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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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I'm Different
Collection by: TheThornZ
5 crazy maps that test your skill not your brain.
Collection by: SerGUN
Интересные и головоломные тестовые камеры =)))
Cubos / Cubes
Collection by: Velcósitro
Están basados en las películas de El Cubo. They are based on the films of The Cube.
The Ultimate CO-OP Tests.
Collection by: danialinthelionsden
This si my first CO-OP collecton hope you enjoy!
King of the Maze
Collection by: buff00n
An ongoing series of maze puzzles for Portal 2, in increasing order of difficulty. Escaping the maze is only the first step.
Lab Trip
Collection by: Prince William
Les tourelles ont pris le contrôle de la section "Fabrication" de Aperture Science et vous êtes chargé de nettoyer toute cette affaire. Mais évidemment ce ne sera pas une mince affaire ! Quoique... Lab Trip est une série de test simple mais origin...
Pneumatic Vent
Collection by: Anjuna
Enjoy !
Mho' Power
Collection by: BOT Perry
Connect the dots and feel the power. This test is made possible by Aperture's newest innovation, the Super-Conductive Hyper-Proximal Heavy-Duty Ultra-Cube.
Rishal's Test Chambers Part 1
Collection by: Pop Music Sucks!
Portal 2 Test Chambers by user rishalsinghbajaj.
This level is impossible [Coop]
Collection by: Shadow
This is a series of glitch involved tests, it is just like my other collection but it is coop. Here is the link to my single player collection just in case you would like to try that first. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=91235895
Aurora Facility (Beta)
Collection by: Arisato
A sealed off wing of Aperture awaits you. A new computer after GLaDOS shuts down for the last time. Now a prisoner of this new computer you will have to escape. Q:Where is the new computer? A:I am building the test chambers one by one then porting the...
My favorites: :Test Chamber Wonderland
Collection by: Gooddog
THIS is Test Chambers by OTHER builders worthy of mention. These are builds that are clever and fun to replay. If you like Test Chambers that, like mine, combine puzzles, mazes, portal guns, with clever, surpising elements, check these out. if you want st...
Twisted Mind
Collection by: Oni-San 69 [FR]
Try my maps ! Singleplayer only ! Feedback are welcome !
Apertures missing chambers
Collection by: Captain Cthulhu
The missing tests
Blaperture Science Chambers
Collection by: Chuggers
This is a series of some of my first maps. Some are still under development and will be uploaded over periods of time, so there aren't many right now. You'll notice that over time these chambers will get beter, that's because I'm still working on improv...
Secret Chamber Limited Edition
Collection by: (Master)stalhgker
Give me a like to unlock more chamber
Shift: Trichotomy
Collection by: Aicxe
Somewhere in the multiverse, two intertwined Aperture Science labs have invented a way to link universes together. With the 1.21-Gigawatt Aperture Science Multi-Dimensional Multi-Generator, the test subject now has the ability to solve tests that span acr...
Collection by: Razbool
Enigmatique puzzles a 2 ! 2 x plus de chances de pas mourir ! Quoi que...
The Material Redemption Initiative: Frantic Factory
Collection by: Ravoria
Due to an overabundance of mass-produced testing materials, the Aperture Science Enrichment Center has created a series of mechanisms intended to efficiently dispose of unneeded resources. However, recent budget cuts due to the lack of living test subject...
Whaperture Science Laboratories - Part 1
Collection by: Wharomaru
La primera parte de una Serie de mapas que narrarán la historia de Whaperture Science Laboratories, un antiguo Aperture ubicado en alguna de las tantas dimensiones que existen, que por alguna razón acabó siendo dirigido por WHaDOS (Weird Headache and D...
Portal2Cast Monday Madness 8-27-12
Collection by: Imaginator
Submissions to the Portal2Cast Monday Madness challenge 8-27-12: "Back to Basics." The rules were: 1. Use the default puzzle space given when you create a new puzzle; you cannot expand the walls, ceiling or floor, or make hallways/tunnels. 2. With ...
Just You and Me
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
These are my Co-Op stages.
Worm Escape
Collection by: IroNMaN
A series where you have to escape a worm that eats you, PS: i had to use this photo for it.
Frel's Coop Test Chambers
Collection by: timCopwell
Every my coop test chamber goes to this collection.
Collection by: Bulska
Focus is a collection which aims to tackle each puzzle element of Portal 2 one by one. Each test chamber is focussed on one puzzle element, basing all the puzzles within off that element. It starts of extremely easy with minimal puzzle elements, yet build...
first steps
Collection by: Kleibärto
my first three test chambers. i had a lot of fun and i hope you will have fun to. the chambers are not to difficult - but chamber 3 can be a little... - arghhhh
Lumina Rose Repulsion Gel Testing
Collection by: Lumina Rose
A series of 6 single player tests and 1 co-operative test centred around Repulsion Gel. Moderate difficulty. Companion Cube hidden in one of the chambers.
Markia Cooperative Section 121
Collection by: Test Subject #2833
You are both A-BOT and B-BOT of Markia Testing Initiative. You were sopposed to be free until a crazy mad scientist [{ Human Name here }] pressed a button that put you both into Markia Cooperative Section 121 You were originally on Markia Cooperat...
Coke's little workshop
Collection by: 코크
걍 심심해서 해봄
The Crafty Gnome
Collection by: The Gnome
All of the levels in this collection were created by a gnome.
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