Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Portal 2 - Converge Series
Collection by: Mike
This testroom series will make you learn a mechanic that is not used in the actual game! The whole set is based on this little trick, with a complexity that increases at each level. Your objective is to activate all the targets simultaneously, and ent...
Oafrat Science department
Collection by: Oaf Rat
Cave Johnson's forgoten tests
Collection by: FD|Evil_Guy
Forgoten, founded and rebuilded tests maded by Cave Johnson! Oh, you don't know him? He is a Aperture CEO. Well... was. And he was last human in lead of Aperure. Anyway! Enjoy ironicly easy tests or some harder ones which make you jump from nearest window...
i made a level with portalz in it
Collection by: Teh Browniemixx
this is my first workshop item so i think it would b fair if it was just a simple portal test chambper
Funny Test :D
Collection by: Frezzer
Things that u dont know and funny test :D
Collection by: Frezzer
Jede Menge Prüfungen :D
Portal 2 Mini-Testing Initiative
Collection by: the8bitMoon
The Mini-Testing Initiative is a set of single-player maps made in the Puzzle Editor. Each map fits within the original size constraints of the blank "New Chamber" template. The puzzles are designed to challenge, but not frustrate the player and to be sol...
Portal Collection
Collection by: DJREMEDY
The fact that it is a collection
Welcome to Aperture Science, Astronauts.
Collection by: esbenkramer
Welcome esteemed astronaut. This series of tests and areas take place in the 50's, where the Portal Gun only shot blue portals. You will have to make your way up and around the compound. There are stationary orange portal in some areas, to help you cr...
The Penguin Extract Chamber Collection
Collection by: Penguin Extract
Some mabye damn near impossible, others as easy as pressing a button... but no matter what theyre all 100% solvable!
Querky Charisma
Collection by: DynamicCreatures
Portal singeplayer
Collection by: Der Fleischer
The Great Escape Series
Collection by: Sheazer
Complete these 10 tests and I'll set you free. Fail them and...well....we have plenty of other candidates who would jump at this opportunity.
Aperture After Dark DLC
Collection by: Fermisel
Aperture After Dark DLC. After dark is dlc for my Aperture Tag Chambers. in a way it could be a alternative story
Pack ended Hammer maps
Collection by: PackSciences
Hammer maps I've made
Aperture Laboratories Journal Reboot
Collection by: [B&PA Leader] Salty Pretzels
Me and The Grandmaster are teaming up to reboot my old "Aperture Laboratories Journal" series...I hope you like it!
Test Chambers Seris 1
Collection by: dumbelfmc
This is a Collection of Tests. 100 Test Chambers. Over 100 possiblities of combinations in the Test Chambers. So Have Fun ! There will be MORE seris of tests (like another seris). So hope you all look forward to more Tests and Seris
E-Squad Co-Op Portal Labs
Collection by: Kentuky Fried Horse Meat
The E-Squad Co-Op Labs
Britorsk Test Chambers
Collection by: Britorsk
This is the test chambers i made.
Mark's Favorite P2 (Portal 2) Stuff
Collection by: Crichton Sheep
Portal 2
Collection by: SuslikGT
Collection by: alxsam70
Lightnings Easy Tests
Collection by: LightningOfDeath
Aperture Tag Testing
Collection by: Fermisel
all of my aperture tag chambers... from storys... to coop missions
Movie/TV Rooms
Collection by: Changnesia
Reposting my Movie/TV themed chambers. This is a collection of beautifully designed, small/medium size, easy to moderate puzzles.
The Eight Super Puzzles
Collection by: supersam710
This is a collection of 8 test chambers, each of which focus on a specific testing aspect. I will be releasing them as soon as I am finished with each of them. Once they are all uploaded, I will make them even better with Hammer. Please subscribe and rate...
happy yay
Collection by: Inventor147
portal 1 campaign maps
Collection by: rainbow dash
for those who dont have portal i give you some maps that are from portal 1 campaign did my best to make a replica of the maps also texture is PORTAL probly 5 maps more or less also advance check my workshop items after i made all maps and i will ad...
P2 Collection
Collection by: thewildhaggis
Maps I Like
Collection by: Tyler
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