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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: tnjo
Welcome to Science, Perpetual tester
Collection by: Ethan
Perpetual testers and test subjects alike, welcome to this all inclusive two test course, designed for a easy to medium challenge, these courses may be added to or expanded upon because of your reccomendations, albeit with a name change or change of descr...
Acunil's #F4F Collection
Collection by: Acunil
These are what I consider to be my best maps. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome, and will be repaid in kind. Thanks, and enjoy :) #F4F
Laser Bending
Collection by: Doctor Lawdee
My map, made in the two editors, see which one is best for yourself.
Maverick's Mappack 1
Collection by: Maverick
ein kleines Mappack von mir mit 15 Tests. Die Tests sind nicht durch eine Story verbunden, sollten jedoch nicht zu schwer sein.
T.O.B.Y. - Chambers of Suspense (Chuck Norris Approved:)
Collection by: WolfsND
DEPLOYING So then, you like Chuck Norris already have finished all 100 000+ available on Workshop test chambers? And what's more, you have done it twice, somehow every single time leaving the start lift by the exit, finishing chamber ...
Collection by: MegaLeka
Simple Test Chambers
Collection by: caucasian vulture
A variety of simple, beginner test chambers to help you get started.
Pos esa
Collection by: Binvest
Collection by: jojo
Hallo Testsubjekte! Ich habe euch hier ein paar neue Tests gebaut. Wer sie schafft ist frei und darf an die Oberfläche...vieleicht!
Test Course 01
Collection by: Sandvich18
Eight easy/medium Test Chambers.
Collection by: Forehead58
A series of tests with varying difficulty and features. The factor that ties these test chambers together is the unique way you must interact with the cube. Throwing and catching the cube are fundemental pieces of these experiments.
Collection by: Shadow
This collection involves various tests that involve bhopping, some are harder than others. If you dont know what bhopping is you shouldnt try this. If you do know what it is but cant do it I would still suggust not trying this.
YDono Facilities - TEst Chambers
Collection by: franck_lautard
Une petite collection que j'espère pouvoir faire grandir si j'ai le temps
Collection by: Bifurious (Jordan)
Starring Bendy as Chell. Starring Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube as Aperture Science Personality Construct - Adventure (Rick) WARNING: Explosions may or may not appear. PLEASE NOTE: 'God Save The Cube' is not part of this collection. I ha...
Games@Home - Testkammern
Collection by: [G@H]DeAdMaN.PrOxY
In dieser Kollektion findet ihr Maps/Testkammern, die vom Games@Home Team für euch erstellt wurden! Wir versuchen, in regelmäßigen Abständen neue Testkammern hochzuladen! Viel Spaß mit unserer Kollektion
The "NO PORTAL GUN" Series
Collection by: KoleKelley [BoTB] [RDT]
I'm Starting Up A No Portal Gun Series! When it Is Done, There Will Be Officially 12 Parts. Fact: Some Weeks I Will Be Off So I Cant Do Anything to This. 5/11/2012: 1st Map of The 12 Map Series Uploaded!
10 tests of the portal gods
Collection by: Hooded runner
prove yourself worthy to the gods
Aperture Lemons - Puzzle Pack One
Collection by: Ham Hands
These are all levels I made in the Aperture Lemons collection. MAde by: Lweezy Some tests have more than 1 solution.
Some new tests - Einige neue Tests
Collection by: anton95_rct
Hier veröffentliche ich nach und nach meine erstellten Testkammern. Hab Spaß! Here I'll publish all the chambers I made with the new editor. Have Fun!
Revenge of the Turrets
Collection by: [phijkchu]kintama.tar.gz
A set of maps describing the failed attempt of a turret takeover.
The Cake Nazi's Specialties
Collection by: The Cake Nazi
A collection of chambers created by The Cake Nazi.
portal 2
Collection by: Soulsurvivor
portal2 chamber creations
Wrath of The Turret
Collection by: Xx_Carlton_Banks_xX
The evil Turret has taken over the facility and nobod knows what she did to GLaDOS. You Aperature Science test subject: 1337 Must go on and destroy the evil turret in this custom, five part story.
My first set of chambers
Collection by: StephenC
This is my first time of using the in game editor. Also deciding on puzzle layout I didn't have a set plan. They just fell into place as I went for it. Each chamber can be completed with no issue.
Its better to play it together
Collection by: Tobpy
Hier sind die Sometimes theres a secret Levels im Co-Op modus
Fritz's Facilities
Collection by: Wreck
GENRE: ADVENTURE This next test was wired by our very own space-veteran post-doctoral chimpanzee electrician, Fritz. This saved us A LOT of money in reduced crawl space sizing. Fritz first gained fame as one of the first Soviet chimps in space. We hire...
My places!
Collection by: Deadeye
All of my places would take about 20 minutes to 30. I have a few, so have fun!
VVSPB Test Chambers Trio
Collection by: wspb
Three test chambers: Test Chamber 01 - Best Friends Test Chamber 02 - Chess Master Test Chamber 03 - Flying Cubes Made by VVSPB
Puzzletastic Pack
Collection by: Wind
Welcome, test subject! Puzzletastic Pack includes 3 puzzletastic levels/chambers. Two of them are pretty long. Also, please notice that this mappack has a small chance to make you ragequit, so if you do, try again sometime! List of levels/chambers ...
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