Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Viridi_Pacificus
хрень какая то просиходит!
Downloads from Steam
Collection by: Glutenmonster
Phenix's Tests
Collection by: ^6Marie
The Non-Employee
Collection by: WickedWheatley
This is The Non-Employee series. There are more episodes to come. I am not sure how many but it will be no more than 5. Enjoy NOTE: This is still a work in progress.
Collection by: Twinkie Pie | Alone.. /)~(\
Small But Effective!
Collection by: Nic
This collection contains my first three custom test chambers... Symmetry Cubes, Chamber of Method & Caged. Each map is small in size & quick to play yet offer fun & effective puzzles/mechanics. These maps should be ideal for players looking for an easy-is...
Collection by: FaZe Juan
Eight Mappack - Not a Lot (Part 0)
Collection by: echoplex
Abit's best Portal 2 maps
Collection by: あびた
Collection of my best Portal 2 maps.
Laser Bending
Collection by: Nate Sauce
Nate Sauce's collection of curious laser chambers, using reflection cubes in ways they usually aren't. Footwork introduces the concept, and the rest are full-on test chambers. Good luck!
Co-op Portal 2
Collection by: kARATEgIRL
PANIK Portal
Collection by: PANIK
Very hard to master. For two Players.
Collection by: maxmessie1
My first chambers
Collection by: Sttreek
My first chambers
opening holes 2: the opening
Collection by: Hailburn
my creations
Collection by: jessica117.jh
these are creations on portal 2 that i made
Collection by: Slow Fade Lazers
Portal 2
Collection by: XXJustin814
1000 Tests
Collection by: LilUbercharge
1000 Tests. There are many, many tests in this, and more to come. The tests will start easy, then get more difficult. Also, you get to hear Cave Johnson's HILARIOUS dialog.
rats BJØRN
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
dawd aw Dadasdadadada BJørnadadas
Apperture Testing
Collection by: [Abruteam] Vplayers
Voici les salle de test que j'ai creer appeler Aperture Testing Toujour en construction
Tjpm's maps
Collection by: TheJetPackMoves
This is TheJetPackMoves's maps for portal 2
Collection by: prrg :3
My old chambers, inspired by original Portal.
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
A Portal 2 Map's
Collection by: LokyPirate(BR)
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
Testy Pana Radzia!
Collection by: _NG_
Są to testy, które tworze co kilka dni. Nie są one zbyt trudne bo dopiero zaczynam "karierę" w tworzeniu map. Jest to seria testów o nieznanej tematyce. Kanał z poradnikami: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc2rO1FoZg-46izFe9pOCdA Oficjalny te...
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
Collection by: Enderlux
These are the unreal chmbers. Prepare for the most unreal chambers you've ever seen :D
Cave's Abandoned Chambers
Collection by: 4N73L
I wanted to make awesome 1950's styled chambers for you people so i made this bunch of them enjoy. 8 out of 19 maps already done.
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