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journey through demon corporations
Collection by speaking
make your way through the vanilla test chambers of demon corporations, eventually you may find the secrets of demon corporations if you can survive the tests... (i dont own that photo up above, it belongs to the final fantasy series so on and so fo...
Igor's Chambers
Collection by Igor
Das ist die Igor's Chambers Kollektion. Es handelt sich hierbei um Testkammern die ich in meiner Freizeit erstelle. Diese Kollektion erweitert sich stetig.
turret, yay collection
Collection by I'm Ziggy, The Potato. (^<^)
34ziggy1s turret chamber collection
DRaKOS Testkammernpack
Collection by Drakolyr
Herzlich willkommen und danke das sie sich für das DRaKOS Einzelspieler Testkammernpacket entschieden haben. Bitte lesen sie die Beschreibungen genau durch, denn sie enthalten Tipps und Erfolge. Richtig gehört... Erfolge: Bei den DRaKOS Testkammer...
Collection by Alioth
A collection of all my cooperative chambers.
Escape from Aperture
Collection by J_WiP
A collection of test chambers designed to replicate the feel of the Portal games.......but with a twist. WARNING Chamber 2 is incredibly hard and may be skipped.
Collection by Mabel
Здесь находятся мои карты Portal 2
CoOp-Test by Garorai
Collection by Garorai
Hallo, this is my collection of Garorai Tests with CoOp Rooms. You will find in this collection some of my and maybe Tests from my friends. Let it me know if you have some good tipps for a Testroom. Good luck! ^^ by Garorai
My Test Chambers
Collection by Whiskey
My new tests!
Collection by Springtrap
These are my new tests. Have fun playing it. They also will get a story.
Collection by StarBlast
A Coop mini-course.
My Little Test Chambers.
Collection by Coal Dust XIII
This Collection is basicly my own collection of levels that i created, and i enjoyed creating them. Please comment on what you enjoyed or hate about each level, I invite critatisim (but not about what i like).
Turrets & Cubes
Collection by Felix the Fox [17th Birthday]
All of the tests for my map pack "Turrets & Cubes".
Aperture Science Enrichment Center Meltaway Industries Funded Testing Chambers
Collection by slurjkblohm
Meltaway Industries is proud to take part in testing the Quantum Tunneling Device in partnership with Aperture Science and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Please enjoy these easy test chambers, and remember, easy testing for easy results.
A Plethora of Testing
Collection by thejaffinator
Just a few tests that I've put together. Some are quite confusing, some are quite easy. Just give 'em a go!
My evil testchambers
Collection by Evilworm
Starting easy, going to be harder and harder for every level. How far can you get? [This collection is going to grow bigger and bigger with every level I make]
~: Sabotage :~
Collection by BRose
Vous vous infiltrez dans le laboratoire d'Aperture et tentez de saboter la creation du nouvel ordinateur diabolique qui controllera tout le batiment... A suivre en plusieurs episodes
For TheUselessMouth
Collection by Император Ич II
testi dla Usele
Collection by LoggOff
Its a bunch of test chambers. i will add more when i make more!
Collection by i'm gonna give him pizdi
Whoa Collection
Collection by Whoa Constrictor
A series of tests desgined by Whoa Constrictor
Kolekce Foxtrot 1
Collection by Foxtrot_CZ
Kolekce Foxtrot 1
Journey with the Companion Cube
Collection by John Arable
A journey with the Companion Cube.
Collection by OldGreg
A colection of the best coustome CO-OP levels.
Steven's Custom Chambers
Collection by Steven
Portal 2 - Steven's Custom Chambers
Collection by Zombak45rus™
Collection by Miimaster
Hurricane Chell(HAhahahaha) left milliond of Companion cubes without a home. GLaDOS now want's to get rid of them. Help save The Companion Cubes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before it's to late. Part 1 Finished Part 2 Finished Parrt 3 Being Tested By YOU!!...
The COMPACT Series.
Collection by BasRIN
These are confusing outside the box thinkin maps. I like to call the COMPACT maps anyways good luck on your journey!
Collection by tomoyodai
Fun House (Co-op)
Collection by Basking_Boomer.LS
Puzzles with a fun-house theme, medium difficulty, and usually dangerous. Design: My first round of co-op maps, second round overall; playing with button and switch mechanisms.
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