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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Trickster's Portal Tests
Collection by: MrTrickster511
A collection of my Portal 2 custom stages. Enjoy!
Collection by: 7Ss92
portal 2 custom levels
Complexity Series V1.0
Collection by: Festive Knifemare
The Mappack For All Complexity V1.0 Maps (Including The Extended Series)
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
wtf man, COMEON
Really good maps
Collection by: ☢Courier 6☢
Some of the BEST maps on the StEaM workshop
Portal Ultimate Test rooms
Collection by: Deadleader
This is a lot of funniest test room !
Portal 2 mods
Collection by: nvellak1
Just gathering some portal 2 mods that look nifty. That's right, i just said nifty. I'm not sure why anyone would choose this, I am just gathering these mods in an easily accessible place for private use, so just keep scrolling along to something more...
Collection by: StratEngie
TooEasy CO-OP
Collection by: Captain
Enjoy ;)
Own Portal Chambers
Collection by: Serraniel
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
*Ba dumm tss*
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
portal 2 stuffs
Collection by: awesomekiller884
this is stuff that i like to do with portal.
Collection by: Jaromaz
Surprising :)
Amazing Maps
Collection by: RockBiter
Unique Maps I've found.
What If....
Collection by: Petro I
Forget the story of the original! You play sister Caroline and your hands will survive it or not!
Testing With Science
Collection by: Switchpop™
A Collection of Tests- For use with science.
Naga Server Prop Hunt
Collection by: :D Soundwave96FTW :D
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
Collection by: dire.fcs
This collection is, obviously, about turret maps. Some are on my friends workshop, and other maps I'll try to find (and/or make) good stuff to include in this one.
My portal 2 first few test chambers
Collection by: The Unknown
Its my first few test chambers
The Art Of Spam: Chambers 01-17
Collection by: Purple
The Fingernail-Biting Begins
Collection by: theChillestThem
A collection of my most horrifying test chambers. Be affraid. Be VERY affraid.
Dimensional Testing Laboratories
Collection by: joshua.lowry
NOTE: This collection of chambers has a story. Please read the workshop description of each chamber as you go along, or the chambers may not make sense. The Dimensional Testing Laboratories is a testing facility, like Aperture. After Chell kills GLaDOS...
Wheatley's Portal testing
Collection by: Photonegative Mickey
Hello and welcome to MY chamber, now that we've got GLaDOS out, I can finally do everything. -Wheatley
Maksim's&Nikita's Tests
Collection by: [Dead]Shadow Lady
This is a collection of Maksim's and Nikita's test they are fun and I hope you will enjoy them all good luck playing them and be sure to have fun!
Alpha - Test Chambers
Collection by: Utylike
Alpha - Test Chambers New test collection made by me It doesnt have any story. Its just some Tests Chambers.
Portal 2 DLC
Collection by: PSCGOhio
Aperture Advice for Summer Vacation
Collection by: prrg :3
My Hammer-made series made between Nov. 2014-Jan. 2014. There are hard and easy maps, through all of them require some thinking!
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
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