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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Tomb Raider
Collection by: {ZA L-General} Manosx52
A collection of my tomb raider maps.
The New Aperture Laboratories
Collection by: Absorbingpaper
Oh no! The AI testing robots have taken over the facility. You must hurry and stop them! Leave a comment if you want this to continue!
Rated chambers
Collection by: sixequalszero
Chambers you should play
SuPa DuPa
Collection by: SuPa Fly Ho
Darks Easy Tests
Collection by: |>RaR<| KiNgDaRk™
4 easy Beginer Maps
Portal Testing Discouragement Initiative
5 of the hardest chambers I've made. As the name implies, they can be discouraging, but they should be pretty fun - The end of each should feel like an accomplishment. Save often in each chamber, and enjoy.
Test Subject's
Collection by: Sabo
This is just some Maps that i make every once in a while with a nice fun play to them.
"Thank You... Friend"
Collection by: XeonZach ♋
My series called "Thank You... Friend".
Pulp Friction
Collection by: Pow! Haha!
A Series of small but challenging puzzles that will hopefully get you to think.
My Testing Course
Collection by: [Lazy] Waltz
A testing course I created. Still WIP.
Companion Cube Rescue
Collection by: ¤¤Ziggylata¤¤
Portal 2: Companion Cube Rescue A story that is slowly increading in both production value and plotline.
Apertures missing chambers
Collection by: Mr. Rubber Ducky
The missing tests
Collection by: ProgSys
Just a collection of all my testchambers. Have Fun!
apertues adventures maps
Collection by: GRIIMMdeath
Cave Johnson's Finest Chambers
Collection by: Attapi0
Cave Johnson here, it's come to my attention some idiot's decided to pretend to be me. I will let you know that the test subjects behind this have been fired, forever. Okay, now that that's out of the way I can tell you why I'm here. I'm here to introd...
Companion Trials
Collection by: GeoJJx
Before the cooperative testing initiative, the Companion Trials was placed in action! Join Bendy as he makes his way through deadly test chambers constructed by various Aperture labs of the multiverse, all with the aid of his trusty companion cube!
Human's Curiosity Pack
Collection by: B'oh | McDean
Hmmm....... What does that red button do?
Collection by: catcherben
Epic testing chambers of epicness
Aganature Innovation
Collection by: Agan Naga
Innovating the way Aperature goes about science!
Taxicat Tests
Collection by: Taxicat
Test cache
Joke and Brain
Collection by: Jazzmanstime
In this collection, I leave all my work. Play and rate. It's fun!
Chaos control's test chambers
Collection by: [SP][SFMMac]ChaosControl
A serie of test chambers themed all along. Gels there, then turrets, it's always new and awesome ! Try it now !
Janthran Laboratories Omega Wing
Collection by: Janthran
The Omega Wing of Janthran Laboratories. One of the more difficult bits.
CO-OP map collection 01/ ?
Collection by: borealis117
co-op versions of previously uploaded maps.
Strange Aperture
Collection by: boosteD
It's Strange
Easy Test- For new players
Collection by: Oxy
Easy Tests for the new players, have fun friends..
My Co-op Tests
Collection by: Jackson
This series of tests allows the two players to use cooperative testing maneuvers in order to pass through each chamber. Teamwork is highly encouraged.
First collection of tests.
Collection by: Clone5184 |
Please note that this only contains a few tests. More to be added later.
the salle mosteur-test
Collection by: mosteur13 | PirateHooking.com
salle de test plus ou mpoin faciles creer par un FRANCAIS
Simply Frustrating Chambers!
Collection by: KonekoFire
Levels are very mean and love cookies. :3
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