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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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One Horse Shay
Collection by: Daedelus
Give me feedback!
The Tower
Collection by: oliver.lenaghan
Based on a heist sneaking in through the sewers to get to a vault and out again... I know corny eh? :) Still was very fun to make my first few maps! Hope you enjoy
Speed's Liked Maps
Collection by: A Hawk With Features Of A Feline
Simply Maps that I liked, but cant keep subscribed to due to limits of the Queue.
Sicarius Barritus Map Pack
Collection by: Sicarius Barritus
Just a collection of maps I've made. Challenge ranges from medium to expert.
My first 5 chambers.
Collection by: Xenophobia
These are my first 5 chambers for Portal 2.These were made when i still kind-of sucked at making maps.
The Underside
Collection by: CrashWhiz
A four part story about puzzling through two warring worlds.
The Heist
Collection by: FUKSNÖ
A sequential set of Portal 2 maps telling the story of a vault, a thief, a portal gun and... something very valuable. New levels will be added as I have time!
ML's Mind Boggling Boxes Collection
Collection by: NickNasty
My collection of the Mind Boggling Boxes series and an extra map that's not normally available to the public.
Портал 2 Мапс ,Токо для русских!
Collection by: - Xx_Rok_xX -
Русское создание карты.
HaL's Test Chamber Challenge
Collection by: HalusaTwin™♫♪
HaL's Test Chamber challenge is a series of Simple and Complex Chambers designed to push human testing to the limitations. HaL is not a huge fan of human beings or any other species other then him self, oh and Cave Johnson, his creator. These test cham...
Lucario's Top 5 - Week 3
Collection by: [PC]-Lucario The Husky
Here are the maps that I covered in my Top 5 YouTube Video for Week 3.
Immer wieder...
Collection by: Kingston
Hier werden Die Fähigkeiten in einzelnen Themen getestet und ausgeprägt Es sind natürlich noch mehr Karten im Bau *image copyright by http://www.imgbase.info/images/safe-wallpapers/video_games/portal/8008_portal.jpg
Test Chambers for Men
Collection by: Silly
These represent some of the standard tests used by Aperture Laboratories for adult, male test subjects aged 17-42 years. Results so far have shown a staggering one half of all test subjects testing positive to being female. Please help Aperture forward...
The Smig Chambers
Collection by: Chubby Swag
A series of Chambers
Collection by: DroperJacksoN
No portals. Just Jumps
Collection by: James
Various kinds of jumps. Contains 5 maps, 2 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard, and 1 very hard. The maps do not use portals but instead timing and creative use of strafing and jump tactics. Lots of speed gel :) Very hard map just added (simple tasks but very hard t...
Collection by: Orik [KI6]
Two similar test. One slightly harder than the other.
Matt the Brony's Test Chambers
Collection by: Probalo
I made some Test Chambers, play them
PeTI Test Cycle 01: Handheld Portal Device
Collection by: TestSubject069
Hello [Subject Name Here], And welcome to the Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Initiative. You have been self-selected by our team to engage in the most thrilling contribution to Science in the entire history of the multiverse! This collection of supre...
PeTI Test Cycle 02: Thermal Discouragement Beam
Collection by: TestSubject069
Dear [Subject Name Here], Hello again! This is Cave Johnson from Earth 1, and man! Greg's multiple universe theorem is moving along perfectly! Well, perfectly for us at least, who cares what's going on at your end. The point is that you've passed through...
are you CORE enough?
Collection by: [UHA] apocolyptictodd
home the super jump series and all around fun maps! hope you guys enjoy :)
Elasticity Projection
Collection by: Animator
Fling yourself, Fling yourself with Gel FFZzzffZFFfzz.
The Kuhr Foundation
Collection by: yondaf23
The greatest collection of science under the internet.
Checkered Chambers
Collection by: Quantum Feline
A set of 6 test chambers all shaped the same, but with wildly different puzzles in each room.
Collection by: [BN]KING PEINS
in 1997 cave johnson dies he made 12 test chambers before he did you must survive them
Portal 2 Test Chambers: The Room Series
Collection by: Zeca
A collection of test chambers where the exit is visible from the start. There is a main room, a cubicle where most of the test takes place. Some rooms are easy, other are a bit more challenging, have fun!
First set of levels
Collection by: Duxator
these were my first set of levels created by the dlc. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Aperture Towers
Collection by: Muerte
The laser core generator in building 2 has been sabotaged! Now you are stuck in building 1 and everything is malfunctioning. Make your way from building 1 to 2 through the basement, and then worked your way up to the second tower to repair the sabotage. ...
Collection by: LoveYourLizard
Combo Test
Collection by: Вr0yler
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