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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Turret Killer
Collection by: (|-|-|!Epic Gamer!|-|-|)
They Are Turret Killers From Me #TurretKillerRoom
Modding (Fall 2014) @ NYU Game Center
Collection by: Radiatoryang
This is a collection of work done by students while taking the "Game Development Studio: Modding" course, Fall 2014, at the NYU Game Center.
Trifecta 1
Collection by: Rystein
Haikus will give hints. Trifecta has 3 chambers. Have some fun and solve.
Collection by: Changnesia
Dark and Cruel, chances of death are very high or depends on how you play it.
Standalone Test Chambers
Collection by: BAD WOLF
My standalone test chambers. These ARE test chambers, not the miscellaneous stuff. No, that's the sp_ collection. Come here if you want some actual test chambers from me. Placeholder collection image FTW.
Mi workshop de portal 2
Collection by: |M-L-G| Kiro #BeKawaii
Aki esta toda mi hermosa workshop ;D (descargen lo k les guste!!!) si kieren un nivel k trate de cierta cosa me mandan una solicitud y me dicen :3
E-Squad Labs: The Tower Series
Collection by: Kentuky Fried Horse Meat
This is all The E-Squad Tower Labs put into 1 Collection ============================================================================= Story: You have been Arrested by Aperture by giving Portal Infomation to Black Mesa a Rival of Aperture Science. Y...
Maps I Like
Collection by: Tyler
TimeTOdie - Beginner Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
All my Beginner Series
TimeTOdie - Pro Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
All my Pro Series
Brain formatter
Collection by: Koti87
4 levels - supaeasy to medium-hard
P2 Collection
Collection by: thewildhaggis
JJ Interprices test!!!!
Collection by: Mr.Frie Frie
JJ Interprices tests in a bundle :D
Red Core Test Chambers
Collection by: João Neves
Collection of my custom chambers.
Portal 2
Collection by: SuslikGT
Britorsk Test Chambers
Collection by: Britorsk
This is the test chambers i made.
E-Squad Co-Op Portal Labs
Collection by: Kentuky Fried Horse Meat
The E-Squad Co-Op Labs
Mark's Favorite P2 (Portal 2) Stuff
Collection by: Crichton Sheep
Ponky Science
Collection by: Portponky
Welcome to Ponky Science, where nobody is really sure what they are doing. We sit akwardly near each other and try not to make eye contact. This tingling sensation, like a spider walking up and down your arteries. Love? No, we just met. It must be Ponky S...
Crazy's Deathrun Maps
Collection by: ♫Crazy♠Gunman♥2Crazy4U♥
My dr maps!
It Is A God Damn Trap!!
Collection by: ♫Crazy♠Gunman♥2Crazy4U♥
My It Is A Trap map and it's sequel. Because i can't add a file from a different workshop here is a link for It is a trap 2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=310114112&searchtext= Edit:Link to v3: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedf...
thejoshwolfe's experimental puzzles
Collection by: thejoshwolfe
I like to push the limit of this physics engine. These puzzles might not be fun... at all... they might be interesting though.
void cantina
Collection by: slashpizza
thejoshwolfe's good puzzles
Collection by: thejoshwolfe
I've made a lot of bad puzzles. these are the good ones.
Cancelled Tests of Aperture Science
Collection by: SirCharlesFiddelsworth
This is the complete collection of CToAS I would love to know your feedback about my maps if theres anything I can make better or any bugs so I hope you like it. I enjoy making tests but it sometimes take a little while to make them.
TimeTOdie - Complete Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
Welcome to the TimeTOdie complete series. In this collection you find all of my test chambers ordered chronological. The difficulty goes from Beginner to Pro. I appreciate comments and constructive feedback on each chamber. I wish you good luck and lots o...
TimeTOdie - Special Chamber Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
This is a collection of my special chambers. Every chamber has at least four puzzles. Some chambers are so big that they are seperated into two parts. Have fun!
Aperture After Dark DLC
Collection by: Fermisel
Aperture After Dark DLC. After dark is dlc for my Aperture Tag Chambers. in a way it could be a alternative story
Portalabilty (Hammer Version)
Collection by: dire.fcs
Some maps of Portalability collection made in Hammer Editor. The puzzles are the same.
Aperture Tag Testing
Collection by: Fermisel
all of my aperture tag chambers... from storys... to coop missions
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