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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Chapter 2 (Remakes)
Collection by: TopazGiraffe2973
Cleaner, tidier versions of Portal 2 singleplayer test chambers.
Cooperation maps by daveyvandy
Collection by: [AT] Jake The Dog
Карты созданы не мною, а указаным в названии автором.
L1zardr0cket's Best of the Best
Collection by: Paul
This collection of maps are my personal favorites :) I hope you enjoy!!!!
Collection by: John Freechment
Maps that you can't make in real life or draw a map of the map.
Funny testings
Collection by: *GH0$T* ~ I Love Karr <3
Enjoy :D By *GH0$T* (Hungary)
Cube Series
Collection by: Ice
Chapter 3 (Remakes)
Collection by: TopazGiraffe2973
Cleaner, tidier versions of Portal 2 singleplayer test chambers.
Portal 2 Trailer Map Remakes
Collection by: ΡÖIЙ† βLΛЙK
A collection of maps made to replicate the levels demonstrated in the trailers for Portal 2, include Aerial Faith Plates, Thermal Discouragement Beams, Excusion Funnels, and Repulsion Gel. Those maps never made it into the final game, whether completely (...
My Maps
Collection by: ziland
My Maps
Collection by: olshi
This collection attempts to use Portal 2's puzzle items in interesting or surprising ways not seen in the main game. The tests tend to be short brain teasers, and their difficulty depends on your ability to come up with the right idea - the name of eac...
Kore Test Initiative
Collection by: levelKro
Created rooms for Kore Industries Initiative Tests. Use gels, turrets, cubes and all devices and products created by Aperture Science and need to be tested. Rooms follow single player rules.
Done and Again
Collection by: nintendo.erk
Solved? Now again with a different solution...
Traveler's Tests
Collection by: Traveler807
The maps on the workshop that I enjoy most are the ones that show innovation and new ideas. The maps in this collection are of varying difficulty but I tried to make them all creative and/or unique in some way using new or uncommon concepts whenever I cou...
Secure. Contain. Remake.
Collection by: ALLOS
Here is where you can find all three of my SCP Game remakes. SCP Containment Breach [V.3] SCP-087-AS SCP Containment Breach [V.4] Yes, there's only three. And 087 won't be receiving a remake. Download the REAL SCP Containment Breach:...
Portal 1 remakes
Collection by: Wheatley
These are all levels from portal 1 made to work on the portal 2 engine minus the origional glados lines and +other glados lines from portal 2. orijional maps by VALVE. i just made them Portal 2 PTI compatable
Portal Unto Dawn Series
Collection by: ƦɅƉ∑LIƬE
This is where I will be posting my hammer made maps right now I currently have just 1 :( Parts 1-2-3 are finished
Portal 2: The Aftermath
Collection by: [S.T.F.U.] Storm #JoinTheBSG
You wake up after 10 years, in suspension. You have developed amnesia and don't remember anything, so your main plan is to escape Aperture and get to safety before things could go wrong. But you are not alone, GLaDOS is watching you. That's right, GLaDOS ...
Suo-operative Testing
Collection by: Suomaf
This set of 6 maps is designed to require more thought to solve them as you advance. These maps were initially created using the in-game editor, and then exported to the Hammer editor for finishing touches.
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