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VVSPB Test Chambers Trio
Collection by: wspb
Three test chambers: Test Chamber 01 - Best Friends Test Chamber 02 - Chess Master Test Chamber 03 - Flying Cubes Made by VVSPB
Puzzletastic Pack
Collection by: Wind
Welcome, test subject! Puzzletastic Pack includes 3 puzzletastic levels/chambers. Two of them are pretty long. Also, please notice that this mappack has a small chance to make you ragequit, so if you do, try again sometime! List of levels/chambers ...
testing room for PortalTwo
Collection by: Menya -VIII-
testing room for PortalTwon by Silenty. Let`s play!)
Zace's Tests
Collection by: Zace333
Test Chambers I made
Collection by: Pear
Decay, a 19-chamber collection of rusted/destroyed test chambers. This was made using the available level editor and Hammer. Made mostly as a test for both editing and my latent mapping skills (?)
Escape 2
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
Looks like you're back in prison.
Worm Escape
Collection by: IroNMaN
A series where you have to escape a worm that eats you, PS: i had to use this photo for it.
RayPals | Jump for Failure Series
Collection by: RayPals
From the maker of the chaos series brings you RayPals | Jump for failure. with the challenging single play version also theres the Co-op version so you and your bud can be a Epic Fail. also Join RayPals | Unity group on steam!
I'm Different
Collection by: TheThornZ
5 crazy maps that test your skill not your brain.
Wheatley Knows Part 2
Collection by: DALEmuh
Wheatley Knows Part 2
Discombobulating Tests
Collection by: EN3D1X8S7S
Small collection of tests I made a couple months ago. It's got it alll
first steps
Collection by: Kleibärto
my first three test chambers. i had a lot of fun and i hope you will have fun to. the chambers are not to difficult - but chamber 3 can be a little... - arghhhh
Machina Res Judicata
Collection by: TennoHydrangea
Please I need you to test out the puzzles looking for problems and such - when I see that they are already well tested and fine, I'll place a small icon at their description: ✔ = Already tested and ready to go through ✘ = Needs clean up of glitches ...
Bodegar's Challenges
Collection by: Snorks
I am making this collection just to challange my little brother to think a little bit
My Little Brain
Collection by: the:kiba
Thank you for taking the 5 minutes....
My Tests
Collection by: Jackson
These are the test chambers of my personal effort. Now I have organized them into one little pack.
Baka Files
Collection by: [GFMN] Doctor Quack
Insane Works from Insane Minds of little voices in my head.
My little Portal 4.0 Teil 1: Aller Anfang ist Schwer
Collection by: Fargo
The ninja pack
Collection by: owl (精液)
This pack is my own little tests for all of you. This pack contains: a tutorial (not so good though), 10 tests, a chamber that lets you relax for a bit (Its just a course that pushes you around to the exit, but its fun to watch), a room to mess around in,...
Markowski's The Six Test Chambers Series
Collection by: markowski
Can you get through these test chambers? Probably you can. Do you think the same way with me? Mercy on you if you do. Get through series of six chambers and maybe you find it out. Six different types of puzzles for you to discover. Looking for little ente...
My Little Puzzle I - III
Collection by: GamesOmatic
first try with the editor I hope you enjoy the maps
Movie Tribute Maps
Collection by: JustaLackey
None of these maps are direct recreations of a film. The inspiration was used to capture the themes of a movie or the feeling of a few specific scenes. Any missing gunfights or carchases are due to budget constraints. Inspirations are cited in a map's des...
Just Tests
Collection by: (P-E) Arthur
This is a re-creation of a Portal map I made in Minecraft. I used the Portal mod, if you want you can check it out here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/5-chambers-by-tvink98/ They're fairly simple starting out, and I had to make a few modificat...
collection of chambers
Collection by: ☆POSIBLYDEAD☆
a whole bunch of chambers you will be able 2 solve in a flash depending on the chamber also adding the brand new Can you Beat THIS a whole bunch of challenging chambers that might leave you wandering around in circles.
Toasters Terrific (?) Test Chambers
Collection by: T-800 Toastinator
THese test chambers are "good". No, I'm not using quotes, why do you think tha?
Fail chambers (My first)
Collection by: Fool of Clubs
This is most likely a fail.
The Forgotten Chambers I-V
Collection by: SirPhobos1
Before his death, Cave Johnson created these five test chambers. They've been hidden away, in an area long thought unreachable. Well, in the interest of science, (and certainly nothing relating to the recent Wheatley core incident) these five chambers h...
Literally Saving Science
Collection by: Festive ApocalypticCheeseburger
Cave Johnson needs your help! He has been poisoned and can't live unless you find the antidote! But, GLaDOS wants to keep you from saving him and using science for her own enjoyment! You must stop her at once! A collection by: General ApocalypticChees...
Room of Horror
Collection by: FR | L'Oncle BEN
Enfin sorti la série Room of Horror. L'histoire : Cave Johnson viens de créer Aperture labolatories Qu'il a déjà choisi son "Rat des laboratoires" malheuresement vous tentez de vous en échappez mais il n'y a aucune porte de sortie survivrez-vous ?
Puggle Science!
Collection by: OriginalSnips
Puggle Science, The creator? Rocco Johnson of course! Puzzles, and more! OMG. Cave's dog is AWESOME!
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