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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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New Era
Collection by: [iRON] DoktorDoraro
A New Era Of Testing
Multicube 1.0
Collection by:
Multicube 1.0.
Quick small maps
Collection by: So tired
Small quick tests
from the eyes of the creator
Collection by: Judge
My first creations. Just a few levels I thought I'd make to test your skills. If you like them please comment for more levels. Give me some ideas too.
Good Maps I'd recommend
Collection by: .sheridan .vespo
Just some maps I have played and would like to remember. This collection is mainly for myself, but I thought, I would make it public, so everyone can have some quality maps to play.
Test Chambers
Collection by: ☁Bigbuzzer☁
Super Test Room
Collection by: lukasz84
Super Test Room
Collection by: Firehawk9000
My Portal 2 Test Chambers
Collection by: Natman
This collection contains every test chamber I have made for Portal 2.
portal 2 maps for my frenids
Collection by: [SA]Soul12
My Collection
Collection by: Joshiemon
Kowalski's Map Pack
Collection by: Kowalski
A collection with my custom maps.
Test chambers by Mr. Magic
Collection by: Mr. Magic
All my test chambers
Top Chambes part 2
Collection by: Koobeq
This is Cool :D
Top Chambers part 1
Collection by: Koobeq
This is Cool :D
Burnt Turrets
Collection by: atx` Surgical <6 dig>
All turrets burn/die in these maps... mostly non puzzle..
TOC Division
Collection by: ThirdOfClubs
Hello, test subject, and welcome to the TOC Division of Aperture Science's Perpetual Testing Initiative. We here at the TOC Division are proud to say that we aim to give you the most enjoyable, and non-lethal testing experience that the Aperture Scienc...
Max Powerz Puzzles
Collection by: Max Powerz
Max Powerz Puzzle Pack, This is my first portal level pack, 5 Chambers Puzzle No.1 "The Pit" - Quick get to the exit. Puzzle No.2 "Portal Commando" - It's time to burn. Puzzle No.3 "The Chamber" - 2 Weighted cubes, 4 Laser cubes, 1 edgeless saft...
William And The Angry Birds Portal Deja vu
Collection by: Soda
My Portal Deja vu
1 Of My Portal 2 Dreams
Collection by: Soda
Its Cool
Awsome Ways To Kill a Turret
Collection by: Soda
Pea Shooter Levels Portal 2
Collection by: Soda
Welcome To The Pea Shooter levels
Shadow's Tests
Collection by: - FGR - Deadly_Shadow
All Of My Tests In One Collection!
"Quicks!" A Single Player Series! 3x3x3 Space ONLY!
Collection by: RedSilencer
Yes. 3 by 3 by 3. If a Rubik's Cube was hollow, each of these puzzles could fit inside of it! The challenge of each puzzle is different, but echoes very slightly a theme. Timers, cubes, and a lot of portaling around! Some are harder than others, but wi...
My Maps
Collection by: Derp Sauce
All my maps so far :D
Puzzles I forgot to backup and now cannot edit!!
Collection by: Jethro Q.Walrustitty
Because I am an idiot, when I needed to reinstall steam and portal 2, I didn't back up any of these puzzles and so now can'#t edit them in the PTI editor. I have saved them on the workshop and in this collection simply so I don't lose them completely, may...
Portal 2 col
Collection by: oscarbayo
Colecion para portal 2
My maps
Collection by: buiv311291
Just sopme maps
.BASiC Collection
Collection by: SamXt
A series of small chambers going from Basic to Extream (more maps will be made in the future)
коллекция, проба
Collection by: 1[RUS]
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