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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Maps w/ Bryce
Collection by dumbdog247 (Mike)
My Stuff (Portal 2)
Collection by Eruptorsam
Portal 2 stuff (mine)
Testing Initiative Omega Centinal
Collection by BaneSheep
Omega Centinal is a collection of maps based around completing multiple tests to get the end of the chamber. There are three different types of tests: Roundabout- The first set of chambers, Roundabout chambers are where the exit in right in front you,...
Portal 2 Stuff
Collection by topbop!
Portal 2 Stuff, Maps etc ...
Official Technical Difficulties Collection
Collection by jccreszMC
The official collection of Technical Difficulties Maps that I make. They are not junk maps that constantly flood the workshop. I've dedicated myself to making quality maps to thin out the crap on the Workshop. I hope you enjoy. I'm always available ;)
Quantified Observation
Collection by camerson1313
A series of maps ranging from hard to very hard, which essentially features maxing out the space of the PTI editor before filling it with a bunch of stuff. Designed mainly for those who find most maps too easy and are looking for a challenge. Ironically, ...
Portal 2 Co-Op with Jon & Justin
Collection by [KAOS] JonathanWolfe038
Portal 2 Co-Op Custom Maps!
The Order of Things
Collection by zefag
Portal 2 Mods
Collection by mynameisdatruth
Old and Shiny
Collection by Gimzie
This is the Old and Shiny series. Not much to explain, except that this series takes place in Old Aperture.
Collection by jorge
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by Dowgfish ☃
00010 10100 1011111 1 1111100000000 000000 00 0001 011111111111111 00111111 1110000001010 100111111100000000011111100 000 0 0 00000000 0 0000011000 00000000100000 000000000 100000101010010100 0111111111111111111110 00010 100101010010000001001101010010001...
Portal 2 Amazing Collection
Collection by Mammatus
This is an amazing collection and when I mean amazing I mean AMAZING!!!
Lets go!!
Collection by ВРУНИШКА
Portal 2 maps.
Aperture Science Applicant Testing.
Collection by Arn
I just wanted to combine the levels into a pack. No other reason.
Rexaura Based
Collection by Test Subject #0936
A mappack that uses elements taken from Rexaura. Ready to head into this amazing mod again, recycle some tests and do some new ones? guessed so. REQUIRED : Bee2 http://portal2backstock.com/bee2/
Companion Assistance
Collection by ChizzleDonkey
This test will use a series of tests involving the Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube. Some of them will be more companion-y than others. Try to take as good care of the cubes as possible. We do have warehouses full of them, but our stockpiles are q...
A Good Timing
Collection by FLooper
Hey Guys, thats a collection of my "A Good Timing"-Maps. I hope you enjoy all puzzles. All puzzles are POSSIBLE. The collection with all puzzles included was made/built by: portal2faanLP find me on facebook! /portal2faan and check out my YouTube Cha...
Unsolved Chambers to Solve
Collection by MoshTRocity
Collection by mccumb
Portal 2 files
Collection by The Alpha
My Portal-2 designs.
Beta Mod building
Collection by Bryton_Jayy
These maps are here to be tested before I compile them into a mod with a custom story and new game mechanics. They're in a basic puzzle stage right now, just try to find any ways to break them and let me know if they're too hard or too easy. Thanks.
How to resolve these problems?
Collection by AKM.Zerg
我的存货 - - - - Singleplayer
The New Test Subject
Collection by PortalMaster
I`ve been working on a thing called The New Test Subject.Its a 10 part map.Story you are a new test subject trying to get out of Aperture.
Powered by lasers
Collection by Pumpkinhead
My old style "Powered by lasers" tests. Each test has at least one laser in each room, used to power things!!! I make track platforms useful!!!
Shazamalicious' Collection
Collection by Shazamalicious
All my test chambers
Collection by ArmyofTrolls
All of my test chambers.
Science enrichment cubes
Collection by ArmyofTrolls
My Aperture science enrichment cube map series.
My Test chambers
Collection by ArmyofTrolls
My Test chamber collection.
Collection by Schuman
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