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Simple Test Collection
Collection by: IronIngot
Simple test for beginners, but also for people who crave a small challenge. Each level uses simular, but different mechanics to challenge the player is various ways.
Portal 2 maps breh
Collection by: Rockerman41
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: Rockerman41
Collection by: Spanner Montana
A trilogy of three small Portal 2 maps
10 Reasons For Reassambly
Collection by: Fakoly
Mapas Coop para Fakoly Wise y SaffronAermo
Lunario's Co-op test chambers
Collection by: Lunario
This is the collection of all my co-op test chambers. More chambers will be added when I make them, så make sure you follow me.
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: Balduir
A small collection of my Portal 2 maps.
Collection by: Caustic_Apathy
You are just a test subject in one of Cave's universes. Your task is simple: complete the tests. You'll notice that you begin in a test so simple, it's laughable. Well, don't let your guard down. These chambers become ever-so-slightly more challenging ...
Priv Collection
Collection by: Redeemed
Just for my friends.
My Best Maps
Collection by: KoleKelley [BoTB] [RDT]
These Are My Best Maps! I Hope You Enjoy!
Test Up
Collection by: Вася Пупкин
It's custum visual mappack for fun! I hope you like this.
The Wombat Test Collection
Collection by: SonicWombat
Hooray for testing! These are tests created for your puzzlement and satisfaction.
Co-op maps
Collection by: Drackvor
A collection of my co-op maps, although small at the moment I intend to add to this collection as time goes on!
Collection by: Drackvor
This is a group of maps i designed for myelf in some respects but decided to publish, they were made so I could see some reactions that occured when using a certain mechanism within the game, they have been published so you can have a look at them, but th...
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: HIJINX208
The Trials of Ondona: the Complete Series
Collection by: Thux
Hi Ondo, look Thux made a collection for you - he also did several test runs :3 yay for Thux. needs more blue paint.
fireblades everything
Collection by: ÖBAMA MCLAMA
Everything in this collection is made by, or has been a part of the making of. By fireblade212.
Collection by: Пⓐ∨∕∖ɥ✗@
Random maps
Collection by: Vitullinen Tyä_Mies
This is collection of random!
Khrome Pack
Collection by: Chromium
Elements of Science
Collection by: Xindi
I used to wonder what science could be...
Collection by: colonel_bo
Frist test collection. We'll see how far it goes.
Collection by: ♥ Sasha ♥
GLaDOS' Abandoned Testing Track
Collection by: Sensual Pigeon
The Original Chambers from Portal 1, made with help from the mod 'BEEMod'
Mega's leichte Testkammern
Collection by: Megablackhand
Eine Kollektion die einige Testkammern für Anfänger enthält! Der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt dabei immer ein bisschen! Von leichten Rätseln, über Läserpuzzels bishin zum einsatz der Gele ist alles vorhanden! ---------------------------------------...
Exceptionnal quality
Collection by: Ha3
Puzzles that do not constitute a series of 1+1=2 little chambers. Puzzles elements must be reused over and over within the same chamber, and make sense.
Thought Chambers
Collection by: Denakee (MrKirby)
The first four maps in this collection are very long and difficult puzzles. If you would like to be challenged and learn new tricks in the game then try these out! After the fourth chamber, the difficulty rises and the rooms get much smaller!
IvexHr collection
Collection by: CoockieCat9876
Hello players of Portal 2! Her's my work, I'm only 7 years old!
Epic Chambers: Competition
Collection by: Gmaninsb
These tests are designed for a competition involving lots of a certain specified item. You can have two players playing one and seeing who can do it faster or just do it single. ____________ 2012 Epic Chambers inc. Portal 2
Forgotten levels
Collection by: Astral Descend
The levels you didn't complete in single player
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