy™ Skum
The first series I've started. These are medium difficulty puzzles. They don't require anything like bhop or airstrafing. Any people who have played a bit of portal could probably do most of these puzzles.
Collection by: CNR-3B
ENG: My Collection is not just another network called, is simply equalizing kotoroya together nothing does not connect, so I do something sremlyus ethoxy. My level is just to relax, they are not complicated but not simple, I will be glad if you want to p...
Ceesers Testkammern
Collection by: Ceeser
eine Sammelung von Karten, verschiedene Ziele, möglichkeiten und Objekte.
V12 Series - Oswald Nurmenguur
Collection by: veoviscool12
A series of test chambers designed by Aperture employee Oswald Nurmengurr. What sort of a madman is he, I wonder...?
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