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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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ExpLOo - Testing Innovations
Collection by: iPanda
Collection of testing chambers that will open you to a new level of testing. Turn on your logic and find a way to get to the exit. Please don't forget to rate maps and invite friends. Oh, and leave your comments ;)
Первая коллекция
Collection by: Miryto
моя первая коллекция не судите строго
Collection by: Hendoodle
Simple But Quite Annoying
Brain Testers
Collection by: Shawnathan55
These are chambers my cousin made. They have stumped me a few times, but they aren't to bad. Enjoy!
ill jumps
Collection by: IL ̿̿'̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪●)=/̵͇̿̿/'̿
Collection of bouncy tests.
Collection by: dodori.exe
Jump and have FUN!!!
The Adventures of silhouette Man
Collection by: e-wok345
Follow the adventures of Silhouette Man! Current Chapters: 1 The Arrival 2 Modification Comming Soon: 3 Troubleshooting Note: Ignore everything Cave says, it doesn't matter.
Dead Meat
Collection by: The Companion Cube
The 10 Chamber Series 'Dead Meat'
Testsubject Otze
Collection by: [GER] DeaxterHawk
Hier befinden sich die Testchamber für mein Testsubjekt Otze! Otze's "Let's Play your Level": (Playlistlink Folgt)
Collection by: Mr. Dr. Prof. Sir Joseph
Collection by: Stuart Pot (2D)
Test Chamber Collection - 3 Steps to Portal (by Epicmagination)
Collection by: René Descartes
So testing subject, you've defeated glados TWICE, you went to space and surived, BUT NOW WE GOT BRAND NEW TESTING CHAMBERS Begin Testing I hope you guys like it, check out my channel for more - http://www.youtube.com/user/epicmagination
some chambers!!
Collection by: rodas136
Trials of Mad
Collection by: Sir Fappy Fapington The Third
A series of maps made by » M@Ð$k!llz «
Aperture: Quartz Mare Sciences
Collection by: Ivory The Slime Princess
In this Universe, Aperture Science is run by a Pony named Reese Johnson who, before she founded Aperture to provide Celestia's Royal guard with shower curtains, made a fortune buying and selling Quartz crystals to superstitious ponies who believed it woul...
I wanna see y cry
Collection by: MadFührer
Tales Of The Fallen: Portal Ventures
Collection by: FearCrossingYT
My Map Pack, Also with my Weekly Chambers!
Path of Balls
Collection by: mrCookieSlime [GER]
At the Beginning was it easy,but you must survive in the other Chapters of "Path of Balls" It´s a collection with the maps of "Path of Balls".It called so,because in each Chapter is a Ball. my Steam-Group: TerracraftLP
The Dolphin Initiative Testing
Collection by: The Dolphin Whisperer
Tests created by dolphins, for testing by humans. Mehekek, ekekekekeke, ehek, ekeke EHEKEKE ehe ehek ek ek ekekek... mehekekek MEHEKEKEK!
Bauer's Box
Collection by: [EcG-I] Jack Bauer
A collection of my current levels for Portal 2.
Havok Hawk First Collection.
Collection by: CloudBlade1975
This Is the First Half (almost) of my Havoc Hawk Series (SP ed.) 1-3 made by me and i had a friend come over and Make 4. This is a MUST PLAY.
Learning the Future of Plumbing
Collection by: The Cake Nazi
Plumbing with tractor beams, lasers, and spheres. It's plumbing of the future. Have fun! :]
Collection by: BrettgoesBAM
My first series including all the available resorces. the first one i think is the hardest of all the test chambers. This series is why i got portal 2 on steam. Steam has made what i hoped for come true.When i first completed Portal 2 i thought "It would ...
Burning Fast
Collection by: XpΩwN` ¤ǺŃąЯčħỴ¤
It has turrets that shoot you and you like jump twice to dodge them and them enter the SECRET code of awesomeness after the final explosion you ran into the doorway screaming for help, hoping the potato chips can hear you. And more regular stuff like that...
Tru's Test Maps
Collection by: Truidia
Collection by: LegoLover98
A collection of Kakanleet's silly maps witch gives you a challenge combined with old aspect of portal maps
Collection by: lhy9705
Collection by: EmJay
Just a few simple tests for my first maps
Cool Stuff
Collection by: Wolfenstein Jappleack
Cool stuff i guess.
Collection by: Collin
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