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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by Enju Senpai
Mapas de portal 2
Collection by Sisko_83 [FR]
Ma collection de Maps modifié avec Hammer. A l'heure actuelle je suis obligé de faire la base dans l'éditeur simple puis de modifier dans Hammer. Ne maitrisant pas pour l'instant l'entière complexité du logiciel , je ne sais pas encore faire le...
Collection by Eesti orav
a few unconventional test chambers. Some of them require deep skills in portal 2 :)
Portal 2. 1ª temporada
Collection by CabraMistica-Sabia de Babilonia
Las colección de portal 2 son los mapas que ire aciendo alo largo de la historia. Algunos seran faciles otro dificiles o comicos
Puzzlemaster 3000
Collection by DiaBlo
Puzzles only for Masters.
Collection by wildgoosespeeder
My single player tests using Ben and August’s Extended Editor (BEEMOD). #BEEMOD
SlightlyDifferentDuplicates: Which should I keep?
Collection by jbsob
I created the same map twice with a different title and description for each to see what people liked better. One is more of a parody of Cave Johnson's multiverse commentary and helps the player out more as the title itself is a hint to the map's nature. ...
Portal 2: New Subject (SIngleplayer Campaign)
Collection by spinachie1
Unofficial DLC for Portal 2. With Chell gone, Caroline of Aperture Science isn't about to let her curiosity go. Her personal desire lives on with a new Test Subject, and a whole new series of tests. This time, with some new tricks up her sleeve such a...
Stochastic Series.
Collection by Rabadapp
Only experienced test subjects should continue. Abillities in logic, cognition and out of the box thinking are required. Please proceed and test at own risk.... Continue testing. ... ... ... ?
Madriota's old collection of puzzles (PTI)
Collection by Squidgy
This is my old collection, nothing special, it was section one of Testing Forever but as it had no story elements it is no longer a part of the Testing Forever series, in addition there is only one section now and the collection is just called “Testing ...
PitiedSpace7 TEST (Single player)
Collection by Soulkeeper31
This is my collection of cards to play Portal 2. Subscribe to my collection of maps. I think you will like it!
Faith and Goo
Collection by sino
for new players
The Frustration Series
Collection by Dr. Proboscis Antelope
All of the Frustration maps.
Toasters Terrific (?) Test Chambers
Collection by Hackerman
THese test chambers are "good". No, I'm not using quotes, why do you think tha?
Magelanex1's CO-OP Chambers!
Collection by It's0wen
Here is my well presnted (actually you juge that!) co-op chambers! Grab your friend and play!
Chaotic series.
Collection by Rabadapp
The easier it looks... the more difficult it gets. Continue if you have experience in the field of unlogics.
Entry-Level Chambers
Collection by The Lil' Orca
Nothing too special; just my first collection of my first attempts of making test chambers. They are not too difficult and I am not fully satisfied with them, but I shall continue to experiment in making new chambers with better challenges.
Matt's Campaign
Collection by Gruzzly
A campaign of 12 Portal 2 chambers, featuring a wide variey of level design, and a vast array of gadgets and mechanics. Recommended for intermediate to advanced Portal 2 players.
Collection by Nickxs
Collection by NEADMIN
My first puzzles =) Мои первые головоломки =)
Collection by NEADMIN
question man6's Big Fat Collection of Chambers!
Collection by question man6
My very first big fat collection! If you have any problems or complaints on a chamber, please state them in the specific chamber you have them with. All comments are welcome, whether they are positive, negative, insulting, or plain stupid. Thinking wit...
Collection by [A]лександр
The Orc Labs
Collection by The Swedish Orc
Welcome to the Orc Labs! Here we study the art of conflict problem solving. We ask questions like: What is the best way of geting a turret of your back? How do one best escape a dungeon? Do companion kubes feel pain? Are you smarter then my dog? This ques...
Testing Initiative
Collection by The Secret jas
Some of my Tests
Extreme Rollercoasters
Collection by The Secret jas
My Rollercoasters
Physics of Portal 2
Collection by Armourspark
This is my first test chamber collection. THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!
Моя коллекция
Collection by Slim
Advanced Test Chamber Series by YYJ
Collection by YJSoft
Some Test might need BEE mode. Made by YYJ(yyj9411@naver.com) Don't Panic Crusher....That's all
Portal Maps
Collection by BansheeTK
A folder of portal maps
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