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Gravitron Collection
Collection by: echoplex
Gravitron Collection - a series of singleplayer tests for Portal 2, in which you control a gravity gun, and built on this test chambers. It is planned to create about 10-15 tests, although their number may change. Thank you for playing in these tests and ...
Collection by: Fatso
The Talos Principle - Testchambers
Collection by: FLooper
This collection contains all sorts of my testchambers, which are inspired by the puzzle game "The Talos Principle". It features Lasers, Cube-Button-Basics, Turrets and more, to let the puzzles from TTP leak into Portal 2! I may add maps created with t...
Active Test Subject
Collection by: The Cig Smokin' Sniper
You are a Stock-Piled test subject, just now being waken up for testing. There were a few others before you, but you'll find out what they did sooner or later. In Active Test Subject, you follow a fresh-awakened test subject through their struggles in...
Collection by: RectorRocks
Midnight is a seven map mappack that revolves around Chell and an unknown character as GLaDOS puts her to testing. Each level have their own achievements and ends with a post-game report, that shows which achievements were obtained and the time taken to c...
Collection by: crepinou
Original and fun room for all level.
Lure of Chaos
Collection by: mucusSTfriend
This collection of small and easy maps is for people who want to relax after a hard day at work, college or school. They are for players whose favourite game is not necessarily Portal.
ALLOS Aperture - Short Maps
Collection by: Machiavellian Mayor Marx
A collection of my shorter maps, just to have them organized into one place.
All My portal2 Puzzles
Collection by: Ice
All the singleplayer puzzle that I made
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