Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Help Me, Help You, Help Us All (Coop)
Collection by: ExciteWalk
Coop collection of my puzzles.
Introduction levels
Collection by: 战神
These are all introduction to the basic tools in Portal 2.
Collection by: John Dorian(JD)
Колекция гильдии Enderborn
The new
Collection by: yondaf23
My First Testing Groupe
Apple store maps
Collection by: vlood
Maps inspired by Apple stores
The Shogun Testing Initiative.
Collection by: 歩哨ᅚ
This is the testing grounds for those experienced with portals.
The PlopDoo Pack
Collection by: Blaster391
This is a pack made by the PlopDoo team, we experienced modders (some of us) and can hopefully make some interesting maps. Subscribe to get the latest! Or follow us in other ways: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PlopDoo Youtube: http://www.youtu...
kiwiman's portal levels
Collection by: Lugig
Future Engineering
Collection by: The_Uo
Collection of easy and fun portal 2 maps.
My Beloved Cube
Collection by: PixPak
Just a collection of some testchambers i made using the power of the companion cube!
So much test
Collection by: Ascheriit
Début de création de salle =)
Ztr3e's Relentless Ball Buster!! [so you think you know portal?]
Collection by: Ztr3e
think again.. A COLLECTION OF 3 FIENDISHLY DECEPTIVE DIABOLICAL PUZZLES DEVISED BY MADMEN i defy anyone to complete this collection I DEMAND SCREEN RECORDINGS FROM ANY WHO COMPLEEEETE [the first is A BIT OF FUN]...just to ease you in [the second...
My Test Chambers
Collection by: Dr. Casul MemeMaster420
My Easy-Beazy-Peazy maps
Cave Johnson's Testing Track
Collection by: Ellington Isle
Cave Johnson's Testing Track What would happen in a parallel universe if GLaDOS wasn't created, Aperture's Eccentric CEO Cave Johnson will show you exactly what would happen with the Dual Portal Device and his Crazy Testing Track!
Bad blue cube!
Collection by: TalonOut
It's a bad...Very bad...
CG Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: «CG» Kaz
Combustable lemons? Pfft, we have combustable tangerines!
shoop's maps
Collection by: TheAndy9297
An Exploration into Lasers & Friendships
Collection by: Ross
Many times have humans worked together, collaborated, to reach a goal not previously possible without aforementioed co-operation. Inatimate objects can also co-operate. Learn from your mistakes and successes, co-operation between objects is critical ...
Collection by: ZXL3
It's Simply FUN!
$ Test Luxary
Collection by: Omikrux
It's just one chamber thogh... and its pretty basic... but you'l allways have one more room to try :)
Collection by: Rootus Gahr
3x3x3 Testing Initiative
Collection by: Animal (BLUE) jg
A series of small test's usin a testing area of 3x3x3. Some Chambers are larger but the actual testing area is never bigger than 3x3x3.
Collection by: Caboose
A Collection of Minigames can be found in here. Some like bowling and trick shots/trick jumps and many more!
Recapture the Companion Cube
Collection by: Batman101494
GLaDOS has captured the weighted companion cube! You must use your detective skills to sneak into her hidden lair and recapture the cube!
Two Bots
Collection by: Brigade Flame™
"Two Bots" is a collection of Portal 2 cooperative test chamers starring everyone's favorite robots, Atlas and P-Body! See the crazy adventures that they will experience in the test chambers!
Tomb Raider
Collection by: {ZA L-General} Manosx52
A collection of my tomb raider maps.
The New Aperture Laboratories
Collection by: Absorbingpaper
Oh no! The AI testing robots have taken over the facility. You must hurry and stop them! Leave a comment if you want this to continue!
Rated chambers
Collection by: sixequalszero
Chambers you should play
Dave download these!
Collection by: Fate
SuPa DuPa
Collection by: SuPa Fly Ho
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