Portal 2
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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Portal 2 101
Collection by: Generalist Gamer
Wanna teach someone how to play Portal but don't want to run them through all the tutorial levels of the story mode? Not to worry! Here, players will be put through short rooms immediately after one another to teach them the basic concepts of all the test...
Old chambers
Collection by: BEN 77
The Cake Chronicles
Collection by: Acid Regulation
9 Chapters, where each chapter has a different method of solution. I tried to keep the puzzle style of the singleplayer. Difficulty: easy/medium.
Collection by: KR1$$ KRO$$
Packed Insanity!
Collection by: Mr. Polite
This is a collection of small, but sort of challenging chambers, that I have made. For some of them you will need to know every aspect of Portal 2. They are all possible because I have tested and completed each one till they were perfectly functional.
"Poubelle" test
Collection by: unknown60130
Musée des liens logiques
Collection by: unknown60130
[COOP] Teamwork Required
Collection by: DrFauli
Five small maps with medium to high difficulty, which require great teamwork and thinking with portals. You may need fast reflexes on some of these maps.
The Co-op Saga
Collection by: JKLord2345
"The Co-op Saga" is a collection of my co-operative maps designed to test your ability to solve puzzles and work together as a team. Enjoy the maps, don't forget to rate and check back every once in a while for new additions to the collection.
Freaddy .Co Teleporter Launcher Testing Facility Chapter 1
Collection by: Freaddythegreat
Welcome to the Freaddy .Co Teleporter Launcher (FCTL) Testing Facilty! You have been randomly selected to test the new FCTL! You will go through 10 different testing chambers, each one more difficult than the last. You will be testing to see if the FCTL i...
Orange Pants Organisation
Collection by: GAGANB | Bag of Rice
Experimental training facility for the Orange Pants Organisation employee base. Once complete, all Orange Pants Organisation employees will have the ability to face any obstacle with confidence.
Countdown to Extinction
Collection by: mucusSTfriend
This is a collection of maps with increasing difficulty. Compeling visuals, challenging puzzles.
KILLER_9639's Maps
Collection by: KILLER 9639
This contains all of my awsome maps for portal 2. If you like my content and my maps make sure you join my fanclub before sending me a friend request. A selected few will have the opportunity to playtest my maps before everyone else! http://steamcommun...
Portal 2 maps by meow:3
Collection by: Ricky Gardenia
Portal 2 maps by meow:3 Collection includes: 4 maps for singleplayer 1 map for co-op
The Employee: Official Collection
Collection by: Dr. Orange
The Employee: Official Collections is exactly what it sounds like. The official collection pack for the Employee series. More maps will be added when they are released. Complete storyline (hover mouse over spoilertext to read) spoilers...
Insane coop
Collection by: Tabarnacos
My collection of coop maps using the Style changer mod and the BEEMod. Thanks to all who work on those awesome mods. For information about the mods. PeTI Style Changer: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/882953189045851829/?appid=620...
Minecraft! with Portal 2
Collection by: LeChuck
using portal in minecraft
Collection by: LoneWolf2056
An in progress series of maps in the destroyed/ reconstructing theme, continuing from the Dilapidation series you must try to find a way to escape Aperture laboratories, but with GLaDOS awake and rebuilding the facility, that might not be so easy. Puzz...
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