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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Galactic Cactus Testing Diaries
Collection by: SmoketheWater
The Galactic Cactus of Earth CP documents his life as a test chamber creator for Aperture Science. A work in progress.
Collection by: Orik [KI6]
Two similar test. One slightly harder than the other.
Coke's little workshop
Collection by: The 코크
걍 심심해서 해봄
Portal: Alive Still
Collection by: PokeJosh
What would it look like if the original Portal title was created entirely within the editor of Portal 2? I'm going to attempt to answer that question, with as much attention to detail as possible. There will be some very interesting substitutes and change...
Sewer Rat Mini Maps
Collection by: Sutter Cane
Franken Cube rats infest these dank sewers. Try to escape, or become rat food! These are mini maps with one puzzle each.
Flip These Puzzles
Collection by: Skyferret
A collection of puzzles themed mostly with flip panels. Some are just basic portal flinging from one panel to another, or multiple flinging using more than just 2 panels. Some involve panels, portaling and laser redirecting as well as directing funnels. T...
Three Wolf Moon
Collection by: Shadowstorm
My Three Wolf Moon Searies of Chambers
Collection by: Just Nutty
It is all the creations in one awesome collection it includes Creation,Creation 2,and Creation 3. All of them proboly have different ways to solve them (not sure about 3).Can you find the all in this new awesome collection?
Jacob's First Collection of Meaty Tests
Collection by: Shrodo
What makes this collection interesting is that it's the first chambers I've created. That's prettymuch it.
Collection by: Eva Pamela
first collection.
Overlords deadly Tests
Collection by: Michi
This tests are deadly.
Collection by: [ICSR] Aliami Armador
Note: This pack contains a multiplayer and inslge player version of the same map. There are no mechanic differances between the single and multiplayer version of this map. This multiplayer version is for if you want to race another player in my gauntlet o...
My beginning chambers
Collection by: Combustible Lemon
They are simple
Turrent chambers
Collection by: Combustible Lemon
Can you be still alive?
Saturday Seven Part 1: Easy Beginnings
Collection by: nhenrica
Welcome to the Saturday Seven, my weekly (hopefully) series of custom Portal 2 Puzzles. This is Part 1: Easy Beginnings. Keep in mind that some of these are my earliest attempts at creating puzzles, so they are not very complex or elaborate. In thi...
proxy's chambers 4-7 the second slice
Collection by: vSkry
the next 4 chambers of proxy's new testing facility
Reflexes And Timing
Collection by: SSG.DocWibbleyWobbley
All seven maps in one collection.
Co-op Android Ranges
Collection by: PortablePorcupine
A couple of Android Ranges I made for Co-op.
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