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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Gelympic Games
Collection by SP458
Collection by Rctl_Pontificator
lots of itoms/lelves
The Masasui series
Collection by Masasui
A series of testing chambers for your entertainment!
Apeture Science Alpha Testing Initiative
Collection by TheNoob
Apeture has recruited you to test things such as light bridges, gravity doo-hickeys, and white capsules of bullets.
custom stories (singleplayer)
Collection by gmax007
Easy Tests
Collection by Mr.̌ ̧S̊wabͫucket̬
All of these tests are easy in my opinion. You may find some that are not easy. Feel free to be trapped in those chambers forever and starve to death. - GLaDOS
Collection by UbuntuRox104
These tests are intended to be difficult, yet fun. —-----——------—-----—-----— The year is 2021. You are a test subject in Aperture, going through several tests. You are aided by an unknown figure that has some knowledge about Aperture, a...
Collection by thesteve23
Lots More Portal Maps
Collection by thesteve23
Missing Aperture Facility
Collection by Zakattacker
You must journey through the aperture facility to find the source of the radiation within.
Gigo LVL'S
Collection by TheMaUleR
Portal 2 Tutorial
Collection by Mothalius
A basic tutorial outlining the features of Portal 2.
Mix56's Testchambers CO-OP - Team building
Collection by Mix56
Team bilding collection with 6 easy testchambers. Good job, robots!
This Is A Collection
Collection by Autumn
Collection by FElIX
geiler shit
Portal 2 Level - Eigene & Favoriten
Collection by fbMarcel
Level die ich selbst erstellt habe oder Level von anderen Spielern die ich mal spielen will.
Trust & Traps
Collection by Salariel
A set of five puzzles, rated from medium to hard, with a bunch of traps. Feel free to comment and give me your impressions so I can make best puzzles in the future. Enjoy !
Collection by Ditox
Collection by Vexera
Portal stuff
Gel Academy
Collection by Stuntmanmyke
Escape Plan : Dark Conspiracy
Collection by powiux7
Evil genius "Seraph" captured John for his dark expirement with human mind . John have only one way to survive . He need pass all Seraph's test's .
Love the cube
Collection by Peter
In these series you will need to use your very own companion cube in order to survive the dangers of these rooms. But soon you will discover that has not always belonged to you. Can you overcome all of these dangers and claim this companion cube as your...
Collection by Mutton Chop Gamer
Companion Cube Needs Help!
Collection by Eboler
Welcome! This is the place where all the "Companion Cube Needs Help!" levels for Portal 2 will be. Enjoy, and there will be more to come as you guys support the levels!
Without Portalgun!
Collection by scawsome
This whole series is designed around you not using a portal gun, while the game still being enjoyable.
Lovely buttons pack
Collection by Zдk Mcslэuthьцгgэг 💀
The set of maps known as "lovely buttons" that i created
After Portal 2
Collection by Dr Hismario123
After Portal 2 But Before Portal 3
Coop Chapters {Beta Chapters}
Collection by DAVID
Here are all my Coop Chapters! This is my firt Chapter Section: Beta Chapters _________________________________________ Write a comment if you like it or not
Alice's Aperture Adventure
Collection by NEON_Hack90
Follow the mind of Alice as she enters Aperture Science Testing All Puzzles are are novice- to- intermidiate leved for this collection)
Collection by Aleksandr ice
Set of cameras from Alexander Pugachev. Test yourself on the strength!
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