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Non-Exploitive White Gel Puzzles
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
Time and time again I see people try to create white gel puzzles only for me to exploit them in so many different ways. This collection is aimed to showcase good ways to make a white gel puzzle.
My levels
Collection by: SchoolYardNinja
These are all of the levels I make
Malk Series
Collection by: Maxx Walkerling
This is the malk series, have fun, btw this was a stupid joke me and my friends made up.
Turret Killing!
Collection by: Cthulhu
All of my levels to do with killing those pesky turrets!
My Single Player Favorites
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
Original Location of My Favorites These maps are so good, I favorited them. Unforu...
Momentum - The Collection [WIP]
Collection by: DanielBandicoot
Collection of my multi-part map called momentum, where you use all kinds of aspects to gain speed and travel trough my maps. Enjoy!!!
Awesome Weegee Co-ops
Collection by: Awesome Weegee
A collection of Test Chambers (created by me) that had the best reception.
TimeTOdie - Beginner Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
All my Beginner Series
Collection by: xenoid1
My items
Testing Forever Section 2
Collection by: Squidgy36
This collection is still having maps added to it! Hay, I know it has been a while, thanks to all those who did play section one or some of it and although I could not find time to read the comments and create new maps I appreciate everyone who plays my...
TimeTOdie - Pro Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
All my Pro Series
TimeTOdie - Special Chamber Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
This is a collection of my special chambers. Every chamber has at least four puzzles. Some chambers are so big that they are seperated into two parts. Have fun!
Panda's Maps
Collection by: InvisiblePanda
Collection by: At0mium
Mettez votre cerveau à l'épreuve avec cette série de salles de test. Exploitant les concepts de level-design jusqu'à a moelle, vous aurez droit à des problêmes en tous genres utilisant toutes les subtilités de l'univers du Portal 2. La question est...
TimeTOdie - Complete Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
Welcome to the TimeTOdie complete series. In this collection you find all of my test chambers ordered chronological. The difficulty goes from Beginner to Pro. I appreciate comments and constructive feedback on each chamber. There are many laser maps on th...
Test lab - By Niin
Collection by: HexagoNiin
J'ai fait un énooooooooooorme succès avec Test Lab 09... je vous remercie tous ! ; ) Sinon J'ai fini le 12e, si ça vous interesse où si vous voulez me donner des idées, vous pouvez ^^. Envoyez moi juste vos salles de test, je les teste toutes !
Portal Unto Dawn Series
Collection by: ƦɅƉ∑LIƬE
This is where I will be posting my hammer made maps right now I currently have just 1 :( Parts 1-2-3 are finished
Enigma Protocol
Collection by: Metallic Hero
This is the collection of Steam workshop maps previewing the upcoming mod for Portal 2, Enigma Protocol. Please keep in mind, this collection is a work in progress, and not all maps are available at this time.
Escape from Aperture
Collection by: Antagonistic ALLOS
In another multiverse, you are Mark Bendest, a test subject who volunteered at Aperture for an experiment to turn people into three-dimensional manifestations of two-dimensional figures. Wheatley has just broken you out of stasis, under the glaring eye of...
The 12 Days of Aperture
Collection by: Ezekel
The FCR team proudly presents 'The 12 Days of Aperture'. Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXdKiqJP5Dc Pomeran's Trailer: http://youtu.be/GCd9b68eRbg With Maps From: Pomeran - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085942034/my...
Portals Through Time
Collection by: Setin
================== Portals Through Time ================== Game: Portal 2 Created by: Austin 'Setin' House Made in the Hammer Editor Face new challenges and solve interesting puzzles with the addition of Time Travel! Go back and forth between th...
Gelocity Time Trial
Collection by: Raidix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel and your task is to reach the finish line in a limited time.
Eight Mappack - Not a Lot (Part 0)
Collection by: echoplex
The Lambda Chambers
Collection by: [Lambda [ λ ] Gaming]
The Lambda Chambers are just a set of test chambers that i have made.
Eight Mappack - Start Again (Part 1)
Collection by: echoplex
Wheatley laboratories
Collection by: BEN 77
Pure Intellect
Collection by: Ultiman9711
The new flavour of sp_80s! This series will re-introduce one of Portal 2's most memorable characters in a way that will bring testing to a whole new level. What dangerous tricks does he have up his sleeve? Who else will you encounter? What changes to the ...
Above Aperture
Collection by: La Petite Magicienne
Eight Mappack - Sober (Part 2)
Collection by: echoplex
Stasis Map Pack
Collection by: DREEY
Somewhere in the bowels of Aperture, lies houndreds of test subjects, waiting for their entire life to be awaken to do some science.
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