Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: יוג ' ין
Начинающие импровизаторы и создатели камер для portal 2. Прошу не судить строго, так как мы только начинаем наш проек WTF.
Bigger Map Series
Collection by: Uuo|Augenblick
These Maps are bigger than the little Maps with more rooms and a bit more challenging, but still easy and fun to play!
Collection by: tomcole789
My first chambers, just testing things out.
The Alpha Series
Collection by: Cube
The Alpha Series is a collection of test chambers for Portal 2. Each designed to cover different testing scenarios, you'll meet all possible foes that Aperture Science can throw at you. Good luck.
the double test test rooms
Collection by: tehrcb
i thought "you know one test isn't enough" so I invented (and take all the credit thanks to the nobody I could have metioned but nobody helped me at all <thanks a lot I hate takeing all the glory> ) the double test test rooms (it is not said "double testt...
Mini and Science SP
Collection by: minsent ♣™
this is my collection of Mini and Science maps that are for singleplayer. enjoy :D
singleplayer map collection 01/ ? (easy)
Collection by: borealis117
Science + Fun
Collection by: Zombie Vegetables
The plan is a set of easy/medium difficulty maps for singleplayer. Some of the elements that will be used the most are gels and turrets.
Wurzelgnom Singleplayer Missions
Collection by: Liquor' InfecToM
Singleplayer Wurzelgnom
Old Style, New Style
Collection by: Innervator
I created a perfectly round sphere map template by hand. Then I filled the bottom with water and created some old-style puzzles!
GLaDOS's Discarded Chambers
Collection by: Deak
GLaDOS once created these thest chambers for special test subjects, but, after a certain series of episodes, those tests were lost and almost totally destroyed with time. After all Enrichment Center has been cleaned up and renewed, the Discarded Test Cha...
Bisqwit's easy puzzles
Collection by: Bisqwit
Puzzles with expected blind playthrough time of 1-5 minutes.
Bisqwit's difficult puzzles
Collection by: Bisqwit
Portal 2 puzzles that either require some serious thinking or rely on difficult maneuvers to complete.
Bisqwit's glitch-dependent puzzles
Collection by: Bisqwit
Puzzles that you must know and use a glitch to solve.
Bisqwit's coop puzzles
Collection by: Bisqwit
Co-op puzzles.
Bisqwit's medium-hard puzzles
Collection by: Bisqwit
Puzzles with medium or unclassified difficulty.
Bisqwit's puzzles with custom visuals
Collection by: Bisqwit
Puzzles with Styles MOD used.
Collection by: Pikachu
The Se7en Deadly Chambers
Collection by: LimeJuice
Envy Greed Gluttony Lust Pride Sloth and Wrath. Good luck.
Fissure Research Facility
Collection by: Jules
All the FRF maps, good luck!
Gelocity maps
Collection by: jake the doge
this is the collection of Gelocity race maps.
Stuffed Box
Collection by: jon.divita
These levels are specifically designed to give players the lessons of portal 2, without the campaign and long maps to figure it out. THEY ARE... STUFFED BOX
My favorite maps (MP)
Collection by: l0i0l
Test Subject
Collection by: Golden Nutty²
You are a test subject,Your objective is to find a way out! WE ARE YOUR BOSSES!
Joubs' Collection of Stuffs
Collection by: joubs8783
This is my collection of extra game stuffs, made interesting by the fact that I am interesting, thereby causing it to be interesting by association.
Collection by: lilgunz0713799
Portal 2 Testing Chambers
Collection by: TheGovernor
A collection of all of my Portal 2 Testing Chambers.
Tout ca pour un numero de telephone !
Collection by: Kixur12
Dans ces 6 salles les chiffres sont rois ! Grace aux 5 premieres decouvrez le numero de telephone permettant de finir la sixieme ! Quatre d'entre elles possedent un chiffre secret vous permettant d'acceder aux coulisses, la encore retenez-les bien pour le...
Collection by: [BiZzNaStY] Shadowgenisis
Fun Chambers
Collection by: ReaperDerGrabsteinPolierer
Only Fun Chambers
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