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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Aperture Forgotten
Collection by: Department of Redundancy Dept.
Collection for testing the beta
Level Design Final
Collection by: rebelphoenix17
Level Design Final
Portal Physics
Collection by: memoryloop
Puzzles created by the GSC Portal Phyics class.
Collection by: Alantalan
maps LOL
Portal 2 Mods
Collection by: Piegut1
Collection by: Bloodspeaker1
Security Archive no.17352 "Right, Jenkins? Winchester? Are you both ready to upload the new AI? Yes? Good." +++AI Uploading 56%+++ "Ladies and Gentlemen, in just a few more minutes all your hard work and dedication will be rewarded. Well done, you have...
Course #1 by lz (Self-made maps)
Collection by: JWonderchild
All maps created by LZ
Collection by: WHIPPAH
lad z
Easy Chambers Coop.
Collection by: Kayzeer
This pack of chambers is too easy and funny playing with friends
Aperture Reboot
Collection by: Twan!
This is a series, it was inspired by Shadow Chaos. Story 'Acheivements' so far: Online: Reboot Aperture (Beat all tests in chapter 1) ERROR IN PROGRAM: That Just Appeared (Beat all tests in chapter 2) Bonus 'Acheivements' so far: Hello again!: Fi...
Basic Testing
Collection by: DoMessWithProfile
This Collection has Test Chambers that are basic. If I can make Custom Test Chambers I will make anthour Collection. Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Portal 2
Collection by: AceOfSpades0514
This is for Portal 2, trying to download a map
Collection by: dylan10109
Too Hard?
Collection by: Caustic_Apathy
The general difficulty of most puzzles available in the workshop is too easy. Typically, you enter a test chamber and immediately know what you need to do. The puzzle elements all serve only one purpose, and that purpose is usually immediately obvious. We...
fagmaps voor nubs
Collection by: Carpi
Cake for Mickey Sky
Collection by: Twlyth
There will be cake.
The mini adventure X CO-OP
Collection by: skuciuscz
Second season of The mini Adventure but Co-Op and Glados Or Wheatley tell you something in parts this season have 10 parts this season is named X this is some remake of Chambers what was is and be so this is remake of this all to the 10 parts so this X ve...
Applications Of Lasers
Collection by: KawgDoge
This is a tutorial showing what the various properties of lasers are. You will be tested on this infomation
Pools & Lasers
Collection by: Rockstar Anika
Test Chambers 4 Newbies
Collection by: DatPortalKid
This is a collection of simple timple test chambers for people who are new to Portal 2, or Portal. This idea was inspired by nobody, I made it up myself. So anyways, have fun you new guys/girls!
The Parking Building
Collection by: portal2kid
A Portal 2 Collection For Co-op
Kilroy Test Sequence
Collection by: Kilroy055
Series of diffucult tests with multiple steps. Some solutions may be counter-intuitive.
Collection by: Department of Redundancy Dept.
All 20 levels
Iron balls
Collection by: Tost
An arcade saga about balls. They don't like the puzzles of cubes.
Turret army
Collection by: Tost
A story about you and a forgotten turret army just woken up.
The ASNSAP Program[Obsolete]
Collection by: Vyn E. Shanetes
You are a test subject for Cave Johnson, on Earth Prime. Cave has just sent you on tests, but as you go through, you soon realize that, maybe, something is VERY wrong... Edit:The Project is being restarted. Go check out the new ASNSAP Reborn Test Chamb...
Bibbyboy123s custom mappack
Collection by: Bibbyboy123
just a collection of maps that i have made using the portal map creator
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: Gray_Blue
Here is where I'll put all of my Portal 2 custom maps that I have made.
Collection by: vintage phoebe
Here we go. Super custom set of chambers by Nick and Style. Play 'em all. Updated usually.
Kernow Laboratories' Test Chamber's
Collection by: Vesna
The entirety of the test chambers produced by Kernow Laboratories (Vesna).
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