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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Gefängnisse aus Stahl
Collection by: https-kai.z
Verschiedene Maps aus allen Kategorien von leicht bis schwer! von Kai Zeitner
Freya's Chambers
Collection by: ๖ۣۜLIMITED PIXEL ©
Zsomi8 Testchambers
Collection by: Zsomi8 [HUN]
I just buyed Portal 2 and I saw there is an option of making own maps. (I only maked singleplayer maps but I gonna make coop maps.) I tried it and I think my maps are not bad, please try them and rate! ( I'm hungarian, magyar vagyok :D )
Collection by: Zhed
Portal 2 Psicologia
Collection by: david_gp_1995
awesome maps
Collection by: Flutterbat( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is a collection of my maps, and I hope you like them
Mapas portal 2
Collection by: Serret
Collection by: Brady Slayer
Jason and Chris
Collection by: chrisg
Portal 2 collection
Collection by: Pie Lord
ERC - Emergency Repair Crew
Collection by: Bloodspeaker1
These test chambers showcase the efforts of the Emergency Repair Crew, the brave lunatics who maintained the early Aperture Labs facilities.
Gent's Chambers
Collection by: Gentasaurus
A set of Test Chambers.
My Rage Submissions -xzAsiankidzx
Collection by: xzAsiankidzx
My Submissions For Ragegamingvideos Go Check Out His Channel
portal 2
Collection by: MonocleMustacheMan
When Science Goes Wrong
Collection by: David Tennant
This is a collection that includes all the When Science Goes Wrong levels And no, theres no zombies sorry l4d fans
To be played
Collection by: osok222
Blargs test chambers
Collection by: Lord Recon™
Welcome to Blargs test Chambers. Tips to don´t disappoint GLaDOS 1.Complete the test chambers 2.Don´t Rage or Fail 3. Eat Cake And well thats all :3 Good luck!
Save Companion Cube!
Collection by: The_Rockers
Story: GLaDOS has placed Companion Cube in dangerous tests and to save it you must solve them!
Collection by: rboughner
Adventures of an A.P.E.!
Collection by: Bloodspeaker1
E-AI: Welcome to Aperture Science! I am your personal Employee Artificial Intelligence or E-AI. Or you can just choose what to call me. Whichever you perfer. I'm here to be your guide through the difficult life of an A.P.E. Player: Ape? As in bananas and...
Will & Iwan's P0rtal 2 Co-Op Maps
Collection by: Iwan_4_
This is a collection of the maps that me (Iwan) and my brother Will have created
NotGLaDOS' Test Chambers
Collection by: NotGLaDOS
Want a nice Portal map to get you going? Something not to hard but a bit of a challenge? NotGLaDOS' Test Chambers offers a variety of challenges including: jumping, running, button pushing and of course portaling. Perfect to get you going in the mornings....
matty will kill you
Collection by: matty70988
Laser Beams
Collection by: Popcorn0527
A Laser Beam Themed Map Series, Enjoy :D
CastingExplodet Test Chamber Pack 1
Collection by: Armed Forces
CastingExplodet Test Chamber Pack 1 -Hazy Mazy Test Chamber
my best chambers
Collection by: nejoow
The Family
Collection by: SamarkandXIV
Skill & Mind Tests
Collection by: Felige
These tests encourage you to use skill as well as mind more frequently to solve puzzles and tests.
Elric's Lab
Collection by: EpicElric
A collection of levels created while I was learning how to use the level editor. Some are fun, some are easy, some break. It was all for fun.
CPS Single Player
Collection by: copas
My test chambers
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