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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Separated Testing
Collection by EhoNo1
This Collection contains all of the Portal 2 Test chambers in my "Separated Testing" Series. (Dur.)
Mahoney's Test Chambers
Collection by Ryan M
These are my tests. They are very interesting.
Prision Break
Collection by Noob1170
Test Kammer IT' S FUN! PACK
Collection by Boris
Portal Workshop Chambers
Collection by Bunny (✿◠‿◠)
Tactical 'T' Triplet of Terror
Collection by MCA
Welcome, tempted test subject to the Tactical 'T' Triplet of Terror! There's three tremendous tricky tests to triumph as you twist and turn your brain for those transparent solutions. So, tempted test subject, let the Tactical 'T' Triplet of Terror become...
Awesome levels from other players
Collection by Portal_sack_129
Basically I find test chambers that are awesome and put them in here to show you.
Collection by sanches180193
Cool tests
Collection by Gimli1951
Ummm, it says what makes it interesting, its um, just a bunch of cool tests.
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by Dbeer21
Collection by Ginja_Ninja
Portal 2 stuffs
Collection by ZarozoraK
mine stuffings
cool bald club
Collection by DOCTOR KARMA
ignore this, just co-op stuff for friends.
Test Chambers Pack #1
Collection by SlayerStealth
A pack of tests.
Collection by Freemman
Portal 2
Collection by rasmus
The Run | Speed Run Chambers
Collection by passerby
This is a collection of all my Run Chambers. They are short, and simple chambers. Don't forget to rate and comment!
Collection by Lucky Hunter
Это коллекция карт, действие которых происходит в заброшенной части Aperture Science. Наслаждайтесь ! This is a collection of the maps, which take place in an abandoned part of Ap...
Collection by killersplash
Llamas Chambers
Collection by ♥ Llama
This collection contains my chambers. It'll be updated with every new map.
Collection by CD36
My Singleplayer Portal 2 Maps
Collection by CD36
My Multiplayer Tests
103's Chambers
Collection by Villager103
A series made in PETI, No Hammer maps or anything fancy. BEE2 mod used.
GMOD Sanbox private #1
Collection by DerModMaster
Alpha's Portal 2 Test Chambers
Collection by AlphaKiller007
A... simple portal 2 puzzle collection!
Aurora's Portal Levels
Collection by Aurora3500
A Collection of several Portal Levels I've created. "Lvl 2" means that it is a harder version of the level of the same name, lvl 3 will be even harder when I create one.
Phoinx's Basic Advanced Initiation Tests (BAITs)
Collection by Phoinx
Phoinx's Basic Advanced Initiation Tests (BAITs) are designed for introducing test subjects into the marvelous world of tests. They are very basic, but not that much - that's why they are called "advanced". For its redundancy and absurd puzzles, all B...
Forgotten Test Chambers
Collection by WolftheKeybearer
These are tests that I made in the BEE2 and TSPENS ADDONS MOD. Each of them with the overgrown textures. Theres 7 tests in all progessivly getting harder as it goes. The tests 1 and 2 are both blue portals. Tests 3 and 7 are blue and orange portals. ...
The Labyrinth Collection
Collection by RYNO MAN
This is the complete collection of all the Labyrinth Maps!
Pauls Singleplayer Rooms
Collection by Paul Berserk
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