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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Testing chambers
Collection by: Ember [Wrangler-Lv. 89]
Aerial Suite, Op. 14
Collection by: yuhas530
The three puzzles in this collection are united by the common theme of needing to perform actions while in midair.
Rath's One-Offs
Collection by: CaOkELaTeO
These are a series of puzzles to get my feet wet.
Portal 2
Collection by: Juiceboxhero8
Portal 2 Maps
Co-op Extreme
Collection by: RetroGamerBoy
This is a series of test in which you can only solve with a partner, and as the test go they get HARDER... Until You're Smashing You're Head On The Computer Screen...
Die will ich noch!
Collection by: Charly T. Fox
portal 2
Collection by: beats
i play
Portal Randomness
Collection by: Billy Bob Guy
These are some of the random first tests that I made. They may be a bit boring, do to the fact I can't do much on a laggy laptop.
Collection by: Christoph Smaul
Collection by: Finn
A series of coop maps, focussing on the team experience and large epic sceneries.
Maintenance Collection
Collection by: ZedArgon
My dicontinued, unpopular cooperative test series made in the in-game editor. The difficulty isn't particularily hard in any of the maps, and seasoned players shouldn't have too much trouble finding solutions. Things may have changed had the pack continue...
My Portal 2 Subs
Collection by: DaveKap
For me and my friends. Go away.
Blu Gamer's Portal 2 Map Pack(mp)
Collection by: The True Smash Bro
This is the multi-player ver of the other pack.
Blu Gamer's Portal 2 Map Pack(sp)
Collection by: The True Smash Bro
Its all the sp maps I made in one map pack
All of the Portal 2 Maps I Have
Collection by: The True Smash Bro
Just like my Gmod collection, I don't own any of this maps
The Final Test Pack
Collection by: The True Smash Bro
This will be all four of my Final tests all in one pack.
Portal 2 Alpha/Beta
Collection by: TexturePack MADNESS!
Portal 2 Alpha/Beta are both BEFORE Regular Portal 2 was created. So, don't blame me for the bug in Beta. Blame Portal 2 Beta.
My Little Portal
Collection by: Cynder Dragon loves Portal
Aperture Towers
Collection by: Cynder Dragon loves Portal
Portal 2 and other games
Collection by: KosMos
In this collection you will find maps, in which there is something from other games - new ideas, graphics or gameplay. If you know the maps that will be perfect for this collection - write your suggestions in the comments and maybe I'll add them to this ...
12 tests
Collection by: Cynder Dragon loves Portal
12 Tests
Negative Test Chambers
Collection by: Scrubsberry Swirlz
Test Chambers in my negative test chamber series.
Collection by: Aidan King Of Troy
The Everything
Collection by: Portal Geek 2
This is my first Steam Workshop Collection of Test Chambers! Enjoy.
Aperture Reborn [Full]
Collection by: Daigo Tantibus
The full collection for the "Aperture Reborn" series.
[WIP] Aperture Reborn - Chapter 2: The Core
Collection by: Daigo Tantibus
The facility is running low on power. A power glitch caused a panel to retract, bringing you into a secret area of Aperture. This may be the key to powering aperture: The Central Core. But repairing it will cause all kinds of problems... Aperture Journ...
My Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: [TUF] markemark UK
Petit Puzzles
Collection by: [)(] Arrik Fawx
This collection is a series of chambers that are either small, fast to solve, or easy. If possible, this series will be continued indefinitely. They will contain every single test element available in the Puzzlemaker. Each chamber has a different test ...
Small chambers
Collection by: Gob
Collection of small chambers that I have been finding. The claustrophobic feeling is guaranteed. - Thanks to all authors for their work.
great portal 2 levels
Collection by: jota87r
great community made portal 2 levels
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